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What is the father's love? Reward $1
Created by kimi, 2063 days ago, 1762 views

He never looks for praises,
He just goes on quietly working.
Through all our storms of life,
A sturdy hand to hold to.
When times are good or bad,
One of our greatest blessings.
The man that we call Dad!

What do you think of the picture and the meaning of father's love?

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Olpers2055 days ago

F.A.T.H.E.R.S ---> word itself describe who is a father?

"F" aithful.
"A" lways there.
"T" rustworthy.
"H" onoring.
"E" ver-loving.
"R" ighteous.
"S" upportive.

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azzromyo2063 days ago

i think from the picture that the father does not value financially but morally boils down to the father this person who is ready to sacrifice everything they have to please you

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nino20182063 days ago

This picture is very impressive
Mean father father wearied and does anything for the happiness and safety of sons

The importance of having a father in the life of its citizens and its impact on education

No longer the role of fathers in family life as it was previously confined to homework and physical needs, and income security and physical protection of the family wetovirallwazm, and there was friction between father and sons and the resulting negative effects on the lives and upbringing of children, the father was unaware of many of the children were neglected and ignored results demonstrated when he grows up.

Several years ago was more emphasis on the mother's relationship with her children, and the importance of its presence in their lives to their attention and care, and this is due to get that mother is the main responsible for the care of children from birth, and their adhesion to a feeling of tenderness, love and care.

But where the father of parenting?
Did the father responsibility in raising children?
Does the absence of the father from the lives of the children effect them?
Is it true that mother alone is responsible parenting?
Why do we have so many young teenagers who roam the streets
Night without a goal and not a Sergeant, not impunity, no deterrent for them?
Is this due to the absence of the father's role in their upbringing?
Or because of the lack of understanding and advice and guidance in the home?

Let's talk about the importance of the presence of the father in family and participate in trbihalabenaa from an early age,
A father means protection means care means Al-Kidwa mean power mean integration.


Children need to feel that the protection and care of warshadotkoim differ from what they found when the mother and the father is the main sponsor of the family and is responsible for his flock.
Having a father as a teacher and educational in a child's life is the essential factor in education and prepared, although the pain is mainly in the child's life since birth, is produced, but the father's role remains however another kind of fatherly tenderness, and watch over the child's life and protect him from all harm to communicate with him and live nearby. The child grows and grows up on sound foundations, although the roles performed by both father and mother are different, but they seem important to child's education building, where the mother appears calm and tenderness toward his behavior, the father role and needed to draw them to the child.
Some women they glow to men's role in securing housing and clothing expenses. However, fatal error, the participation of the father in raising children affects the personality of children and appropriate family atmosphere exists for a balanced generation psychologically and emotionally

Some men understand the meaning of the head of the family and is dictatorial role controlling packages only

But the father is the source of power at home every August to rectify what neglect of his children and the lack of follow-up, that their attention and keeping company and tries to find out their thoughts and preferences and hobbies, and tries to help them solve their problems, find out their without direct intervention in, and have a sincere friend located even if absent.

If the presence of the father in the life of children is very important to guide them and their calendar if one of them swerved, and use intensity beams together with kindness and tolerance.
The sense of children having a deterrent to them if wrongly makes them wary of falling into error, and the father of their children and spend time with them and try to understand their problems and demands, debate with them gives them self-confidence, so they have chest koay, who turn to him when they find it difficult to solve their problems themselves, is this their ghost loss and disorientation and resolve difficult things the wrong way and lead them to the path.

The role of the father in childhood
The father's role begins since the moment be a fetus in the womb, the feelings of love and respect for the pair to pair its influence the creation of the fetus which Abba generates surrounded by love, feel the lovable first since its inception and desirable, and softens the tranquillity which constitutes a key stone in the building of sound personality. Studies have shown that men carry refused to marry him adversely affects the mother's feelings and thus feelings of neighbourliness NI, where these apply in the year when receptacles etc z type of psychological treatment.
Confronted with the mother of the child begins from birth until the age of eight months. After this stage must be separation between them, and this is the responsibility of the father. So if this duty through constant intervention in the world of child and family relationship balance will remain a constant link throughout the subsequent years will be when the boy dared to leave the bosom of mother, which adversely affects the ability to build an independent personality in the future and to take the decisions required to meet the challenges of life.

