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What do you usually do online? Reward $1
Created by AlexBMW, 511 days ago, 905 views

Do you use the Internet only for work? What do you usually look for online?
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HenryW511 days ago

I use the Internet not only for work, but also to communicate with my family and friends. Also I like playing games. Sometimes I have questions, so I look for the answers. And I prefer ordering necessary things online as it helps me to save time and money. In most cases I buy medications (here I can recommend Canadian Pharmacy and pet food.

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chakramed509 days ago

studies , home work , reading newspapers, playing games


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marinad777508 days ago

Of course not, now the Internet is used not only for work. A woman once came to the hospital a couple of years ago with complaints of the stomach, as it turned out that it was at the second breakfast for six months that she was taking a dietary supplement. This disrupted all body functions. There she was diagnosed, with the exact diagnosis, she turned to us gammalon We only deal with high-quality drugs in the global market. The main thing is not to repeat her mistake.

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MayRich497 days ago

I manage my business, use different social media, and play online games. Also, I read articles useful for startups and businesses. One of my favourite resources is this . This listing of the best startup tools is a must for entrepreneurs.

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OliverOld497 days ago

I am a student and therefore often write academic papers using the Internet. I usually visit educational websites to find educational information or e-books. By the way, I recently found a site with professional writing services and it looks like this will solve most of my problems with learning.

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michaelruss495 days ago

I usually write content with the expert essay writing services . They can show how to create the impressive texts that will be good for any websites.

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jeetkml479 days ago

Internet is world of information, we can get what information we need. Like as, I'm in city, I have to find specific location, I used internet for maps, My destination is long way, So I used internet for listen music. After reaching destination, I want to eat something, so I used my internet for order find and order something online from nearest store. Etc...

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Wobr_Bobr464 days ago

Online? I guess I spend the most time online on Youtube and different online games. But basically, I like spending time offline. Spring is here and soon we'll see summer. My favourite pastime will be relaxing in my hot tub. But I should not forget to buy a cover for it. Thankfully, I found this site with a big choice.

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69Wow463 days ago

Of course, I don't use internet only for work. The Internet provides us with a great opportunity - access to the knowledge of the world. So, most people don't use it. They prefer to watch TikTok and buy views on for this app. So, this is okay but people could be more rational.

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AlexBMW446 days ago

Great answers. Thanks for sharing, guys. I also don't use the Internet only for work. I check my social media sites accounts, read Weed News, play games, communicate with my friends and relatives who live far away from me. And of course, I watch movies and funny videos.

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