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Windows 10 Sound Problem Reward $35
Created by aliasadullah, 1682 days ago, 2023 views

I installed the windows 10 now i am suffering of sound problem on my toshiba satellite C640-E. from thr internal built in speakers anyone have suggestion regarding the issue please help me..
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ha141682 days ago


1) Control panel
2) Click on Sound
3) Click On Playback Tab
4) Make sure your Speakers are selected and set to default
5) Select properties
6) Select Advanced and check the Test option
•Choose lower or higher bit-rate (use 24bit/44100 Hz or 24bit/192000Hz...)
7) also see if •Uncheck "Enable audio enhancements" option will help?

1) open device manager
2) right click on your audio driver and choose uninstall (do not delete)
3) Reboot

for new drivers

do check if your laptop support windows 10 upgrade
Toshiba models supported for upgrade to Windows 10〈=en&country=US

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yogisugandi251682 days ago

try you install diver sound to your pc or laptop as realtek sound or
other drivers sound for your pc or laptop

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mohamedzaiti1682 days ago

or fix it automatically by download this tool:

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mohamedzaiti1682 days ago

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bumchee1675 days ago

ha14 is correct to find problem with sound..dont and i mean dont d/l any 3rd party driver solutions u are just asking for trouble! just follow the steps thst were outlined ....should resolve the problem..goodluck!

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aldem531675 days ago

Много вариантов, как это исправить. Самый лучший это замените эту десятку на семерку и все проблемы будут решены.

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nihal291675 days ago



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KiritoS3121672 days ago

reinstall system

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georgebates1671 days ago

Do you have a Restore option at the bottom of your screen when you turn on the computer? Try it. If not go to "start",then go to control panel, click on the sounds icon, then go to sounds and audio devices, click on sounds and audio devices properties, then click on audio. , then click on the box sound playback. You shold have an option you can click on.

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selected1668 days ago

Toshiba Satellite C640-E uses Conexant driver, please try this:

1. Adjust the volume rapidly one side at a time, example left side only. I mean very rapidly, quickly slide the control to max. Then try the right side.

2. If any speaker works then uninstall the drivers.

3. Restart Windows and install only the GENERIC drivers from Microsoft, because it seems Conexant driver has trouble running in Windows 10.
Do not install the drivers from Toshiba.

4. Allow Windows to update to latest version. This will also update the generic drivers.

See the image below, check if the drivers match yours after following the procedure above.

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vanny1668 days ago

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