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How to teach good character to your children? Reward $5
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How to teach good character to your children?
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Yuri1704 days ago

Entrust their children to Jesus Christ, to pray with them and read the Gospel together.

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brendaniel1704 days ago

Train up a child the way he should go, and when he\she is old they will not depart from it, it means:

1. Teach them the right way to go
2. Teach them the right things to do
3. Teach them the right things to say
And when they grow up they will not depart from these things, but remember when teaching them these things, you should also practice them also in your life, because youcan't be telling them to do right while you are doing wrong in front of them, you are their first teacher and mentor in life.

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pustoi111704 days ago

One of the most important tricks in the upbringing of the child, is that you should not teach a child is obvious, it is necessary to create such a situation, the child himself came to their decision, showing initiative. You just need to push it to the right decision.
Unfortunately, personal example, does not always work. and sermons, often lead to the opposite effect. you have to gently control the child. Otherwise, you risk losing his confidence. instead of morals, do just as bad (cruelty-free) him, as he did with the other person. talk to him about what the other person feels the same offense as he. This will teach him to empathize. this is the main quality of educated people.

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mask1704 days ago

1. Avoid lying/cheating/addicting anyone before them and even avoid calling them to carry wrong things of your addiction from nearer shops

2. Children are mostly covincible and elastic. They may get good inspiration from what they feel interested and relevant to them. As they have always been following someone like parents in their contacts, make them visualize historical stories related with bravery and ethics on TV.

3. Don't scold them and even ANYONE BEFORE THEM for wrong things as it may generate fear in their little mind. Convince them telling the eventual fruits and effects and how they are wrong.

4. Make them enough bold against wrong things and people and develop immense trust about good things and the power of the nature and will power.

5. Instead of giving comics/showing cartoon stories or magazines, let them follow you by doing right things before them like reading religious magazines and watching godly stories/films

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MrDeng1704 days ago

Most importantly,you should become a good model for your children,tha's the best way to tech children,and last but not least ,read good books and watch good movies with your children,and teach them at the proper time.

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Aravi1704 days ago

Hi @kidcrowd

1) A parent should be role modal to his/ her child.

2) Allow the children to make mistake and correct them one by one.

3) Never seed fear in young heart. Allow them to share their mistake with you.

4) Try to be a friend then being a strict parent.

5) Keep patience and try not to threatening them to bring them in right path. Otherwise, they will start to hide their mistake.

6) Try to spend at-least 1 hour a day taking to your children.

7) Teach them ethics and moral with live demonstration, cultural method, stories, etc.


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jdfromtn1704 days ago

@kidcrowd Teach them that integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

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nuklin1703 days ago

The first step is to outline and embrace good character yourself. This can be categorized into good saving culture, good moral culture, good public culture. You should teach the kids how to save their resources and avoid lack or wastage so as not to beg or borrow. You should teach the kids good morals and behaviours so as to dress decently, act decently in a well-composed manner, speak decently, not to be engaged in immoral behaviours or partake in watching immoral movies, magazines or listening to unhealthy songs and lyrics. You should teach them etiquettes and how to act and relate with other peoples in the public. Say to them "you don't express your anger in public" good luck.

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bouazza7111703 days ago

Be a role model for them and do not forget they are born for the next time not for your time

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drmittilo1703 days ago

It is an essential reality of life that raising good kids requires time and attention. Although having children it can be "an act that is carried out naturally", being a good parent is a much more complicated task. Here I present 10 tips that can help them so their children can acquire steadfast characters: prioritize their children's upbringing. This is very difficult in a world with so many demands that they compete with each other. Good parents deliberately plan and dedicate time to the upbringing of children. Make the development of the character of their children is his top priority. Evaluate how to occupy the hours and days of the week. Think of the amount of time spent with their children. Plan may be to ensure that their children are part of their social life and to participate you in theirs. Give the example. Be realistic: humans learn mainly through the models. In fact, they can not avoid to be an example for your children, whether...

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nihal291703 days ago

hi @kidcrowd , kids learn from their parent , they always try to repeat what they have seen , if you want to tech your child good habits try to inherit your attributes in them , be loyal , work hard , be helpful , show kindness , do some charity work with them . they will be inspired and they will try to copy you.

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jeetkml1703 days ago

I'm not good in English but I want to say , " If you try to switch on torch/bulb in sunny day, then it's worthless while same bulb/torch is so important in dark night."

