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Public or private school, which is better? Reward $1
Created by kimi, 2066 days ago, 2544 views

More and more parents prefer to the private school due to its superior environment, well management system and teachers. But the tuition is too high to afford. Public or private school, which is better?
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AmericanDawg2063 days ago

I should have attached this link in my first answer.
They have a forum where many of your questions can be answered.

Home Schooling gives you many options for educating your children .
If they are still very young you could Home School them for 4 to 6 years and then send them off to high school
where they can have interactions with other people to help develop their social skills.

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Olpers2066 days ago

"But the tuition is too high to afford" ...You already answered Your question

do research on google .. compare both of them and see what you can get.. it totally depends on you..


Notice Your link with your child... Do you give him enough time to understand each other ? or are you too busy in your social life?

Ask Your self these types of questions... About Your time with Child...

My Suggestion:

Public Or Private which ever you choose...... Parent Schooling starts from age a child is born ,.. the best school a child can have is his/her house.. So focus On your child..

------------Give me good mothers and I shall give you a good nation.” -----------------

Hope it helps :).

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nino20182066 days ago

Do you prefer Government or independent schools and what are the pros and cons in your opinion.

Either my point are as follows:

No doubt there are noticeably in the curriculum between State schools and independent schools, and this is a clear difference in independent schools in educational foundations designed to prepare students and how to encourage them to study as well as a way of instilling education and life skills in various fields of education and refined talents, keep pace with technological change moment by moment for the privilege of thoughtful learning.

However I only touched many negatives in (some) independent schools in this sector which have as their object the English first class and override the other important material that will address them, God willing, in the context of the subject and no doubt explained that override other materials or lax in their performance affects the students which reflect negatively on their families and the community that surrounds them.

We recall here not limited to some of these important points

1. focus on learning the skills of reading, writing and speaking English and neglecting some aspects of authentic Arabic language the language of the Holy Koran and the lack of seriousness in inculcating concepts of Islam in them to save and the Holy Quran and biographies of prophets and messengers from another side, you will see the student after years of presence in the independent schools run by foreign administrations acquires education hybrid, neither Arab nor Islamic culture and may tend to foreign culture.

2. inject the minds of students the concepts of foreign religions and Western holidays and customs that are contrary to our Arabic.

3. soon mixing in an early age leading to defuse modesty among students through concerts and sports clubs (swimming pools) and winter camps in addition to business trips outside their States as did more secondary independent schools this year and there is no power but from God send regiments to America and some European countries without accompanying guardians with them!!

We recall here not limited to some of these important points

4. Requests for independent schools increased student and some of these schools impose fees under the fallout from the purchase of books, some Lieutenant regarding students with these sums are unjustified and do not forget to transfer schools are independent and may move from one region to other regions far from some students who were studying them then forced the parents of students to transfer to other schools nearest to their residence and this definitely affects the level of students, the problem that has no solution to reject independent schools for new students only And don't care for the geographical location of the students attention for example governmental school and switched to independent and moved from the area to Al Rayyan, Dafna, in this case there are other independent schools in the area, Dafna rejects students who were in the school care for students school transition concerns that specific seats.

So I hope of the Supreme Education Council,,,, review the schedule for the unfortunate fact by lack of interest in the Arabic language and other legitimate material and especially the Holy Qur'an in some independent schools, and only focus on English and lack of interest in geographical locations on population areas, and hope of the Council opened the new rows are mandatory for students of the nearby areas of housing provision in schools. We wish the officials in the Ministry of education, in particular to address these important things for correct path (some) Government schools in our beloved to promote education and keep up with technological advances which preceded us States had no oil resources and not agricultural but the minds of creative thinker, and a good example of this. Japan!!? And other countries.

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azzromyo2066 days ago

The debate between the comparison of private and government educational institutes will go on till eternity. Both have their own significance in their respective fields. Both types of institutes have much to nurture and reproduce the future champions of India. Is that only the schools who are responsible for the development of the children? If so, which could be better private or the Government ones? Many feel that the private institutes are better over government schools, is that true?