Continue the journey the father with child during early childhood, where he is supposed to live with adventure journey discovering the outside world after its first year.
In this period, the child needs to be bolder than daring father mother to start development of physical abilities, playing with childish games, depends on strong hand stuck with it whenever they stumbled on small while attempting to walk, and relies on the same hand to learn to trot in the Park amid encouraging mother that monitors and blessed.
With the beginning of school age after age, children need a father's voice assures him of sexual identity. The boy needs a father encouraged weiftkhrbh, believes in his abilities and help him develop. Girl you need a father gives her self confidence, tell her she's beautiful and reassures them that he loved her.

During this phase and beyond, is the father of the authority and the law on the family, establishing rules prohibited s.r.l. in collaboration with mother and working together on good application.
In this phase, the child becomes a breeding ground for instilling the values, principles, and then reflected the role of the father in good habits education and conduct, in cooperation with the mother and full coordination between them. And the father here is who leads children to life and encourage them to demand, and to overcome challenges and difficulties, secured them a layer of protection that isolates them from the fear of confrontation. Therefore, children who did not receive the support and encouragement of the father and his passion during this stage, they have extreme sensitivity and fear of that layer of insulating protection concerns are not available.

The transition from childhood to adolescence
Continuing education process so hard throughout the subsequent years are not be limited to verbal guidance and direction but finds that the father engaged in the lives of his children, recognize their comrades and pronounce in certifying. He also shared some of their activities, the exercise together, and share the read and watch television programmes, shows, commenting on what they watch and listen, and explains his point reasoned opinion common sense, this style offers cultural intake and orientation ethical and intellectual for his children.
In this phase, the process of determining the identity of the boy on a deeper level and in a wider circle. Here the boy needs his father to confirm this identity. And the father's role to educate his son, and prepared for the transition from childhood to adulthood. It also help him prepare for the future, encouraged him and assure him of his confidence in his abilities and his capacity to walk the track in preparation for the fateful decisions in the period related to choosing a profession and wife.
As for the daughter, her father must confirm that trust in their capacity, and encourages them to rejoice in being female, and prepared to launch the community, after confirming that the present is always protected so they can go for help and advice hours.
If the father has abandoned his role in this stage, children will suffer negative consequences on their relations with the opposite sex.
But the worst to be quality including negative, i.e., that in addition to the failure to provide any of the emotional and psychological needs, it criticizes them and not feel more important as individuals.
In this case, shattered the image of the boy in his Outlook for itself and loses self-confidence. They feel they are not protected, the girl and pay I enlighten her parental tenderness to touch every man familiar to him. Young man, criticized the work of his wife in the future, and in cases of very negative parenting, when accompanying criticism of violent behaviour, the young man to homosexuality where looking at the other guy about acceptance, support and no rejection.

The father of the need for family integration
May vary in importance the need for participating effectively in paternal family between stage and others, but his presence remains however at all stages. The father means of protection and care, and power, and is with the mother and kids family integration. Children need a mother and father care tenderness and support. Studies have shown that proper education and proper relationship between parents and children depends not only on the presence of the father but over communication with his sons.
Because it have guidance and prevent malfeasance. Using intensity beams together with kindness and tolerance, the children will feel the existence of a deterrent to them by shielding them from falling into error.
Studies on the reasons for the failure of children in school and working life or growing addiction or violence that one of the major reasons is the lack of doralab in the family, either continuous absence due to work or other or not exercise its role and leave the full responsibility lies with the mother.
In all cases, for parents who fail to play their role effectively in one stage, there is always a chance to redress what has happened from neglect and start a new page entitled practice good parenting.

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ZzMrXzZ2063 days ago

I think he love taking rain-shower

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wency2055 days ago

unforgettable, father's love was often just as important as a mother's. In some cases, it was even more so.

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rahulchakravati92055 days ago

father is the respected person
father always protect their childerens from anything wrong things or anythings
fathere do love to their childerens without any greediness,selfishness,etc
to love to their childerens is the father
to help you in any problems is an father
to teach u any lessons is an father
to fullfill ur needs is an father
to teach u to fight in any dangerous circumstances is father
to stand with u in any circumstances whether you are true or false is father

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g1000A2054 days ago

long story short.
every man wish you're not better then him only your father wish you are better then him

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