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What do you like to drink in the morning? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1785 days ago, 2109 views

What do you like to drink in the morning? Milk, tea, coffee or juice?
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mohamad11221783 days ago

We prefer to drink in the morning the Matta (المته)
It's an Arab tradition Try it ... I'm sure you 'll like it
And Missy liked the Matta

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ha141785 days ago

I like to drink tea, Tea is a great source of fluoride. Black tea is great for preventing viruses in the mouth.

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Aravi1785 days ago

I like a cup of Milk. It is very good for healthy startup...

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crickettisme21784 days ago and more coffee

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ohjeesahn801784 days ago

I like a nice cup of coffee.

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kimi1784 days ago


why do you drink more coffee, just to refresh your mind?

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andrea_lizeth1784 days ago

I really like juice cos it feels like refreshing and sweet ♥ oh i love it... But in my house everyone drinks coffee so its hard to get some juice

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nihal291784 days ago

just water because of this =


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shestar1784 days ago

First thing and all day..Coffee

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maren1783 days ago

Its not on a list, but every morning I start with big glass water from spring...
If I need to choose from list, it will be tea.
Good for digestive tract, and not only for this.

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olja2255881783 days ago

I like to drink cup of tea with milk or lemon :3

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Patriot11783 days ago

Coffee, but must be accompanied with a doughnut!

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kimi1783 days ago


I haven't drunk it. Looks strange. Thanks. How about its taste? Sweet, sour, or bitter?

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mohamad11221782 days ago

It seems natural taste (normal) slightly bitter , but add him sugar to become a sweet
Has spread in the western world in recent times you can get from the supermarket

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ralphfurgason1782 days ago

No matter what else I have I need to drink my coffee shortly after I wake up in the morning. My day is not good until I can get it!

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ha141782 days ago


I guess you can have both tea and coffee in the morning :)

Some research links caffeine consumption with possible increased risk of miscarriage

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kimi1782 days ago


Thanks, I will try to find it in supermarket.

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kimi1782 days ago


I heard that drinking more coffee can cause heart disease, especially for woman, is that true?

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kimi1782 days ago

Hot water or cold water?

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nihal291782 days ago

@kimi Normal water which is at room temprature . It increases metabolic rates . Which is good for every one .

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akhil_raj0011782 days ago

Orange water!
As a source of nutrients, orange juice has the advantage of natural sweetness without added sugar, which makes it easy to consume enough to get its beneficial nutrients.

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ralphfurgason1782 days ago

Nope, no tea! I don't think coffee increases a risk of miscarriage. My wife drank pots of coffee a day when she was pregnant with our three kids.

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srgtun1782 days ago

i usually drink water, but its good to drink water with lemon juice ( it has cleansing properties ) on empty stomach

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ha141782 days ago


Maternal caffeine consumption during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage: a prospective cohort study
it might for high dose of caffeine?

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Dipto1782 days ago

I like a perfect cup of tea made with milk and sugar. I like the liquor dark. I love it.

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Rak19781778 days ago

I like water as my first drink on a morning i normally have Milk with my cerial cornflakes but wouldnt class that as my first drink. coffee tea and coke send me a little hyper and i try to avoid sugar cafeine drinks first thing.

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aleksandr951777 days ago

to druzya.peyta teaspoon of OIL of BLACK CARAWAY SEEDS. also be not ill

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Prumpel19691777 days ago

I like to drink in the morning a cup of coffe with a litle bit kakao powder and a prise salt.Taste great!

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LWB1777 days ago

Coffee with sugar and cream

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