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How i can remove virus from my computer Reward $25
Created by sikander, 1687 days ago, 2906 views

I can not remove the virus from my computer because if i install an anti virus then my all mobile software tool deleted by anti virus
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Irahon1687 days ago

поставь антивирус 360 Total Security

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yogisugandi251687 days ago

try install "Norton™ Mobile Security - Your Power Against Mobile Threats‎"..........good luck

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Aravi1687 days ago

Hi @sikander

There are different type of viral programs as mentioned below in their general categories:-

1) Virus: - some software I know with good virus database; that can remove to remove:-

a) Avast

b) AVG

c) Bit defender

2) spywares:- Software tool to remove:-

a)Super anti-spyware


c) Microsoft malicious software removal tool

3) Malware:-

a)Super anti-spy ware


c) Microsoft malicious software removal tool

4) POP (Potential unwanted programs which may contains back-doors for virus download and large number of negative review by the users for their malicious work):- Software tool to remove:-

a)Super anti-spyware


c) Avast

d) AVG

e) Bit defender

5) Tracking cookies and browser plugin POPs (which spy on your browsing data and show annoying pops ups):- Software tool to remove:-

a)Super anti-spyware


c) Avast

e) Bit defender

f) Spy hunter

g) Adware killer

Just google them by name and download free/ online trial scan, you can remove the virus easily.


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Pravy1687 days ago

I would recommend to first rar protect with password all the mobile tools you need. Then install any Antivirus per se to scan. A awesome free Antivirus I would recommend is COMODO INTERNET SECURITY. It's good and would suit your purpose well.

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kessili_rachid1685 days ago

-the best ways to remove virus spyware and malware permanently :

1-Spybot :
Search and Destroy Free Malware Removal Tool removes Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware. Now featuring Spybot +Antivirus Virus Scanner.

2-security task manager :
analyzing all processes on your computer. It finds and removes the dangerous software

3-BDAntiRansomware :
researchers have released a new vaccine tool which can protect against known and possible future versions of the CTB-Locker, Locky and TeslaCrypt crypto ransomware families by exploiting flaws in their spreading methods.

4-wise care 365 :
Clean registry and junk files from your PC. Protect your privacy and make your PC more secure.

5-spyware terminator :
spyware removal and spyware protection program with integrated antivirus. Remove spyware, adware, viruses,....

6-bitdefender total security :
is a top-notch antimalware suite

7-Spy hunter :
real-time anti-spyware application designed to assist computer users in protecting their PC from trojans, rootkits

8-Malwarebyte :
builds industry-leading anti-malware and internet security software to keep you safe from today's online threats.

9-avast internet security :
Internet Security keeps you safe while you make the most of the Internet. ... Internet Security offer many layers of protection to keep you safe and your devices running smoothly

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Drmgiver1685 days ago

Easy. Use Linux and you no longer have to worry about it in the first place.

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sajal271685 days ago

try to install Kaspersky internet security (Best anti virus application)

It will not delete any application (Mobile software tools) automatically.if it finds any virus or suspicious application that could harm your PC it will ask for action what you want to do.
if you are sure your mobile software tools are not infected simply put the hole folder in exclusion list ,then it will not delete any software tools.

Hope this will help :)

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rakib01631685 days ago

Sikandar, If you want to delete any kind of virus, you try to use Eset smart security. My Opinion is it's a very very good antivirus for protecting your PC any kind of viruses. I use this Antivirus 7 years. So I want to suggest you try it. If you want any kind of help please knock me without any hesitation.

Thank You

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nunitak1685 days ago

Find out the APP NAME of what you wish to keep, like MobileTool.exe

Download SUPERAntiSpyware Free edition [SAS}



For most users you remove ALL that SAS finds

For YOU, just uncheck anything you wish to keep

OR remove all and then Reinstall your MobileTool.exe or whatever it is called

If you do not remember where you got MobileTool.exe or whatever it is called,

merely do web search on it and Reinstall, but make sure you download it from reputable place

that does not include malware.

If it is NOT actually Malware, then most likely SAS will NOT list it for removal

ANYTHNG ELSE? Ask SAS on their website, see?

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STchLion1683 days ago

Last option.
Reinstall your operating system

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ckoch1683 days ago ask for a volunteer to help you. Believe me it can be done.

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nihal291682 days ago

Hi @sikander
Please install avast free and run a boot time scan . it will detect virus and gives you options to delete or to ignore the file or let him choose for each file .

Its a very good antivirus and has 30 day trial . =

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Nithin1682 days ago

Choose 360 Total Security this have fire wall and will help you

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rainman1001682 days ago

Download and run this free tool

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janesden1681 days ago

Know How To Uninstall MPC Cleaner From your Infected PC

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omar201661681 days ago

Install ESET NOD 32 From Here



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koroleva1680 days ago

Mobile software are often known by the antivirus and don't get erased unless you got yours from an unverified source then it's dangerous and the antivirus has every right to remove it.
If your computer is infected, you need to proceed to a system diagnosis first.
Use ZHPDiag to diagnose and clean your operating system :
Then use ADWCleaner to remove adware and PUP :
Reboot your computer and run ZHPDiag again to make sure your computer is clean.
If everything is alright after the cleaning use Delfix to clean the previous tools :

I advice you to install an antivirus, you can't keep all your information at risk just to keep some mobile tool. If you think the antivirus give you false alerts (like avast) use ESET it won't remove anything from your computer unless it's necessary. Otherwise, only install mobile tools from the official website (samsung, LG, Sony ...)
Good luck !

