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totan1 Which country make Phone 5

Can you tell me which country make iphons?

asked by totan1 last answered by AceCed
FrankTitan Salut pas beaucoup de Français ici ! ? Reward $1

Salut il n'y a pas beaucoup de Français ici ?

asked by FrankTitan last answered by Taj
Jamez How to fix Android behaving strangley? Reward $1

Right so... my android has been experiencing extreme lag lately and yes I checked it has lots of spare ram left... So what happens is an app will go to a black screen and I'll need to force reboot my phone and my keyboard often gets broken often resulting in me having to reboot again! to fix the problem. Phone: Linage OS 14.1 02/11/17 Build HTC One M8 I have the basic knowledge of installing ROMs, rooting Android etc.

asked by Jamez last answered by Champman
ChessKing Перенос приложения на карту памяти в андроиде answered Reward $2

Почему при переносе приложения на карту памяти перенесенные приложения весят больше?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
ChessKing Голосовые читалки Reward $4

Какие голосовые движки и программы качественно читают книги?Возможно ли записать такие звуковые файлы?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Не показывает видео в Habit браузере. Reward $2

Флеш плеер установлен.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
Ujjwal619 Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? Reward $2 10

Hi,I had bought Lava Pixel A1 some days ago .....all things were fine when I realised it takes a lot of time to download and install any apps from playstore....but it didn't use to take that time from my old is neither the issue of slow internet connection nor I am trying to download apps that are not available in my region.It seems that download starts at every 3 seconds....and I have to wait for too long.I don't have slow speed issue on using youtube or any apps.Anybody have solu... [MORE]

asked by Ujjwal619 last answered by FixitJorge
ChessKing Импорт закладок в Habit браузер Reward $2

Как в этот браузер на андроиде импортировать экспресс панель и закладки из Boat браузера?

asked by ChessKing last answered by chakramed
ChessKing Батарея телефона при морозе. answered Reward $2

Как ведет себя батарея телефона на морозе?Увеличится ли саморазряд?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
ChessKing Онлайн трансляции на телефоне answered Reward $5

Кто проводил онлайн трансляции фейсбук или другие социальные сети какой браузер лучше подходит?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
ChessKing Видеоредактор слайдшоу на андроид answered Reward $2

Посоветуйте легкий видеоредактор с целью слайдшоу картинок с выбором времени задержки кадра,эффекта анимации,вставки текста в каждое фото и выбора музыки.

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
ChessKing Гаснет ли экран андроида при подключении hdmi? answered Reward $2

На старом планшете андроид 2.2 и там при подключении его через hdmi экран гаснет хотя изображение и звук выводится на тв нормально.При этом можно управлять планшетом но на погасшем экране это очень неудобно.Какая ситуация будет на андроиде 4 и андроиде 5?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
joseantonio How do we upgrade iphone 5 Reward $2

How do we upgrade iphone 5

asked by joseantonio last answered by lonelyheart
ChessKing Принтер для телефона через bluetooth Reward $2

Есть ли такие принтеры чтоб распечатывать фото на телефоне через блютуз?

asked by ChessKing last answered by ha14
eXcaLite To find files from anywhere answered Reward $2

To file root zenfone 3 Laser find anywhere else.

asked by eXcaLite last answered by NguyenLam
lavaifixa07 Pessoal to perdido aki 5

Não sei nada sobre isso

asked by lavaifixa07 last answered by cyntax77
Danyil Where I can buy games for Ps Vita? answered Reward $2

Please help!

asked by Danyil last answered by zaursuley
Danyil Where I can buy PS 3 which cost a little? answered Reward $2

Please help!

asked by Danyil last answered by Nikoladzonilud
omarwa Iphone jealbraik Reward $2

Any jealbraik for ios 10

asked by omarwa last answered by nihal29
Danyil Where I can buy PS Vita Which cost near 120$? answered Reward $2

Please help me

asked by Danyil last answered by Logicz1hunid
JamezDoesGamez Increase RAM On your Mobile Device answered Reward $2

How can you decrease RAM usage or increase RAM on your mobile device?

asked by JamezDoesGamez last answered by nazarencko13003
ChessKing Браузер для андроид с автопереводом answered 5

Какой есть нетяжелый браузер для андроид чтоб переводил текст на этом сайте?

asked by ChessKing
timeis What are the new features of ios10? answered Reward $2

What are the new features of ios10?

asked by timeis last answered by DanielLee5
kv3nz How do I take photos with blurry background using mobile phones? answered Reward $1

How can I take photos like DSLR background blur using mobile phones?

asked by kv3nz last answered by Aravi
yoursong Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. Reward $2

What is your favorite color? SONY NW-A30

asked by yoursong last answered by issous
ChessKing Подделка аккумуляторной батареи. answered Reward $2

