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Any tips for taking teens to Disney World? Reward $2
Created by hellen, 1953 days ago, 1998 views

Why would someone choose to go to Walt Disney World for a vacation? There is no doubt that it is more attractive for teens. Have you been to Disney? do you have any tips for taking kids to Disney?

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bladehax1939 days ago

I'm 30 years old, but when i was younger my parents took my brother and I to disney every single year during the summer as our vacation. we did this literally every single year until i got to high school. here's my best tips and tricks to save money, not wait in long lines, and make the overall trip more enjoyable:

1. they dont sell alcohol at any of the shops, so bring your own if you would like you have a beverage during lunch of dinner because trust me, this will be an all day event. plus, the fireworks are cool to see at night.

2. do not buy the mickey/mini ears hats. i know its tempting, but its just a waste of money. you will never ever wear or use them again and it is wasting money that could be spent on better souvenirs.

3. never ever pay for ride pictures. they are around $20 for a picture, and as cool it would be to have a picture of you and the family riding some ride, $20 could be spent somewhere else on something much more memorable.

4. you will be totally worn out by the end of the day, and when leaving the park, walt disney was such a genius he made the main street buildings look smaller as you are exiting so that it feels like you are walking a lot faster than you really are.

5. if you're staying in a walt disney hotel, use the monorail as much as possible. it can get you just about anywhere you need to go, and if not, it will get you pretty close. this is where pre-planning comes in to place. if you plan out each day, it will prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.

6. don't rush. always being in a hurry to try to make everything on time just ends up making everyone stressed out and you're supposed to be avoiding stress (the whole point of a vacation lol). everything always works itself out, so don't stress about anything. the employees at the park and hotels are there for you to handle your problems for you, so don't be afraid to ask.

7. if you are visiting during a time where there is a large crowd, it can be worth paying for the fast lane pass so that you can skip waiting in the long lines and jump right up front. you may get some funny looks when you do this, but just remember everyone standing in that line had the same option as you lol.

8. DO NOT forget sunscreen, especially if you have kids. standing in those long lines can fry your skin, so be safe and make sure you brought sunscreen.

9. If it does happen to begin to rain, ask for a disney poncho. you'll be suprised how well made they are, and they are made much more thick and in one solid piece, instead of the ones you get from Wal-Mart or any other similar chain stores that are multiple piece of plastic stitched together. Also, there may be construction going on due to the new Star Wars area they are planning on adding to the park.


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azzromyo1953 days ago

Hi @hellen
read this :

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hellen1952 days ago


Have you been to the Disney world? Would you like to share your experience? Please don't paste a link only, I can google it by myself. Thanks.

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hellen1952 days ago


If you don't have any advice from your own experience, please omit my post, thanks!

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azzromyo1952 days ago

Hi @hellen it' good to take kids to disneyland trust me you and your kids didn't forget this , but you must have alot of money and patience with the kids
some tips which i know and want share with you is :
1-in disney world you can't drink for keeping disneyland image clean
2-Stay on-site at a Disneyland resort
3-Stay Close to the Park
4-Buy Full Price or Special Offers Through Disney
5-Do One Park Per Day
6-Eat Breakfast As You Walk, Pack your lunch, Purchase Dinner
7-Buy souvenirs at the beginning of the trip
8-Find the best fireworks view
Hope this helps

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kimi1939 days ago

1. Take a midday break

2. Step up the food

3. Plan on at least four days

Wishing you have a good time.

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