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What is the funniest thing a child has said to you? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1881 days ago, 1672 views

What is the funniest thing a child has said to you?
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ram_naibi1876 days ago

I was removing a thorn which pricked into sole of my left foot while in garden.

My 4 year old younger son came and surprisingly asked:
"what are you doing papa"?

Myself: "I'm taking out the thorn which...... in garden"
Son: "I had same thing papa, a thorn was pricked into my foot once you know?"
Myself: is it? i didn't see my dear boy, of course when?
Son: "it is too past papa.. you were not born on that time"


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neuropatch1881 days ago

My son is poured into the bowl expensive shampoo and half a day to invite all our neighbors smell the toilet.

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mdaffronte1881 days ago

I would lay back in my recliner my daughters approx. 7 and 5 at the time would sneak up behind me and give me noggies, and to this day I blame them for my bald spot on the back of my head, but of course I keep my head clean shaven to this day. But they had fund.


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serezha1880 days ago

My nephew said:''How well I lived up to 4 years... And now I have to go to kindergarten. I go there for a month, but salaries are still not given ... Why? I wonder!!!''

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aidenstone1880 days ago

My ex-girlfriend was decidedly younger than I and had a 6 year old, really cool son who liked to listen to others' conversations and then recount them at various and sundry times. One day after overhearing a discussion by his grandmother about the age difference between his mother and myself, he came into the room where I was sitting and with a straight-face asked, "Granma and Mommy were talking and I was wondering if you really were God's babysitter?"

Of course, the other thing that he used to tell others about me was that I was alive when the Dead Sea was just sick!

Kids... gotta love 'em!

Smiles always!

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azzromyo1880 days ago

Hi @kimi
my son said to me when he saw photo of weeding with her mother he said to me where is me why i'm not in the photo ...
and one day my son 4 years told to me that i can't sleep alone then i told him you're brave then he tell me so why you sleep with my mother i tell him he is my wife and here is the surprise he said so i must have a wife like you because i feel lonely in the night

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UGEN1880 days ago

child are frank and honest. they tell whatever they want..

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ZzMrXzZ1880 days ago

Kid: “I wish I was a dog.” Mom: “Why’s that, hon?” Kid: “So I could see what my nuts taste like.”

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nihal291876 days ago

a child told me bro you are growing up now started having mustashes . lol

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