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How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? Reward $2
Created by Tadakii, 1673 days ago, 2932 views

How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar?
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brendaniel1673 days ago

If it's a language that I'm not fluent in, I'll feel cool with the person and even thank him for the correction, cause I will really want to learn more and do it better next time, but if it's a language I'm fluent with, then I'll feel like I've not done enough and should probably do more, though it's an awkward feeling, cause sometimes it could just be a mistake on your part that didn't occur to you at the moment of speaking or writing, and sometimes you probably might not know it was wrong, but all the same its not a good feeling at all....

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crazyping121673 days ago

well it depands on the corrector and the situation and me, because sometimes i already know the correction but i'm just too lazy to care about grammar or i intend to do it, and when i said depands on the correcter for example if he is trying to mock or laugh at you then i wouldn't appreciate it, but when i don't know something that i did wrong then i appreciate the correction and learn from it, and when i said depands on the situation for example if you are irl and in an interview if i say something wrong and get corrected i might feel embarrassed.

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charlesakinney1673 days ago

If you are talking specifically the good old USA? Look at what people have done to the American English language. There has not been much correcting going for quite some time. The excuses are far and wide. Different parts of the country have their own "dialect". What may be correct in Maine, may be laughed at in Texas. Everyone wants to be different. Problem is, most of the time it is far below a standard we used to hold high and very dear to what this Country was. Yes, I am old but damn learn to speak properly. lol

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zrodfects1673 days ago

If it is important for say some sort of exams or school work, then yeah it would be fine to correct them, as for daily chit chats such as Youtube comments etc, I actually find it annoying when people correct other peoples grammar, when it doesn't really matter as long as you have understood what was typed, sometimes you may type away and then accidentally hit enter and it is already too late, or miss an error completely until some words-king know it all comes along and puts in their 2 cents, there are worse things in the world to worry about than a couple of alphabet letters, some full stops and the odd comma.. Something from a simple comment or reply can turn in to a stupid internet war, I mean are you serious?...

Anyways, my opinion only when it is necessary to correct them, but not on everything like it's a Presidents letter..

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Aravi1672 days ago

Hi @Tadakii

No doubt, I will feel little humiliated. But I will say thanks to correct me, because, the truth is the mistake is from my end and he had provided a golden chance to correct my language.


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ldmff1672 days ago

I find the most misused words as far as grammar goes is there, their, they're. People that are just learning English probably find it somewhat confusing with words like road and rode, read and red, reed and read.

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RevG1671 days ago

As a former public school teacher of a foreign language in two courses, I think you have asked a great question. Its answers are sure to prove interesting.

While teaching a foreign language to students in my classes, I always considered that corrections of students' grammatical errors were part of my duties. To improve student usage of vocabulary, grammar and syntax, opportunities to correct mistakes are important. Often, mistakes in grammar result due to uncertainty about usage rules. Sometimes, these errors are due to regional differences in usage by native speakers, and occasionally, mistakes happen outside informal communications. In formal communications, one must exercise greater care. Consider this story.

Years ago, I was speaking a foreign language to a customer in a grocery store who I had overheard saying she had forgotten the eggs she needed to purchase. I asked her, in her language, if she wished for me to have the eggs brought to her where I was ringing up her groceries. She began laughing at me immediately. When she quit laughing, she explained that I made a mistake in asking my question. She explained that "eggs" in her language have to be described as "white eggs" since not describing the color with the word for eggs means that I had not said 'eggs' at all. It said something entirely different. That is, the word I used for eggs in my question to her referred not to eggs at all, rather, without also describing the eggs' color, the word for 'eggs', means 'testicles.' You can imagine my embarrassment! But, if she had not explained my mistake, I could have spent a lifetime saying 'testicles' when I meant to say 'eggs'. So, sometimes, corrections of others' grammar is helpful. Therefore, try to be gracious and thankful rather than to feel offended if this happens to you.

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Leny20071671 days ago

I feel embarrassed for not having known the rules but I am grateful nonetheless.

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harry92141670 days ago

I have no problem with that. As I get older (73) I am starting to make the occasional error .

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NightViperr1670 days ago

I'm usually one to correct others for errors in their grammar, but when someone corrects me, I rarely feel upset or angry, I just correct my grammar and move on. The only time I get even slightly angry is if I'm in a bad mood or dislike the person who corrected me/they keep correct multiple small errors.

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joshvines1670 days ago

i hate it and refuse to use it so get over it i have zero interest in spending more time than necessary typing stuff............................. theyres your damn fulstops

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nandi1670 days ago

i don"t mind

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TonyW501670 days ago

If it's a constant thing, they are trying to prove how superior they are to you in intelligence. If it's an occasional thing, then that's fine. If it bothers you just tell the person. People with high I.Q.s often have low social I.Q.s For instance, my I.Q. is 142, my ex wife was around 100, but her social I.Q. was 30 points higher than mine. I am the type who can be a monk, as I don't need a lot of social interaction. She has many friends. We each have our own gifts and problems, focus on your gifts.

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Fizzz1669 days ago

It is good to be corrected when you are wrong, regardless of being fluent on the language.

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alienflyer1649 days ago

I don't care! . . . I will use it more if corrected. :)

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Andressa1649 days ago

I think bad but depending on the person to get good

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my_asylum1649 days ago

I use even more bad grammar because they obviously have OCD or a superiority complex and it will drive them bat shit to try and keep up.

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Nixet1647 days ago

I tihnk this image says it all

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capybara1647 days ago

My Dad has his MA in Journalism, and as such I was always being corrected.
I learned my lessons well, and have since become a school teacher.

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MrOwnage1647 days ago

As long as they are not calling me out for minor things, I tolerate it, but it's really annoying to be corrected for very small details.

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Andressa1647 days ago

Not much taste but

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tomtrevathan1646 days ago

Some "errors" are not wrong, just preferred usage. I still blanch at multiple errors in newspapers by writers who should know better.

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luky881644 days ago

Fuck the fuck off
I will speak in any way i want as long as i am understood
as long as i'm not in a classroom or teaching or ....

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HMD1642 days ago


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nihal291640 days ago

at first it seems to be a bit embarrassing but then you realize they are helping you to current you .

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