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How do you spend your weekend with your family, any activities suggestions? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1901 days ago, 3190 views

How do you spend or enjoy your weekends? shopping, reading or taking some activities with your family?
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jcrinc1901 days ago

When my kids were younger, at least one weekend a month we'd volunteer as a family somewhere. We went to animal shelters and cuddled animals, went to nursing homes to serve ice cream, went to the beach to do a clean-up, and even went to the pediatric ward at a local hospital to visit kids in recovery. It was such a great experience for my kids. Helping others taught them so much compassion and it was awesome watching the joy on their faces as they told their friends about what they did that weekend. It's such a great way to give back to your community while teaching your children valuable lessons they wouldn't learn elsewhere. No matter what you do, spending time with your family is the greatest gift ever. Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you do.

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DavidT1901 days ago

Take them on a trip, visit a park...Live a day on contact with nature.

If weather sucks, netflix and chill.

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deojr1901 days ago

If you have the time organise a quiz .....but if is too much for you organise a BBQ is also good.

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ZzMrXzZ1901 days ago

Well, read this:

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Gervs1900 days ago

if the children are below 10 years old... all of the suggestions are ok... when puberty kicks in- its just me and wife..... but i tried this for the whole family activities that still works:

-movie marathon
-skype with a distant relative
-dinner for all with their friends at mc donalds


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speckletrout1897 days ago

May I recommend making your home as fun a place as you can with what you have. It can be depressing coming back from something fun if not. You can save tons of money by making your home a fun place to be. If you go on vacation to use a swimming pool get a swimming pool, if you are into relaxing in plush landscape on vacation do the same at home. Kayaks are fairly cheap, you don't have to register them nor put gas in them and they can go places that bigger boats can't. If you have a bigger yard get a ATV for you and the kids.

It is important to remember you always have to come back home and that shouldn't be depressing.

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UGEN1897 days ago

I suggest for a family weekend activities, is to have bible reading and reflection.. visit

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Hollerinde1897 days ago

Shopping: I know this is the most favored activity for most people. We hardly go shopping and my children will not ask for it. Provided we have something to buy (grocery or gifts) or to celebrate a special occasion, we don’t normally go to a shopping mall to kill time. If we do, bookstores and toy shops are our main targets.

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aidenstone1895 days ago

Ya know, no matter how old the kids are, or how many you have, there are a couple of factors involved in determining a week-ends activities. Money and weather.

If you're on a budget its great to get out and go to a zoo together, or a nice park... 6 Flags or another theme park works well. But I like to include the family in deciding where to go by taking a vote and letting each person "sell" his or her idea to the others. And it doesn't even have to be a park: whatever the others vote on pretty much works provided that they stay within set parameters of cost, time, etc. This gets the family involved in the planning from the get-go and it really makes the kids feel like a part of things!

Museums are great... Aquariums, Natural Science Museums, Reptile Exhibits, etc. Zoos and parks are awesome as well. The main thing is that we get to spend time together. Afterwards (or before) a good meal works such as a good barbque place, fish, etc, but a sit-down restaurant. We try to stay away from the fast-food thing on these occasions!

Movies are good but it's best to go to the theater and share the movie. You can always catch a flick at home so going out works and makes the occasion special!

Sometimes if the weather is bad, we stick around the house (and we've been known to all go out and play in the rain or the snow!). We might all pitch in an cook something, each of us preparing our own respective, special dishes to share with the others, wheter it be main course or desert! And the kids love to make homemade ice-cream in the freezer without the icecream maker! Or simple microwave brownies or cakes in mugs.

Some of our rules are: cellphones are turned off except for pictures or emergencies. We all are in sync as to where we will go, where to meet in case of seperation, etc. But the biggest rule is to have fun!

The big thing is to share the time that you have, be sure to have fun, and keep everyone involved and a part of things. This makes lasting memories!

Good luck and have a great time where-ever you go or whatever you do!

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