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tomato is fruit or vegetable? Reward $2
Created by kimi, 2038 days ago, 2234 views

Everybody knows the difference between a fruit and a vegetable, right? But I am confused that whether the tomato is fruit or vegetable. what do you think of that?
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Razsaheel2032 days ago

Tomato is grown like a berry type fruit but used as vegetable in cooking. Therefore if consumed raw, it is a fruit. And a vegetable when cooked.

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SetupComputer2038 days ago

It's a fruit.

Check this out:


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restrictedarea2038 days ago

The scientists say it is a fruit. (I still think it's a vegeatable) what ever they actually are I love them.

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AmericanDawg2038 days ago

Hi @kimi
Tomatoes really should be in a class by it'self . Tomatoes are scientifically berry-type fruits they can also be considered a culinary vegetable.
Tomatoes are also a member of the deadly nightshade family .The leaves are in fact poisonous, although the fruit is not.

In the United States it is the main ingredient in there 2 most popular condiments - Ketchup and Salsa.
In the World Tomatoes are number 1 because of it's use in Pizza sauce and Spaghetti or Marinara Sauce.

The most unusual use is for the " La Tomatina Festival " Held in Spain .
The pictures are fantastic. -

Have a Great Day !

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igor2037 days ago

Tomato is a vegetable culture.

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mcommente2037 days ago

C'est un fruit

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Olpers2037 days ago

Dude , its a debate.

Between what will you get when you know its a fruit or a vegetable. lol.. Just eat it .


For your reference read this site:

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azzromyo2037 days ago

tomatoes is fruit

the true story

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nino20182037 days ago

There is a difference of views in the fact that the tomato a fruit or in being one of the vegetables. And the difference arising from it from a scientific point of tomatoes are a type of fruit because it is produced through the tomato flower and then grown by seeds that are found inside. On the other hand, the tomatoes used in the cooking process of cooking vegetables. So we can say that from a scientific point of tomatoes and fruit but Imkkna to look at her vegetables when cooking

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ZzMrXzZ2037 days ago

Fruits by all means

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qa995772036 days ago

Basically it is a fruit because:
" A ripened ovary in which seeds are enclosed " is called fruit.
Mostly all plants have fruits.
For example: Lady finger, pumpkin, brinjal, & many other such plants are known as vegetable plants but we does not cook these plants, rather we cook their fruits which is actually vegetable.
Fruit have different categories which decides their nature shape, taste & other qualities......................

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Herourtime2033 days ago



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mohturbo2032 days ago

scince says fruits but i believe its vegetabale cause it contains minerals

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sam182030 days ago

Did you know… A tomato is the official “vegetable” of New Jersey and the official fruit (and vegetable) of Arkansas.

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Umar122029 days ago

Did you know… A tomato is the official “vegetable” of New Jersey and the official fruit (and vegetable) of Arkansas.

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