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Created by jah98moz, 675 days ago, 752 views

I really like web development and want to be a good developer but I don't know how to get into it.
what is the difference between back end and front end and full stack developer??¿
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programmer676 days ago

I am a Web Developer. it's not easy and you have to practice every day
go on twitter an follow 100dayofcode as first
then you go for front end
Front End:
Markup and web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ancillary libraries commonly used in those languages such as Sass or JQuery
Asynchronous request handling and AJAX
Single-page applications (with frameworks like React, AngularJS or Vue.js)
Web performance (first meaningful paint, time to interactive, 60 FPS animations and interactions, memory usage, etc)
Responsive web design
Cross-browser compatibility issues and workarounds
End-to-end testing with a headless browser
Build automation to transform and bundle JavaScript files, reduce images size... with tools like Webpack or Gulp.js
Search engine optimization
Accessibility concerns
Basic usage of image editing tools such as GIMP or Photoshop
Visual Interface
zTo Learning go to W3school website
Back End:
Scripting languages like Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Perl or Compiled languages like C#, Java or Go
Automated testing frameworks for the language being used
Application Data Access
Application Business Logic
Database administration
High availability
Security concerns, authentication and authorization
Software Architecture
Data transformation
Backup methods and software
To Learn go to W3schoo and toturiaspoint website

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chakramed675 days ago

try watxh this 15 min vedio you will understand


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ChessKing675 days ago

Front End developer

When you see a website full of life with an attractive interface, you wonder who this wizard who worked with him so professionally. It is at this moment that you think of the front end developer, even without knowing it. Any visual display you work with is produced by the developer's sweat, blood, and tears. A GUI or "Graphical user interface" is a visual front end that displays a screen that allows clients to interact with the software. Any of today's devices with the adjective "smart" will have an interface that runs applications, provides access to websites, and it's all created by the front end developer.

UI designer or "User interface" designer creates a space in which the interaction between man and machine takes place. In terms of skill, this process requires a programmer to combine programming and design skills, and often this person does not have to be a programmer at all.

The UX designer refers to the "User Experience" designer, which describes the path that the user uses and its overall effectiveness. Front end developers should also think about the General usability, utility and experience that the user has when interacting with the software and this particular segment requires by far the most "flexible programmer skills". However, this work can also be done by non-programmers.

Responsive design is a very difficult job. It refers to the process of adapting the interface design to any screen, from widescreen desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Traditionally, the front end developer is a person who is comfortable to work with both design and coding. In other words, someone who is comfortable working with simple design tools and is able to write the structure of a website in HTML and style it with CSS code. At this point, the biggest problem for front end developers is that a website built using only HTML and CSS will be completely static. If you think of stickman on a blank page as a website. HTML will be enough to draw its shape and CSS will be used to style it (thicken, paint it, add clothes, etc.). But to make stickman move and react, front end developer as a consequence will need something else.

As the complexity and improving the web applications, the demand for complete programming language Turing in the interface is increasing with great speed, so for animation programmers - stickman use Java Script which is the programming language on the browser side.

Back End developer

In the past, the back end consisted of a physical computer and software designed to run queries through it. Today, the process has become much more complex: cloud servers are more common, time-consuming databases and microservice applications, but in principle the back end is still the process of combining the server, application and database to solve the problem.

The whole process is firmly anchored in logic, a network of processes and queries that are resolved in seconds to give you, as a user, a certain desired result. Select a flight from new York to Hong Kong and you are in the front end zone, press the search key and you are moved to the back end to properly return you the best, shortest, cheapest flight in no time. Once the results are displayed to you, you will be back in the front end. If the search query gave you a timely and useful result and you have no idea what made it happen, thanks to the developer for completing the search, as well as countless other things that make your life easier.

Have a back-end developer can be a variety of duties. From database creation and integration to security, as well as backup and recovery technologies, back-end developers create the brain of the app.

Back end developers use a variety of technologies to encode the basic computational logic of information systems, specific software or websites. They can include Java, C#, Python, and database languages such as SQL and many others. Back end differ from front end developers in that the work of the back end developer is completely devoid of any visual design and is based on the logic and architecture of the software, the purpose of which is to provide a certain result. Sometimes there are problems with combining back end and front end, which leads us to a person who can handle both parts.

Developer Full Stack.

The full stack developer is someone who works well with both the backend and the front end. "To be more specific, this means that the developer can work with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and everything in between, also taking into account the conversion of Photoshop projects into front-end code," SitePoint says.

Full stack developers need a General knowledge of the technologies from each part of the development process. This, of course, means that they will not be an expert in any particular field, but rather can offer a better overview of the application possibilities and the possibility of bridging the gap between how the system functions and how it looks and feels to the user. This may not be a requirement for work, but a full stack developer usually also understands business logic, design limits, and user interface. In the early stages of business development, there may be a great need for full stack developers, as their versatility can be useful in product development, but as the company Matures, developers need more and more specific skills.

A Full stack developer can also be a great technician. It has a broad understanding of technology and can anticipate what future recruitment efforts should be or what technologies should be implemented in the future.

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emilyquirq671 days ago

Hi, back end is much more difficult that front end. If you are more articstic person, then front end will be best for you. Also you may start to learn basics of HTML and CSS. I recommend codeacademy as a practice base. Do not forget to read this book first of all:

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detelina660 days ago

High-quality web design is important for digging. Profit and income level depends on it. After all, competition in the market is big

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Saimon12324659 days ago

very interesting post!

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klavushkin657 days ago


You have a huge plus. This is your desire and basic knowledge. Next you should develop. In single swimming it will be very hard to work on the web development market. The reason is competition and reputation. I can tell you Light Academy
With Light Academy specialists you can get the knowledge you lack and gain good experience.

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abrahaam651 days ago

I tried to do it once, but I couldn't do it, so for my blog - , I hired people who did it all pretty quickly, if I liked the blog, I'll tell people.

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Mosinmotte2632 days ago

If you want a good web developer then click here..

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lizmcconel618 days ago

It's easy. Front-end is the things what people can see. For example, there is a design (picture), you need to set it on site with the help on code. Back end is what people can't see. It's all what is going on servers, files and so on. You need just read about it more and start. Here is some info for inspiration

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Tyler21616 days ago

Web developers are located all over the world. And how could it be better to find him on a journey. At I found a great list of hotels that will help you make a choice.

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Faridoshka530 days ago

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Faridoshka530 days ago

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mobitsolutions139 days ago

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