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ritusingh Scope of BBA Degree in Finance or International Business Field Reward $1

BBA course focuses majorly in area of business and commerce. It includes various business related subjects with concentration in a particular subject such as finance, accounting, international business, operations management, marketing, economics etc.There are various Government and private colleges offering BBA courses. For BBA admissions eligibility criteria is explained below: ·        Student must 12th pass with 50% marks ·        Entrance exam for getting admission are CAT,... [MORE]

asked by ritusingh
ritu What are the career opportunities after doing MSc in IT Reward $1

Masters of Science in Information Technology is one of the prominent programs in the industry of Information Technology. It has been designed for the aspirant who has pursued a Bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce, management, and Science and is looking forward to making a professional career in the world of Information Technology. The aim of this program is to produce Software developers so that they can meet the ever-changing requirements of the global IT industry. The scope of M.Sc. in IT i... [MORE]

asked by ritu
ritusingh What is bca and scope of bca courses Reward $1

If you are an undergraduate aspirant and searching for the course that can pave a solid foundation for your career, you can go for BCA admission. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application, it is a three year undergraduate degree course which has numerous advantage career prospective. BCA paves the way into the field of software development and computer applications and provides entry level job in the IT or ITES field once one has successfully completed the course. Eligibility criteria for... [MORE]

asked by ritusingh
alantwo Music and entertainment 5

What are the names of the twins in the junior mafia's music video called players anthem called?

asked by alantwo
selcinor Anybody know anything about this place 5

Anybody know anything about this place, found it researching mysterious sites on google? There was no information regarding it, only the image

asked by selcinor last answered by Aravi
omarwa Time travel in reel answered Reward $4

Ther are any articles about time travel

asked by omarwa last answered by my_asylum
adnane Optimisation du réseau de collecte des puits de pétrole answered Reward $5

Comment va faire une optimisation d'un réseau de collecte des puits de pétrole pour éviter les bouchons de gaz dans cette réseau

asked by adnane last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Почему сигналы безопасности красного цвета? Reward $2

Почему сигналы безопасности красного цвета,если красный цвет граничит с невидимым инфракрасным излучением?И человек лучше видит желтый цвет.

asked by ChessKing last answered by CarltonHerman
layls1071 Which better dell or Hp And why? answered Reward $2

Dell or Hp laptops.

asked by layls1071 last answered by charlesjohney3
ChessKing Германивые транзисторы answered Reward $2

Чем принципиально германивые транзисторы и усилители на них отличаються от кремнивых?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
Aravi Website transaction time handling technics. answered Reward $2

Hi friends, I want some reference articles and more technics to handle website transaction time handling. Framework used is yii2 Is gzip the best compression technic or any other technic available. Regards,

asked by Aravi last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Почему наши глаза не видят своих ресниц? answered Reward $2

Почему мы почти не видим ресниц.Видны лишь какие то небольшие "тени" от них.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
timetravler Counting the days. answered 5

Why did us humans start counting at year 1 and not way back before,say 5000 or more years back in time.. This day my be the year Nov.23, 222,222,202,016 or even a larger number. Did we start all over? And why? Would'it mess there records all up? And why did we start the date on Jan. 01,0001?

asked by timetravler last answered by Aravi
my_asylum At what point do you realize your self awear and a conscience being? Reward $2

How does a person know they're them self or a self awear individual?

asked by my_asylum
ChessKing Изобретут ли Солнце на Земле? Reward $4

Как насчет успеха ученых в изобретений второго Солнца на Земле?

asked by ChessKing
ChessKing Какой онлайн-телескоп посоветуете? Reward $2

Слышал о таких онлайн-телескопах что видят звездное небо на компьютере?Какой лучше?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Flashwind
Yuri It is true that the Gulf Stream stopped? answered Reward $2

It is true that the Gulf Stream stopped? And whether it is dangerous?

asked by Yuri last answered by adman006
timetravler Keeping account of days and years Reward $5

Okay.if i minute before midnight of year 1 is -11:59,-1. why did they start whith negitive numbers? for example in Egypt when they where building the pyramids did they call there dates,fore example -3055,march 31,1:00 PM?

asked by timetravler last answered by Aravi
timetravler Counting the days 5

Why would the Egyptian Empire start a date with a negitive number,exp., -3000.

asked by timetravler last answered by Majjyman
timetravler What was the date 1 minute before 12:00 AM ,year one? Reward $2

What was the date 1 minute before 12:00AM ,year 1?

asked by timetravler last answered by nuklin
Nur_iffah What essay topic related to Drug Abuse? And What argumentative essay questions on Drug Abuse? answered Reward $3

Please help me find the right topic and argumentative questions that related to Drug Abuse..i need it guys also can give me the website ..i really appreciate that..

asked by Nur_iffah last answered by Nur_iffah
ChessKing Конец света на Земле answered Reward $2

Известный английский физик Хоккинс назвал конец эры человечества в этом тысячелетии.Циолковский еще раньше говорил что человечество рано или поздно покинет свою колыбель и заселиться в космос.Что вы думаете по этому поводу?

asked by ChessKing
ChessKing Тройка выдающихся ученых answered Reward $2

Я преподаватель колледжа Киева.Студенты меня спрашивают разные вопросы.Вот один из них.Назовите первую тройку выдающихся ученых не получивших Нобелевскую премию.

asked by ChessKing last answered by Danyil
capybara Roswell Incident Reward $1

I'm quite curios to know if you think the Roswell Incident was an actual event regarding ET's in NV or heavy speculation based on evidence, or just a complete work of fiction.

asked by capybara last answered by my_asylum
ChessKing Можно ли бежать быстрее своей тени. answered 5

