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Pravy Is there a light at the end of the road? 5

Just curious to know your views

asked by Pravy last answered by rembanad
selcinor What step to take when taking essay examination answered Reward $2

I mean the strategies for writing essay exam

asked by selcinor last answered by nuklin
rh150916 Please help me find the names of these characters. answered Reward $1

I found it in an old notebook about more than 10 years ago.

asked by rh150916 last answered by Aravi
Aleks111 Где найти эзотерические знания? answered 5

Какие лучшие книги по эзотерике можно приобрести, для обучения?

asked by Aleks111 last answered by Aravi
Danyil Where I can buy Magic Stick of Harry Potter? answered Reward $2

Please help

asked by Danyil
selcinor What is the different between judgment and judgement, which one is universally correct. answered Reward $2

I can see many people uses the two words interchangeably but I think one is better in use.

asked by selcinor last answered by capybara
Wise_EPL A Religious & Fiction Christmas Poem 5

I'm looking for a poem that states "God proved how much he loved us when he sent us Jesus, then Jesus Proved how much he loved us when he died on the cross, so that night when Jesus died on the cross, all the love came together in an explosion of power." If anyone or everyone can please find it, it would be greatly appreciated.

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by nuklin
BrohmMateo Is there a version of The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare in which the character Dorcas is also a narrator? answered Reward $1

As a kid, I remember doing a Shakespeare play for my school, and I played as a character named Dorcas who was a narrator and part of some other scenes. When I looked at the original script, however, Dorcas was not a narrator and the character had a small role. I'm thinking that my school used a different version of the play that was simplified for children.

asked by BrohmMateo last answered by Aravi
alienflyer How do you say wash, and why? answered Reward $2 15

I mean really . .rash,cash,dash,mash and warsh . . .right? Were we skooled in school? I shall edit my dictionary to wa(r)sh . . . ;)

asked by alienflyer last answered by mah
5thPersonToTalk "Manga and Anime" answered 5

Does anyone know any good manga or anime series I would enjoy, oh and by the way I don't have a favorite genre so I just watch and read and if I enjoy, I enjoy :)

asked by 5thPersonToTalk last answered by zrodfects
omarktm è accertato ke sopra la panca la capra campa..... Reward $2 5

Ma sopra la punk?

asked by omarktm last answered by Aravi
raveton French translation Reward $2

Bonjour, Votre site existe t il en version Française ? Merci

asked by raveton last answered by marioanakbaik
kindred0314 Can you lose your Artist Talent along you life if you don"t use it? answered Reward $2 5

I was a very talent and creative person when I was younger, I got sick and haven't draw, painted, or wrote any creative in 18 years. I fell the pull but can't seem to put what I have in my head on Paper, should I keep prating or just give up?

asked by kindred0314 last answered by ckoch
zrodfects What's a good program (free) for frame by frame animation sketches (surface Pro 3) Reward $2 5

I am looking for some great software, preferably free to use on a Surface Pro 3 using the stylus pen. I would like to sketch one frame then move to the next frame and still able to see the previous where you can draw over so you know where to draw your next frame of animation, even if it is grey'd out... ***EDITED*** I believe what I am looking for is also known as onion skin.... Any help would be much appreciated.. Thank you

asked by zrodfects last answered by imspecialwinner
mennareda Improve myself in drawing anime Reward $5 5

How to improve myself in drawing anime

asked by mennareda last answered by JINNY21_
seac What books would you read twice or more times? Reward $2

What books would you read twice or more times?

asked by seac last answered by verden
Aravi Who do you think will be the next USA president ? answered Reward $2

Who do you think will be the next USA president ?

asked by Aravi
adolfhuhu Atheism problema Reward $2 1

Do you believe in god

asked by adolfhuhu last answered by lilnas
alvinjfrazier Anime character characteristics answered Reward $2

Why are most anime characters drawn with caucasian features, even if the character is asian? (Ex: Blond hair, Round eyes, White skin, etc.)

asked by alvinjfrazier last answered by koroleva
dragondisastor Concentrating more effectively Reward $2 5

How to concentrate more effectively?

asked by dragondisastor last answered by AskEpic
braz68 Do you read books? answered Reward $2

Prefer physical or digital book? What would you read again?

asked by braz68 last answered by Akmaljon
lordwolfe What online site pays poets to write poetry. answered Reward $2 5

I am a poet that has an amazing gift and I want to put this gift to good use, but having troubles locating a company that will pay for my work.

