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How to increase my computer RAM? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 1958 days ago, 2162 views

I want to increase my computer's RAM to make it run faster. how do I increase computer RAM without buying a new one?
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it9computers1956 days ago

If you have a windows operating system than you can use a USB flash drive or your hard drive storage as RAM through the windows virtual memory feature. If you let me know what version of Windows you have I could give you instructions on how to do this.

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SetupComputer1958 days ago

Well, if you could recycle an old computer's RAM, that'll suffice, so long as it's compatible withnyour motherboard.

A desktop's RAM stick is different from a laptop's.

DDR2 should be paired with DDR2 RAM, DDR3 wih the same, and DDR4 the same. The frequency can be different, for example, 1 - 1333MHz and 1 - 1600MHz, but both will downclock at 1333MHz. Also, error-correcting RAM Sticks should be paired with same, and non-error correcting with likewise. If possible, use the same brand, model and technology for all RAM sticks on your motherboard to maintain maximum compatibility.

RAM Sticks are generally cheap, about $15 more or less depending on allocation, so you can definitely purchase one if you need to.

You can pair differently-sized RAM sticks, for example. 1 - 1Gb and 1 - 2Gb RAM sticks. If you wanted to gain additional performance, use the SAME RAM stick (e.g. 2 - 2Gb or 2 - 4Gb) and insert it on same-colored RAM slots on the motherboard. With this setup, you will take advantage of a dual-array setup increasing the bandwidth your OS can use from 64 bits to 128 bits (like a road - the wider the road, the faster the vehicles) for faster data transmission. Performance increase will range from 3 to 20%.

Hope these tips will help you. Happy new year!

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jennyjonson1958 days ago

Follow these steps:
I hope it will help you. :D

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FARFROMPUKEN441958 days ago

ram isn't always the answer to making it run faster. you can although use a usb disk drive for ready boost. and if you use your graphics card to its full potential helps so much you cant even believe. just find out what kind of graphics card you have and download drivers and chip set. stop some start up programs. set up windows to use best performance etc

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anirban1958 days ago


Check this link :-

Surely it will increase your RAM. Check it. Thanks.

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ha141957 days ago

If you want speed then you have tget SSD hard drive. Or you can try RAMDRIVE
You must have like 2GB ram to assign enough for RAMDRIVE

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azzromyo1957 days ago

Hi @kimi watch this :

and this :


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