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What are some useful life skills we must learn? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1889 days ago, 1955 views

Do you know what kind of life skills we have to learn?
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aidenstone1888 days ago

The basic skills that you need to learn are not necessarily those that you'll find in a classroom. Communication, tolerance, benevolence/chairty, love, laughter, sharing, being in balance, respect, understanding, dignity, pride... that diploma on the wall or the registration card in your wallet/purse means nothing without these basic skills. Hold a baby in your arms and you find the skills of love, sharing, and communication. How are you going to teach a kid how to throw a ball, or how to make mud-pies or sandcastles? How do you comfort your daughter when she breaks up with her first boyfriend? What about being there when a friend is hurt or needs consoling? These aren't skills that you learn in school, they're the skills that you learn by being patient and trying to understand that the happiness of others can be your greatest reward in life. If you have these skills, you can do anything, learn anything, and be anything that you want! You can teach the boy how to build a fort or how to work on a car; you can teach the girls how to dress up their dolls or how to have a "make believe" tea party... but not without the skills of love, and patience, and understanding.

It's nice to be able to work with your hands and to grow gardens, work on cars, fix the leaky roof or take the family fishing or on a picnic. But no matter how you look at it, no matter what other skills you have or gain in life, without the ones I've mentioned, you're never going to appreciate the small things in life, the important things.


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chakramed1889 days ago

Hi @kimi ,

Different life skills will be more or less relevant at different times your life, for example:

When at school or university, you'll need study skills
When buying a house, negotiation skills may be needed
You'll need to work on your employability skills to get a job
When you have a job, leadership and presentation skills may be useful, along with a whole host of other skills.
When you start a family, time management and organising skills are likely to become important.
There will be times throughout your life when you'll need conflict resolution, stress-management and problem solving skills too.

in this links i give you, u will find many skills recommanded for every one :

16 Useful Life Skills Everyone Should Learn To Be Successful >>

12 Universal Skills You Need to Succeed at Anything >>

20 Life Skills Not Taught In School >>


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ZzMrXzZ1888 days ago

Here you are:

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Damocles1888 days ago

Hey, look here!

On Quora, there is a similar problem:

The issue on the Quora continued hot, and continue to emerge out of wonderful answers.
Most of these skills will be able to learn in ten minutes.I feel that I have benefited a lot from my reading, I wish you can get something from it!

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UGEN1884 days ago your self...

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Gervs1884 days ago

1) You should know how to defend yourself- or run
2) Knows how to get/provide/produce by any
3)Knows how to be calm at all times
4) Understands that survival is " I " and not for others...

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nihal291883 days ago

serurvival skills
self defence
educataional skils

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