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How to delete Yeabests !!!?? Reward $2
Created by gh0stf46e, 1702 days ago, 2721 views

time to time pop up and i am not started google or other browser!!
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gh0stf46e1702 days ago

i dont have money to pay . pls help me , ty !

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19cjw511702 days ago

From time to time this pop-up appears and you have not been on Google. For starters delete the internet security settings which are located at the top right of your browser bar. Left click on the 3 bars then select settings. Then go to the left side of the settings box and click extensions. You should find the offending pop-up listed among the list. Click the trashcan to delete the extension.Some programs will defy detection and act like a virus. Use Malware Bytes to remove any malware then restart your system. You should be clean now if not run a virus detection and removal.

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jeetkml1702 days ago

Your system may be infected by adware of yeabest. you can try anti-malware software like malware-byte or Iobit malware fighter. but i'm not sure it's works on not. but you can block domain of yeabest as following...
go to control panel and internet option

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ha141702 days ago


How to remove the and TopYea Browser Hijacker

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Aravi1702 days ago

Hi @gh0stf46e
Kindly follow the below malware removal tool tip for Yeabest


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pustoi111701 days ago

if you are lazy, delve and spend time.
reinstall chrome, it will take just 5 minutes. all your settings and bookmarks are saved.

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Droxz1700 days ago

There is noting to be panic about,
stay calm and follow the steps,
are you good in following steps? (you have to be more than basic user)

i hope it helps you

Here is the link to follow the steps

if it is difficult for you to follow steps
can try this software,

1> Install the latest version,
2 Let it scan (may takes few minutes)
3, for complete removal , after scan let it reboot your computer and hijacker or virus will be eliminated.

Hope this is helps.

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omarwa791699 days ago

ues adBlock in google chroom .

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azzzaza1698 days ago

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octaviain1494 days ago

1.Reset browser settings

2.Disable/Remove Chrome extensions

3.Download Security tool/Removal tool and run it from cmdline in Windows Safe Mode.

Do scan your machine for several times.

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