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Do you feel upset if your parents break their promise? Reward $5
Created by kimi, 2000 days ago, 3870 views

Parents always make promises to encourage their children to do better, but once it is achieved, they will break their promise. How about the next time? The children won't trust them any more. Have you had the same experience? Do you feel upset if your parents break their promise?
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SetupComputer1999 days ago


@omarwa79 is right - it depends on your age... more specifically, your maturity as a person.

A child would feel heartbroken when his/her parent broke a promise. In extreme cases, some children commit suicide because of this. The daughter of a Filipino actor commited suicide when said actor broke his promise of paying the tuition fee for the girl's college. Apparently, she was saved. See here:

When I was a child, I was also upset when my parents cannot fulfill their promises. However, my parents were shy to admit that it was then due to financial constraints that they can't comply with their promise. When I grew up, I understood it. Now, the case is reversed: If I break a promise, my parents get upset. For example, now, it's been almost a week that I didn't visit home due to unavoidable circumstances. My mother was upset, but she understands.

I guess, now that I am about to marry in a few weeks time, and I will probably become a parent too in a year, the best approach I could do as a father is to let my child know how much I love him/her, and that it pains me too that I broke my promise to him/her. I would tell my child that I tried my best to keep it, but unfortunately I can't. It is important to a parent to assure your child that you don't want to break your promise, but can't do so due to some reasons you should disclose to them so that he/she will understand, and that you didn't break it because you don't love him/her. A child may be immature, but a child already knows love. If you assure you love your child, then everything will be fine. Your child will be patient and will continue to love you and trust you still.

As a child, my love for my parents prevailed, and that even though they broke some promises, I still love them and continue believing and trusting them. Let your child learn to love God and you as parent, and your child will grow up to be a good man/woman.


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omarwa792000 days ago

It depends on age. yes I have same experience with them, but the parents not lik any bady . we can forget all Excesses .

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igor2000 days ago

Learn to understand each other. But deception can spoil everything.

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azzromyo2000 days ago

Hi @kimi
surely because they must be good example to me to follow them

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FixitJorge1999 days ago

Depends what the promise is. Some promises need to be broken and I will understand.

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ZzMrXzZ1999 days ago

Well, we should forgive if it happens sometimes. However, if they are always be like that, then talk to them straightly

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alvindgreat1999 days ago

Hi @kimi Everyone gets upset and frustrated when someone breaks their promises to us. Especially those people dear to our hearts and they break their promise, just like your parents; it is so frustrating.
I never have that kind of experience since my parents do not promise me anything. They are always cool and they always try to do anything good for me, without making promises. I came from a poor family and thus, I understand extremely if they make promises and break it since they may not have the luxury to do it.
So let me speak from my conscience and heart.
I feel like if it is your situation wherein your parents is the subject; try to understand and think of the reasons why they have to break their promises. Is it due to financial constraints, is it due to schedule of work or business obligations, is it due to health issues or any other valid ones? Understand them as long as you can. They will get even to you sometimes if they have the chance because that's what parents are. In fact, it is our obligation to achieve what is to be achieved, we must do it not because we are promised of a reward, but because it is for our own good.
For example, our parents promised to buy as a high-end phone if we have a good mark in class. But then, you got the good mark and your parents cannot do their promises for the moment. Cause we have problems along the way, in asmuch as how we want to make the promises come true; there will always be a hindrance. So understand it. Truth is, getting a high mark in class is a gift for our parents; and we must do it not because of the reward but because it will be a good stepping stone towards success in our own life.
I hope it helps.
High five!

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