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lexshvets1679 days ago

Free usage of Dr.Web CureIt! for business purposes is illegal.
License agreement

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Run Dr.Web CureIt!® (no need to install it) to quickly scan your computer and cure it of any malicious objects.

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How will I find out if my computer has been infected?

Download Dr.Web CureIt!.
Double-click on the downloaded file.
Wait while the utility scans your system. When the scanning is finished, view the scan report. Do you still have doubts?



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omarwa791679 days ago

the best one it is Avast , scan all n your pc and use this application SMAdav 2016.

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maren1679 days ago

You don't need to install software: Go to and use option online scan. Scan your PC or mobile software, whatever.

Also type in run msconfig and see what start with windows (tab startup) - unmark all suspicious software.

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janesden1678 days ago

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Mark_Smith1678 days ago

Hi !!
I would like to suggest you to use a good Updated Antivirus.
You should use an activated version of it and then fully scan your computer.
Megabox apk download

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vickyph841678 days ago

when i had a virus on my pc i put it in safe mode in order to use it and i got the Anti virus call 'Webroot Secure Anywhere' and it got rid of it. hope this helps..good luck!

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Noland1674 days ago

Reset your computer or remove the program that you don't know✌

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danangsj1673 days ago

you can try Malwarebytes or avast antivirus, or reinstall your pc

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userid3931673 days ago

можете попробовать антивирусная утилита AVZ ,не большая программка полностью настраиваемая под себя,довольно понятный интерфейс.

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satareid1673 days ago

1. На компьютере должен стоять только один антивирус.
2.Если ваш компьютер заражен вирусом,надо переустановить систему с нуля.
По другому нельзя!

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AskEpic1673 days ago

Just follow these steps (won't require antivirus)
1) Go to Start and type cmd and run it as administrator.
2)Now you have successfully opened Command Prompt.
3)Select the virus affected drive (drivename: ) examples C: J: F: D: E:
4)type attrib -s -h *.* /s /d then Hit enter.
Hope this'll Help!

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adam35771672 days ago

Поставь каспера и не парся ...а ещё лучше заного ОС

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mrpj2u1672 days ago

Solution 1
Go to your local PC parts vendor & buy / borrow a USB Drive hub
Remove the drive from your machine, & place it in the Drive hub
Your drive is now an external drive that can be accessed via USB
Find, or make a friend who has up to date AV on his system
Boot his machine & when it gets to the desktop plug in your drive
apply any fixes that the AV Suggests making note of any files deleted
this is so you can replace these if necessary later on.
Reinstall the drive in your PC and then install some AV software ASAP

Solution 2
Some AV vendors have on their web sites ISO's for rescue CD / DVD's
Download the ISO & burn the image to disk on your friends Computer
The set the BIOS on your PC to boot to CD / DvD as 1st boot device
Boot up from the CD and follow the onscreen instructions to resolve.
Restart system after removing CD/DvD then install AV Software ASAP

Solution 3
Download a linux "Live CD /DvD ISO burn the image to disk & then
boot system. from live CD/DvD once you are at the desktop locate
a terminal mode, and launch, then locate the systems file manager
this will enable you to delete files & folders plus change permissions
(attributes) on any file or folder that was locked up under windows

Kind Regards

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reuben1672 days ago

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode. Before you do anything, you need to disconnect your PC from the internet, and don't use it until you're ready to clean your PC. ...
Step 2: Delete temporary files. ...
Step 3: Download malware scanners. ...
Step 4: Run a scan with Malwarebytes.

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Lilly195851672 days ago

What you need to do is purchase the Fix Me Stick, this is well worth the money & is good for one year & then you can renew. I use it & swear by it.

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ivvan1672 days ago

если скрытый вирус то только периустановкой системы ба если нет то любым антивирусом

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Alirio1672 days ago

If you haven't installed an antivirus software in your PC, download AVAST, choose Free Antivirus Essential. Cost no money, only an email required for registration.
Once installed go to scan antivirus choose Boot-time scan - it performs a scan at bootup to detect and remove viruses which are hard to reach after start up.

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KiritoS3121672 days ago

Легче всего переустановить windows.Эта переустановка не только поможет вам избавиться от вируса ,но и почистить ваш компьютер от лишних файлов

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vanny1668 days ago

адванс систем

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nandi1667 days ago

stay away from site porn

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selcinor1666 days ago

I run cleaner, get yourself PC cleaner or copy vital document and re install the window

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TechnoParadoxum1666 days ago

Best hard drive complete !! delete.
Installing a new Windows system (or Linux)

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quique1666 days ago

pesquisa isto
e faz um escaneo online

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Oleg199999721664 days ago

Многие операционные системы содержат все необходимые подпрограммы, которые позволяют чистить, оптимизировать все ненужные приложения используемые пользователем. По мне так лучше переустановить операционную систему и не заходить на сомнительные сайты, тогда и проблема заражения вашего пк сама по себе пропадёт.

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BOBAH51664 days ago

скачайте лечащую улиту и запустите на своём устройстве, по окончанию удалите, если понадобится снова - скачаете ещё раз но обновлённую улиту. улита не занимает место, и каждый раз усовершенствуется.

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GenaLev1650 days ago

Zemana AntiMalware

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GenaLev1650 days ago

Zemana AntiMalware

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