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How to prevent flu? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1866 days ago, 1860 views

The flu season is coming, how to prevent it? any suggestions?

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chakramed1866 days ago

Hi @kimi ,

Preventing Cold & Flu: How Doctors Keep Germs at Bay :

With cold and flu season in full swing, we wondered how top docs personally battle nasty bugs each winter. Here are their expert tips for keeping pains, aches, sniffles, and sneezes at bay.

1-Wash your hands to keep germs away .
2-Keep cold and flu germs off surfaces
3-Exercise for immunity
4-Colds, flus, and herbal medicine

FULL Document :

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Niel1865 days ago

Go to your nearest Pharmacy, clinic or hospital and get a flu vaccination, you wont get any flu this season. but as the influenza virus changes every year, you will also have to vaccinate the following year

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azzromyo1865 days ago

Hi @kimi
you can't prevent the flu because every year influenza virus change and for that the vaccination didn't prevent the flu you can take a lot vitamin C
that can help body to fight the flu
hope this helps

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serezha1865 days ago

''Go crazy alone, but all together are ill with influenza'' - wrote a children's writer Uspensky. And he's right. You can avoid the flu only being out of the crowd.
If you are a student or your job is connected with people - you are at risk! So it is best to stock up lemons and oranges!
And if you're ill: dress warmly and walk in the fresh air or just more often ventilate the room. Drink plenty of warm fluids. It MUST be WARM - not hot. With hot one you can make yourself worse. Do not abuse drugs - it is not necessary when viruses. In 5-7 days you will be all right!!!
So be healthy!!!

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DavidT1865 days ago

Hi. Here's the most common ways to keep flu away.

1)Have a balanced diet and sleep times.
2) Choose wisely what to wear; you musnt feel cold or sweat too much.
3)Care about your personal hygene.
4)Smile! your immune system efficacy is also influenced by your mood so keep it up ;)

Vitamin C supplements can help a little, too!

Have a good day! =)

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ZzMrXzZ1865 days ago

You can only reduce the risk of havving a flu, not preventing it dude:,,20752945,00.html

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westmore341864 days ago

The flu vaccine is free in the UK if your pregnant, have a pre existing health condition or your aged over 60 years old. The vaccine does not prevent influenza completely though if you're unfortunate enough to catch if you will recover a lot faster and have a lighter strain of the virus.

So go to see you famili doctor as soon as possible

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FixitJorge1864 days ago

The best thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting the flu is making your immune system strong. A big part of that structure is diet and consuming Live enzymes. that means incorporating a diet rich in plant based foods and green juices.

Here is a simple juice anyone can make and will be very beneficial in strengthening your immune system.

● 7 Romaine lettuce leaves
● 1 green apple
● 1 lemon
● 1 Cucumber
● Organic Ginger - about the size of a thumb
● 5 stalks of Celery

the main thing to understand is that sickness loves a malnourished and acidic body. Most people who live in the industrialized regions live a fast paced life and don't give any thought to the importance of eating more plant based foods and avoiding the processed foods. instead, we like to consume fast food and over indulge in meats, empty carbs, sugars, oils, fats, and salt. unfortunately it's these kinds of foods that will cause our bodies to become more and more acidic eventually promoting inflammation throughout the body. You won't see it but at the microscopic level your blood has become so acidic that even your white blood cells will become lethargic and struggle to perform their daily duties of attacking foreign invaders such as Viruses that enter your body. This is why it's so important that you reap the benefits of raw Organic plant based foods and stop eating processed foods because the greens are a huge source of all the "fresh" micro nutrients that you could ever need. They will turn an acidic body back into a healthy more Alkaline state making it easier for your white blood cells and bodily defenses to defend you from sickness such as the flu and even if you do get sick, your recovery time will be very fast and symptoms will not be as bad.

● Make sure you are getting all of your essential nutrients. avoid processed foods as much as possible. they will only serve to weakened your immune system and avoid milk. try alternatives such as almond milk and drink a glass of Carrot juice a day for healthy bones.

you can also do smoothies!
buy a package of mixed greens that you can get from the store. throw in some strawberries, berries, orange juice, and even a banana! then add in the mixed greens. make sure everything is organic especially the strawberries and blueberries as they contain strongest concentration of pesticides.

● Also note that Greens such as Dino Kale are very High in Vitamin C and so many other micro nutrients that are going to work towards strengthening that miraculous immune system of yours.

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Falcon1862 days ago

Its symptoms come generally at the end of the day. So I use to have Própolis extract in alchool solution at home, always in hand.

Then I pour 30 drops in a spoonful of honey, take it three times a day, and it reliefs the throat pain at the first take, because the honey sticks to throat, and it cures influenza from one day to the next. You don't have to be in a bad ill for 5-7 days anymore.

Própolis is an extract of a bee's resin that they produce to wash its case from invasion of other insects. It has properties to kill microorganisms, because it is a natural antibiotic and it has no side effects to humans.

And so you will find many, many other applications for that wonderful remmedy. From insect bites, mouth ulcers, skin injuries, pimples, burns, cuts, and an infinity of other situations.

You can find it in stores of herbs and natural products. It's super effective. I recommend.

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alvindgreat1862 days ago

Hi @kimi
Drink a lot of water and fruit juices. Hydration is the key. Then live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and eat a balanced and healthy diet. Discipline yourself not to go to places that you think is exposed to some bacteria and viruses. Develop a neat personal hygiene. Better to be safe than sorry.
Remember that prevention is better than cure; always!

Hope it helps.
High five.

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wendra1861 days ago

1. Wash hands very frequently.

2. Avoid touching foreign surfaces directly (as much as possible). Be aware that keyboards & phones have many germs.

3. lots of Vitamin C

4. get enough sleep/rest

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izzy7501861 days ago

a good way to clear your head if you have flu, a dash of Encona pepper sauce in tomato soup does it for a couple of hours

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nuklin1859 days ago

Always cook with garlic and then, in the mornings, dissolve a sachet of ginger/garlic powder in a boiled cup of water and gradually sip to finish. And of course maintain a healthy diet and a good hygiene. Good luck!

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Bine4851859 days ago

Ich glaube, man kann Grippe nie ganz vermeiden - überall um einen sind Viren und Bakterien - vom Einkaufswagen anfassen bis zum Wartezimmer beim Standardbesuch beim Arzt .... - man kann nur versuchen etwas vorzubeugen wie z.B. mit Vitamin C in Zitrone essen o.ä.
- Ich selber muß seit 10 Jahren ASS nehmen und werde meine Erkältung nie mehr richtig los, aber ausbrechen tut sie auch somit nicht mehr richtig - also immer etwas erkaltet - auch nicht optimal.
LG Bine

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