- Private schools have better infrastructure required for the physical and mental development of the child. They can help with the required facilities for the students to learn their lessons in a better way. The infrastructure can help them to have a practical approach to education.

- The private institutes are better in their approach towards the psychological development of the children.

- Private schools maintain better hygiene and environment which could safeguard the health of the students.

- The education imparted in the private schools are more of audio-visual now-a-days with the emergence of computers into the learning.

- Private schools can also provide better sport activities and equipments for the physical development of the children.

- Students can learn the civilized and modern approach which is of demand in the MNC culture which is feeding many of us in present era.


- Government schools are affordable and they provide the minimum required infrastructure to meet the basic needs.

- Private schools do not accommodate the low economic group students. Right to education is the freedom for everyone, and government schools provide education to all the children without any partiality.

- Policies like ‘ Free and compulsory education’ and ‘ Education to the girl child’ are made possible only in the government schools.

- Government schools also provide the basic sports facilities and physical education to the students.

- Private schools cannot compete in the essential educational requirements of the staffs that the government schools fulfil.

- Government institutes also provide good salary to their teaching and management faculties.


Private schools are definitely better than government schools as they would provide better infrastructure, better teacher to student ratio, have a clean & hygienic facility, provide better environment for students with options of personality development and extracurricular activities. Government schools may not be able to offer all these features but for those who cannot afford private schools, getting their children in government schools is better than no schooling at all.

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AmericanDawg2065 days ago

Public or private school, which is better?

There is a third alternative which is Home schooling .

When ranking such things Home Schooling is # 1
Followed by Private school at # 2 and a distant 3rd is Public Funded School.

Home Schooled children often WIN National Geography AND Spelling Bees competitions .
The only drawback to homeschooling is you have to ask your Mom to the Prom.

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SetupComputer2065 days ago

Yeah, I like @AmericanDawg & @Olpers suggestions about home schooling.

Although I would like to add one more, and that would be a Sunday Bible School hosted by local Christian Churches. They make good values formation a priority, not strictly skills formation.

And as to whether one should choose a public or a private school, I honestly think that, even the cost, a private school is a better choice.

I think most states allow curriculum autonomy of qualified private schools as these schools see fit. The state designs educational curriculums with its purposes in mind, and not necessarily the student. Education is the state's way of ensuring the production of the right proportion of labor force for each field of activity (medicine, law, engineering, management, etc.) that sustains the continued existence of the state and society.

When a particular school deviates from state curriculum (when they are qualified for autonomy), it creates the chance to actually draft the curriculum based on how to nurture a student's potential to the maximum while sidelining (although not totally disregarding) state policies on labor force production. This allows the student to realize what he wanted for himself, and not simply what the state wanted for him. Look out for schools advocating "liberty", "freedom" and those values allowing one to have the exercise of a free mind. Although these values may be abused. That's what the Sunday School is for.

The creation of autonomous curriculum by private schools is what gives it edge over state-run schools. You should have witnessed by now the advantages in private schools. With regards to the cost, there are ways, plenty of ways to survive the fees. Although if you can't really afford a private school, let your child attend a state-run school, but add to it home schooling and Sunday schooling to reinforce your child.


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webby2065 days ago

Short answer: private schools. They have to be good to be in business.

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jamriz2065 days ago

I prefer public schools.

Just choose a better public schools.

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truemuslimah7862064 days ago

private schools are better than private schools because teachers are more responsible in private schools as compared to public schools

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kimi2064 days ago


thanks, if the private school is really good, I will try to pay for the tuition.

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kimi2064 days ago


Home schooling, sounds interesting!

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drbenn2064 days ago

Impossible to generalize. Must evaluate each school individually on its own merits. Look at factors like standardized test scores, graduation rate, where do graduates go from there, teachers' backgrounds, ranking in sources like US News & World Report's Best Schools, etc.

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Olpers2063 days ago

Could You please Mark any answers you like as ANSWERED ,,, so this topic gets close?


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ZzMrXzZ2063 days ago

Just go to private school if you have enough money. Public school is the most bullshit thing I've ever entered.

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kimi2063 days ago


Home schooling is really interesting! Thanks!

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AmericanDawg2063 days ago

Thank You.

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