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What is the most interesting music game? Reward $3
Created by selina, 1901 days ago, 1877 views

What is the most interesting music game?
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Athill1901 days ago

OSU or Crypt of the NecroDancer
The first game is free to play. You need to click (or drag) circles that appear on screen and everything is happening in pace with some music. There are hundreds (id not thousands) of song to choose from.
The second game is easier and in that game you use keybord to avoid/kill enemies and as the previous game everything is happening in pace with some kind of music

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oxana1901 days ago

Podolyanochka - the children stand in a circle, in the middle squats on his haunches podolyanochka. children sing: "Arise, arise, Podolyanochka, rinse points as ft Cups and take in barrels, jump, jump skochky, jump to the Danube, take a pair of edge" Podolyanochka rises and selects from the circle player, who becomes the center in its place . it all starts over again.

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kidcrowd1901 days ago

Planet Quest

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fat_coz1901 days ago

Piano tiles

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jatinkumar1901 days ago

the music sang by our mother when we was child .
To give us a nab our mother sang song that is awesome music in life of a person.

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DavidT1901 days ago

HAve you ever tried Audiosurf? you can play the music you want and game changes accordign to music ;) it's cool!

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serezha1901 days ago

There're a few interesting games:
Guitar Hero III legends of rock (for 2 people), Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Metallica, DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, The Beatles Rock Band, Green Day Rock Band.

But I think ''Rocksmith'' is great!!!!!!!!!

It works like this: you buy a box for 80 bucks and cord inside the drive. At first you put the game, the second - put together a string instrument with a computer (on one end of the cord jack 1/4, on the other - USB). From a distance, the gameplay is very similar to Rocksmith Guitar Hero. A player carries a number of markers to play, the better player catches them, the louder audible guitar.

The difference is that in playing Rocksmith on these strings, and it gradually increases the complexity. In the early hours of the newcomers will get used to pull his fingers in rhythm guitar, for the most part, it sounds in the recording. However, more and more in the gameplay will present music and, in the end, you will only hear your chords.

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karlneri1901 days ago

there are so many music games sir. try osu, guitar hero, like that it would be fun playing that games.

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olja2255881900 days ago

Audiosurf 2 or Audiosurf 3

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Ascaerdoth1900 days ago

If you've got a PS2 and can find a copy, I'd think about taking a look at Guitaroo Man. I've never played it myself, but from what I've seen, it has some interesting mechanics and fun visuals.

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airyl1846 days ago

I love playing PIANO TILES 2...feels like you are really playing piano..

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