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Scope of BBA Degree in Finance or International Business Field Reward $1
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BBA course focuses majorly in area of business and commerce. It includes various business related subjects with concentration in a particular subject such as finance, accounting, international business, operations management, marketing, economics etc.There are various Government and private colleges offering BBA courses. For BBA admissions eligibility criteria is explained below:
·        Student must 12th pass with 50% marks
·        Entrance exam for getting admission are CAT, MAT, XAT etc.
·        Course fee is 2 to 5 lakhs average
·          Average starting salary  is 3-4 lakhs per year      
Here we are more concerned to know about BBA finance and BBA international business, the career opportunities related to these courses, that is discussed below one by one.
BBA finance is a three year undergraduate program focusing in finance subjects. There are total 6 semesters in whole program and each year is divided into two semesters of six month each.         
BBA finance students learn in detail about investment and insurance that helps them in future to apply that knowledge practically. After completing BBA finance students can do MBA in finance for better job opportunity. There are a lot of job opportunities for BBA finance students in both private and government sectors.Business finance students have career opportunities in private banking and insurance sectors. BBA in international business teaches students about the concepts related to international business. They learn about the management of international firms. BBA international business students learn to sell and buy product in global market, students must learn foreign languages and learn about the cultural diversity in international companies.
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