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Install windows on SSD Reward $2
Created by TheFreak, 878 days ago, 646 views

I just bought a Dell laptop with SSD driver and FREE OS i want to install Windows On it but i dont want to lose data on my old laptop . any helps ??
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ChessKing878 days ago

If you need to reinstall Windows and save your data, photos, etc., all this should be copied to a safe place, which is another partition of your logical drive. Two options — you are now running the system, or the computer does not start. Consider both. Option to install two Windows in one section I do not consider — inexperienced users then confusion and piling up files.

Option 1:

The computer is running

Look at what drive Windows is installed (usually C:\), that is, look where there are folders "Windows", "Program Files". Let's say on C:\.
On another disk, such as D:\, create a folder rezerv. And it rabstol folders, bookmarks, program. (If you have one disk in the system, you can save everything to a flash drive, or you can split the hard drive into disks.)
From the desktop copy all your files to D:\rezerv\робстол ahhh!
If need to the copy their bookmarks with Internet Explorer. Turn on the display of hidden files and folders. From folder C:\Users\admin\Избранное all copy in D:\rezerv\закладки (this is for Windows 7). For Windows XP off folder C:\Documents and Settings\admin\favorites. Where admin is the name of your record, you may have a different one. To save bookmarks from Mozilla you need to use the program Mozilla BackUp or go to the menu-bookmarks-import and reservation-reservation and specify where to write the file.
And now with the programs. Here everyone has their own, some can be copied, others not. For example for 1C it is necessary to copy only base: at start the window where the base is selected jumps out, and from below the path where it is located is specified. Now, if it is on the CD with windose(on C:), then it should be copy to disk D:/. Many programs have a menu item to create backups, and this should be used. Just note that Word and Excel do not need to reserve.
Save all your documents from My documents folders, they are here C:\Users\admin\Мои documents for Vin7 and C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My documents Wines of XP onto drive D:\rezerv\.
Insert the Windows installation disc and follow the installation wizard to install a new Windows. Only put it on the same disk where it was(we have on disk C), when prompted to format the partition select fast formatting in NTFS. The process takes 25 to 50 minutes, just read the installation wizard questions carefully.
After installation, we install the necessary drivers (they are on the disk that was included with the computer), if they are not recommended to use the program of automatic driver installation.
Install the programs you need from our backup folders D:\rezerv\ ... copy [rekl1] back our saved data to the appropriate folders. All Windows re-installed without losing data.
Option 2:

The system is not working

A simple stupid way: pull the hard drive from the computer and insert it into another working one. Save all data as described above, insert the screw back and install Windows. If this does not suit, then

it is necessary to boot from a special disk that allows you to work with files on your computer when Windows is not working. I suggest you download the Live CD from Dr. Web's website. It weighs just 180 MB, and burn it to a CD-R. also there is the option with the flash drive, but this drive is in the economy right. Having loaded from it you receive a working computer with Linux — you can go to the Internet and work with files. To do this, run Midnight Commander and ... nothing is clear, but where are our files??? And they are in the directory win-there Linux shoved all the good vindovs Copy all the files as in the first version-Rob table, documents, etc. Only Mozilla bookmarks can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5w3u4xzh.default\bookmarkbackups and copy them if necessary. And then install Windows, install drivers, programs, copy back your data.[rekl2]

This is how we reinstalled Windows without losing data. If you have a problem when you start "Your copy of Windows is not genuine" here is a solution and a working activator.

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chakramed525 days ago


all you need is enter thid website and go directly to this section " How to replace a laptop HDD with an SSD without reinstalling Windows? "


they explained every step with images .


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