asked by lordwolfe last answered by Aravi
ZeeshanAhmad3494 How can a man go eight days without sleep? answered Reward $5

How can a man go eight days without sleep?

asked by ZeeshanAhmad3494 last answered by Dbeltrante1
ZeeshanAhmad3494 If you could change your first name what would it be? 5

If you could change your first name what would it be?

asked by ZeeshanAhmad3494 last answered by arjay
somsak หากรักคือไฟ..ทำไมใจต้องการ...? Reward $2

ยากที่จะเข้าใจ..ทุกอย่างคาดเดาได้!! ยกเว้นใจคน

asked by somsak last answered by braz68
Jeffnaija What is your favorite quote? answered Reward $2

What is your favorite quote?

asked by Jeffnaija last answered by MarianaM21
arjay Decide for even thou its hard answered Reward $2

You are holding onto your grandmother's hand and the hand of a newborn that you do not know as they hang over the edge of a cliff. You have to let one go to save the other. Who do you let fall to their death? What was your rationale for making the decision?

asked by arjay last answered by arjay
ouledbihitayeb مدونة اولادبيحي الطيب answered Reward $2 10

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?

asked by ouledbihitayeb last answered by alekswillow
zch098 How to speak fluently in foreign language? answered Reward $2

I want to learn different languages but I don't know how to start yet. I somehow understands some language but its not quite good and also I want to speak those fluently especially japanese, german and french I think. Can someone help?

asked by zch098 last answered by arjay
The_PyroMania Doing Nothing and Nothing to do? Reward $2

What is the significant difference between having nothing to do, and actually doing nothing?

asked by The_PyroMania last answered by khaledmus
ikpehelps Whats the best art school in Georgia.. Please dont say SCAD answered Reward $2

Trying to figure out the best school for traditional art in GA

asked by ikpehelps last answered by nihal29
Andy1982 Nativescript-cli/docs/man_pages/publishing/ answered Reward $2


asked by Andy1982 last answered by Aravi
zizou What is the best thing in life answered Reward $3

What is the best thing in life

asked by zizou last answered by ddanger1
HunterTram What can reflect today?) answered Reward $2


asked by HunterTram last answered by AskBob9118
zrodfects What is the best way to learn pixel art and animation answered Reward $2 5

How is the best way to start pixel art and animation, I know obviously not start with the hardest of detail as alot of artist probably started from the Atari days and then 8 bit and 16 bit etc and improved from there, but I was just wondering hopefully from an actual pixel artist the steps you took to get where you are today.. Any links would also be much appreciated.. Thanks

asked by zrodfects last answered by Aravi
shashirath Which type of art make you relax? answered 5

Relaxing you mind by art

asked by shashirath last answered by pubbys
gifted What is the best mystery book you have read? answered Reward $2 5

What is the best mystery book you have read?

asked by gifted last answered by wiss
soimap Wise care 360 pro answered 5

Can i use wise care pro without fee? help me

asked by soimap last answered by drink
ahmadassaf What is the best book recommended for a grahic design student Reward $2

I want a book that can explain thing in the simplest way

asked by ahmadassaf last answered by imspecialwinner
AQ What is Love in real ? 5

What is the definition of Love ? in my view it is just a way of doing rape legally ... what do you thnk ?? ;)

asked by AQ last answered by ntorr12
HelpMeBro Making/Recreating art pictures answered Reward $1

I am bad at art, anyway to get better?

asked by HelpMeBro last answered by chakramed
findgood Who is your favorite writer and why? answered Reward $2

Who is your favorite writer and why?

asked by findgood last answered by wiss
Glob What is the aim of the life? answered Reward $3

It's a hard question.

asked by Glob last answered by CoolCat
AQ What is Woman in real.. Reward $2

Can anyone describe What is woman ??? Because a woman is the most difficult thing to understand in this universe ....

asked by AQ last answered by khaledmus
echozeki Which book changed your life or brain? Reward $2

Let's talk about which book is important to you!

asked by echozeki last answered by Toorum_
bike I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read. answered Reward $2

I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read. Could you help me?

asked by bike last answered by ciyaye_kurmenc
catriona Can you recommend some humor books for me? answered Reward $2

Can you recommend some humor books for me?

asked by catriona last answered by WiseDave
jackyjacky Have you watched Star Wars VII? 5

Does it or any plot impress you?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by rageye01
jackyjacky Do you believe in Buddha? answered 5

If it could give you calmness and relaxation?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by Razsaheel
tentecu Show your best Wallpeper answered Reward $3

Image please

asked by tentecu last answered by azzromyo
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