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capybara1703 days ago

Leadership by good and virtuous example.
Keep the Faith and pray often.
Remember. you are the Parent, not their best friend.
Kids will have enough friends as time goes on.

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Nithin1682 days ago

* Teach moral and truth to their children.
* Parents be a good role model for their children
* Family is the first school and parents are the first teachers so all the human in the world get good character from his family.

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alienflyer1681 days ago

Act like you would want them to act and don't be a hypocrite.

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voineaadi1681 days ago

By example. Only by example.

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crossedeye20031681 days ago

By living good Character in your life

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TonyW501681 days ago

The number one thing I learned raising my two daughters, now 27 and 20, was that as a Father it was especially important for me to make them feel secure in who they were, and to speak up if they see someone being mistreated. I also taught them, and my Wife before we got married, that they didn't need makeup to be beautiful, because they already were. So many so called "Men" do nothing but tear down women, and that takes away their self esteem and confidence. Teaching them to live by the Golden Rule and that they can be anything in life they want to be opens their eyes to the world and all the possibilities. Daily hugs and " Daddy Loves You" is essential. I had a policy with my daughters, that no matter what, they always told me the truth. Once my daughter skipped the second half of her day in high school and cut her hand, so I asked her what happened. She told me her friend was devastated by a death in her family, so they went to lunch to talk and she cut her hand on the fence. She then asked what her punishment would be. I told her that I was proud of her, she helped a friend in need, and told me the truth. Having to get 4 stitches was punishment enough. I had the two greatest daughters a man could ever hope for. They never did anything bad. In summary, a Father's job isn't to be the "King" of the house, it's to instill in his children morality, confidence, hope, and love for others and self. During Summer, to encourage them to read and learn, I set up a reward system. For each book they read, and then wrote a short paper to summarize the book and it's meaning, they would get reward points. I would then have prizes listed with the top prize being $100 if they read 20 books in 3 months. It worked out great, they wanted to earn the money and in the process learned new things via reading so many books. Both were Honor Roll graduates. Neither has ever smoked or have done any drugs. Both are continuing their education, my oldest working on her 3rd
Bachelor's degree and the youngest almost finished with her first. To this day, neither has worn make-up, and I get to watch my oldest with her 2 daughters and see her treat them the same way I treated them. The best gifts we can give our children are love, understanding, forgiveness, and a solid moral code.

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Bine4851680 days ago

Ich dachte auch einmal, bei meiner Tochter alles richtig zu machen und dann kam das Leben dazwischen - ich mußte sie 8 Wochen alleine lassen mit ihren Vater, weil ich ins Krankenhaus mußte - danach war unser Verhältnis nie wieder so wie vorher - sie hat mir das nie verziehen und heutzutage, wo sie erwachsen ist, will sie nichts mehr von mir wissen und versucht mich damit zu bestrafen.

Man kann nur versuchen, den Kindern auf den richtigen Weg zu helfen (also keine Gangs oder Klicken oder Drogen usw.) - alles andere hat man nicht in der Hand - das Leben formt den Menschen

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Alirio1676 days ago

One technique to develop a good character to your children, from the early age, let them spend time with people you trust, family, friends, kindergarten. They will apply the manners you teach to them, without the check of the authority figure (the parents).

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harry92141676 days ago

lead by example not words

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aldem531675 days ago

Займитесь с ними спортом, гуляйте вместе и проводите выходные только с ними. Походы, театры, музеи. Через 2-3 месяца Вы получите совершенно другого ребенка.

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lexshvets1675 days ago

What You own - these are your children (+- 10% of the original traits). Learn, educate yourself and Your child will be like You !

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yemioke1675 days ago

The only best way to teach your child a good character is by you being a role model and demostrate what you what them to do. leave by example and they will follow you.

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tlredd541579 days ago

I agree that the scriptures tells us to train our children in the way they are to go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. But what if that parent has not been train that way, what happens to that child?
I am writing my first book now on UNDERSTANDING THE CHARACTER OF MAN I hope to have it finished within the next five years. Here is my question have you been trained to walk in the way of Christ? If not how can you teach or train that which you have not been taught? Remember this one thing every day that you and I wake up we began to train our children how to live for God. They watch us like a eagle watches her babies and they will act out what they have seen us do. Yes its a good thing to teach our children what the Word of God has told us to, but what about our living before them every day, do we show them how to live for Christ or live for the things of this world, we can not serve two masters, either you will love the one and hate the other or hole to the one and let the other go. First we must live Christ for other to see and then we can preach and teach Christ for them to follow.

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