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Is the real life of America as same as US TV series ? Reward $2
Created by kidcrowd, 1895 days ago, 1417 views

Is the real life of America as same as US TV series and full of complex relationships?
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DavidT1895 days ago

Hi, i lived in the US for over 5 years and i can tell honestly..
I am afraid not... Perhaps there are people like those you see in tv series but they re very rare and you can find them in every part of the civilised world, not only in the US.

The idea i 've got from most of americans is that they are simpletons, selfish sons of welthness whose praise god while embracing a gun..If that's not enough to figure just look at that donald trump guy , value him, and realize that person MIGHT win the next elections to assume the average IQ of an american..

Fiction is fiction sir i am sorry i wish it was like that too!

You re welcome!

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aidenstone1895 days ago

Sometimes it can be... but with reservations. Much of television is taken from real-life events but some of the stories are just stretched a little out of shape. On the other hand the real life America, when you get down into it, has so much more mystery, suspense, love, science-fact (which is so much more than science fictiion) and the reality of it all just depends on how you, yourself, perceives realoty!

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rushnoob1893 days ago

almost fakes

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nino20181893 days ago

I think so
I mean downright

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