Недавно получил с интернет магазина батарею для мобильного.Сначало вроде работала,правда не очень долго.Потом с каждой неделью работала все меньше.В итоге проработала 2 месяца.Как выбрать правильно батарею чтоб служила годами?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Стилус для телефона на андроиде. answered Reward $2

Как выбрать хороший чувствительный,удобный стилус для телефона и планшета на андроиде?Кто пользовался-ваши ощущения.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
Aravi WP10 and its strange pin lock window? answered Reward $2

I have WP10. It is very strange? My mobile is pin protected. When I keep the pin lock window open for few mins without entering a pin. It auto generate a alphanumerical pin and ask to enter the same. Any one know the reason? How to disable this option? Regards,

asked by Aravi last answered by brendaniel
reuben Reset my security code Reward $2

How can i reset my security code for nokia 105 is i have forgotten

asked by reuben last answered by javedhumza
finefin Will you buy Samsung phone in the future? Reward $2

asked by finefin last answered by Layya
NOWSHAD Jailbreaking ios Reward $2

How to jailbreak my iOS device 10.0.2 ?

asked by NOWSHAD last answered by maxso48
MaryBoo service in and out Reward $2

I have a Blu Neo XL it go in and out service. What can I do I am with T-Mobile please help

asked by MaryBoo last answered by cutishael
nanna What is the best aux cable for speakers? answered Reward $2

What is the best aux cable for speakers? Does the cable affect sound quality?

asked by nanna last answered by nihal29
omarwa79 Problemme Icloud help Reward $2

Can I use my Iphone 6 plus how is look Icloud

asked by omarwa79 last answered by vinvanhorn
VanT Htc One M9 display brightness Reward $2

My Brightness is for about 15% bright, and i can'get it more up, sometimes it just flip's on again so i can see the way it normally were, can you help me find a solution? Thanks allready, JJ

asked by VanT last answered by cutishael
dxsy1678 三星手機為什麼三星手機要內建一大堆間諜軟體 Reward $2 5


asked by dxsy1678 last answered by yogisugandi25
MillieMNT Torch Browser not working 5

Torch browser isnot working

asked by MillieMNT last answered by yanka457
aliasadullah Galaxy s5 Display Reward $2 5

Samsung Galaxy S5 display is not working properly some say its display ic problem and some says its display panel problem plz suggest me what i do?

asked by aliasadullah last answered by ha14
realtrain Why did Apple remove headphone jack? answered Reward $2

And the iPhone 7 is not thinner than before.

asked by realtrain last answered by imspecialwinner
Aravi How to format windows mobile on our own? answered Reward $2

Device: Microsoft Lumia 535

asked by Aravi last answered by khaledmus
khaledmus Link2sd issue.... answered Reward $3 5

Hi, my problem is that all my apps not showing in my phone desktop as before,so what to do to solve it and each time i open link2sd a message show telling me to (determine the Second Section file system of your SD card between ex2,ex3,ex4,fta.....etc and when i select one of them i got this message ( mount: invailed argument ),so is their anyway to recover or restore my link2sd and the applications which stored inside of it as before, because i am afraid if i reset my phone to factory default i... [MORE]

asked by khaledmus last answered by brendaniel
mik1488 Locked out of a phone purchased off the internet Reward $5

I bought a kyocera hydro air att go phone. On our great infamous world wide web, used an it was passworded. Can somebody, anybody please lend me some expertise adviso. thanks

asked by mik1488 last answered by MrDeng
timeis Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack? Reward $2

Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack?

asked by timeis last answered by omarwa79
khaledmus Changin operating system answered Reward $2 5

Is their any way to changin an old operating sysstm in samsung cell phon to anew operating version without updatining it from net,and can b success or not?

asked by khaledmus last answered by mohamad1122
mik1488 Software for v s3 answered Reward $2

How do I use odin on samsung s3 to get custom rom

asked by mik1488 last answered by Aravi
rangnguyen Galaxy S5_Transfer files between S5 and PC Windows 10 answered Reward $2

I have Samsung Galaxy S5, USB Cord supplied by Samsung and PC Windows 10. Once I could see content of S5. After a recent system update of Samsung, I find out that I cannot see the content of S5 anymore. My Computer of PC sees S5 but not the content inside S5. Using another way, I download Smart Switch, a Samsung software helping to transfer Files between PC and S5. This software tries to connect 5, but says that I have to unlock S5. I think the word 'Unlock' here is a kind of unlocking devi... [MORE]

asked by rangnguyen last answered by huiyior
sanjay431 Network problem in lumia 520 answered Reward $4

Helo friends i have a nokia lumia 520 . its display sow me message (sim is missing or invalid ) network not coming . & then i trying to manuly setting it have no manuly option only automatic but signal not found . can u help please .i have changed sim but no respond.

asked by sanjay431 last answered by pustoi11
ross How often do you buy a new cell phone? Reward $2

How often do you buy a new cell phone?

asked by ross last answered by satareid
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