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Is 12 old enough to cook for himself? Reward $1
Created by hellen, 2066 days ago, 1728 views

My nephew is 12 years old, his parents are so busy that they have no time to cook for him now, and we wondered whether it is possible for a 12-year-old boy to cook for himself. thanks.
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restrictedarea2062 days ago

Why not. I learned when I was 8 !

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Olpers2066 days ago

Yes she can definitely cook herself.. follow this Link and see what she can cook ... start from teaching her how to boil eggs :)

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azzromyo2066 days ago

So I’m going to suggest a few ages for things, and I’d love comments on what you think. This is a rough guide; I may revise it later. But here is what I think is reasonable to expect from children (which means that you have to teach it to them at that age, of course):

Age 4: Put toys away in toy bins. Dust a coffee table. Clean the outside of the stove and the bottom of the fridge. Dust baseboards. Get dressed by yourself.

Age 5: Brush teeth by yourself (especially with an egg timer there). Start putting dishes in the dishwasher. Choose your own clothes. Clean walls/cupboards/doors with water and a cloth.

Age 6: Make your own bed. Sort socks. Sort your own laundry by whites and colours (empty your hamper into the laundry room).

Age 7: Dry dishes. Put your own laundry away after Mom folds it.

Age 8: Clean room by yourself. Tidy anywhere in the house. Clean a bathroom (including the toilet). Wash dishes while standing on a stool (not necessarily pots yet). Pack for yourself if you’re going away. Pack your lunch for school.

Age 9: Wash dishes. Fold laundry. Make cookies by yourself, and cake from a mix.

Age 10: Put a load of clothes in the washing machine. Mop a floor.

Age 11: Vacuum. Make three different meals (spaghetti, chicken pie, ham, for instance). Supervise younger siblings by yourself.

Age 12: Baby-sit. Sort out the organization of your own room, or a linen closet, or a front hall.

Age 13: Be pretty much self-reliant. Need Mom more for advice about any household task, but already know how to do them all. Start to become independent by using a clothing allowance.

Age 14: Start to buy your own toiletries, with allowance if parents prefer. You’re responsible for your shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Allowances can be given on monthly basis for this.

I think that’s it. What do you think? That’s what I’m aiming for, because I believe that what we want to do is raise children who will be capable of being independent at 18. That doesn’t mean we don’t help or give advice when needed, but we need to raise kids who are capable of looking after themselves. And they can’t learn everything starting at 16!

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SetupComputer2066 days ago


Well, if you're talking about cooking as it is, then probably your 12-year old nephew will manage.

However, I have some doubts as about his awareness of safety rules in the kitchen. For example, you should not spray aerosols near a fire or heat source. Other examples are the use of a microwave oven. You should not heat pure water in a clean and smooth canister (such as ceramic) in a microwave. Also, the importance of a range hood. Food fumes and smoke, if not vented out by a range hood, could cause suffocation, or at least a smelly house. Water spills on the floor can also cause accidents. Or, not leaving a stove on fire unattended.

You know, I cook for my own, and I am aware of the hazards of the kitchen. Unless you are sure that your nephew already is acquainted with the safety practices inside the kitchen, don't ever leave that child alone. Consequences of inadequate safety knowledge may range from burnt food, burnt house, to lost lives.

Be careful. :)

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nino20182066 days ago

12 young age can't Cook himself
And knew not everybody
It is recommended that you do not do

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AmericanDawg2066 days ago

The 3rd Poster - ' SetUp Computer has given the best answer .

Out of # 4 answers :
1 thinks your Nephew is a female .
1 just did a copy and past job from some article random article .
...and 1 is randomly hitting keys .

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azzromyo2066 days ago

i think your brother let his daughter to teach here some self-reliance but i think it's a big mistake It can't be a girl or boy in this age to cook for themselves without committing serious incident like fire when he cook something in this age we only let him or her clean her room clean bathroom .....some small activities and not dangerous like contact with gaz and electricity

i think that and this is my opinion

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ZzMrXzZ2065 days ago

Well, I am a boy, and my mom taught me how to cook when I was still 9.

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jamriz2065 days ago

BIG YES. Just teach him how to be more careful in gas, make sure that he is comfortable in cooking equipment for safety purposes and clean his area to avoid accident.

You see it is not advisable due to safety hazard but with right discipline, he can do it.

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henrychua2065 days ago

He can cook for him self BUT you must teach him the right way to cook ( if you accept this post please keep your 1$ I do not want your money Ty )

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webby2065 days ago

Short answer: YES .

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kimi2063 days ago

Of course yes, but you must teach him how to be safe when cooking.

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Olpers2063 days ago


@AmericanDawg3 i really like your answer xD

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Silveringot2059 days ago

Yes I would say so. If he can follow recipes and stay clean during cooking (Which means wash hands after touching something raw.) Then let him cook keep a fire extinguisher near by though, I saw a news story where a gas stove caught fire and a girl threw water at it.... and made the fire bigger. Just use a fire extinguisher if its any kind of stove fire (Gas, Electric, Flattop)

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