Можно ли бежать быстрее своей тени?

asked by ChessKing last answered by mildina54
aldrse Variance bounds tests of market efficiency Reward $2

Variance bounds tests of market efficiency

asked by aldrse last answered by brendaniel
martinez0975 Beers and the affect on our environment Reward $2

What will happen if all the bees in the world die?

asked by martinez0975 last answered by adnane
cutishael What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? 5

I have heard alots of rumors about it. Dont know what the truth is about..

asked by cutishael last answered by SISTER_J0J0
dmitermol Что есть судьба? Reward $2 5

Как обмануть судьбу?

asked by dmitermol last answered by ChessKing
mikhail092 что после смерти Reward $1 5

что после смерти

asked by mikhail092 last answered by yoursong
Aravi Why people like hacking? answered Reward $2

It is very strange to know that "people who are not even from science background showing great interest to learn hacking". It is very strange. If you have grace to be a hacker then may I know why?

asked by Aravi last answered by gegefit
Ojo_Meshack How to become serious with studies answered Reward $2

How can i become more serious with studies?

asked by Ojo_Meshack last answered by Ojo_Meshack
ZubZro Who is this in picture Reward $2

First to answer correctly with more detail win

asked by ZubZro last answered by musemCcain
Nithin What are the main problems faced the society Reward $2 5

How to solve, what are the apparatus, what are the needs.

asked by Nithin last answered by Oleg19999972
Aravi What is the harm in Chinese crackers? answered Reward $2

I came to know that china make cheep crackers by using potassium compound. But usage of potassium in crackers are ban in many countries. They use to manufacture crackers win nitrate component. What is the harm of potassium in cracker? Why other countries manufacture cracker with 6 times costly nitrate component. Dose potassium affect children and adults?

asked by Aravi last answered by nandi
1633 How to read faster? answered 5

Do you have any skills to share?

asked by 1633 last answered by zrodfects
Sebo Why college education doesn't teach how to make money but work for corporates? 5

No matter what college you go, but they all teach, this and that to become good at it and end up working for the corporates. Is there any college out there to teach you how to become successful and build your own business rather than go and work for corporates?

asked by Sebo last answered by CarltonHerman
kidcrowd How to teach good character to your children? Reward $5

How to teach good character to your children?

asked by kidcrowd last answered by tlredd54
capybara Philosophy and Faith Reward $2

Can God make a boulder so big that even He can't lift it?

asked by capybara last answered by Meow
HatsuneMiku Understanding prevent answered Reward $2 100

Heya everyone in my college I'm taking level 3 IT and creative media, because I live in the UK I get college free but I have to complete Learning Curve, let me stress this is not like an assessment most of these my tutor tells us the answers coz he doesn't see a point in us doing them they aren't even related to my course, but this one I'm really stuck on and my tutor can't do it either please help

asked by HatsuneMiku
EvgenyCh ВОПРОСЫ О ЖИЗНИ answered Reward $2

Мы ищем полезную информацию с готовыми рецептами. А насколько часто мы задаем вопросы самому себе? Порой, правильно заданный вопрос становится одновременно и ответом. И он не будет правильным или неправильным, он просто освободит ум, чтобы увидеть жизнь — как она есть. Ис... [MORE]

asked by EvgenyCh last answered by pustoi11
kidcrowd The proper use of "kindly" answered Reward $2 10

I'm very confused. Can anybody explain? Thanks.

asked by kidcrowd last answered by ralphfurgason
MaRin4ik Почему, ударившись головой, мы видим искры? Reward $2 5

Почему, ударившись головой, мы видим искры?

asked by MaRin4ik last answered by Meow
MaRin4ik Можно ли объяснить эффект дежавю? Reward $2

Можно ли объяснить эффект дежавю?

asked by MaRin4ik last answered by Meow
akshi Examples for hipogynoecium 5

Examples for hipogynoecium

asked by akshi last answered by akshi
viexx Qu'elle-est son nom.... Reward $2

Combien sommes nous a avoir remarqué cette étoile si brillante près des étoiles en forme de chaudron....Me souviens plus si petite ou grande OURSE...HI""HI""HI"""...J'aimerais vraiment en savoir plus sur elle EX:son nom,d'ou elle viens,ou elle va...Qui elle est..quoi hihihi...Aussi minime soit ton aide,sera aussi GRANDEMENT a pprécié de mon coté......Y aura t-il quelqu'un qui pourra m aider dans mes recherches sur cette MYSTERIEUSE...PS:Je suis nouvelle avec toute ses news applications...... [MORE]

asked by viexx last answered by Aravi
Anjum Formula of citric acid.. answered Reward $2

What is the formula of citric acid?

asked by Anjum last answered by kimbunn
jagadish321 How to avoid spelling mistakes Reward $2

How to avoid spelling mistakes , in computer I can avoid spell mistake by using software but in examinations I am feeling more problem, really I am very poor in spelling please guide me any one

asked by jagadish321 last answered by nuklin
marvel211 How do we know is it new SETI signal from HD 164595 real? Reward $2

SETI researchers are buzzing about a strong spike in radio signals that seemed to come from the direction of a sunlike star in the constellation Hercules, known as HD 164595. The signal conceivably fits the profile for an intentional transmission from an extraterrestrial source – but it could also be a case of earthly radio interference, or a microlensing event in which the star’s gravitational field focused stray signals coming from much farther away. In any case, the blip is interesting ... [MORE]

asked by marvel211 last answered by charlesakinney
Diman нет развиии науки Reward $2

Когда будет развиваться у нас наука ?

asked by Diman last answered by Hailed
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