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Danny Sorry for making multiple accounts. answered Reward $2

My transcations were canceled by the admin because of i create multipe accounts so i have swared that i will never make multiple accounts so i will be working with honest should it be possible

asked by Danny last answered by alvindgreat
SUK27 can i change the floating window displaying items? answered Reward $1

I like wise care 365 very much, and the floating window is very useful, i can see my memory usage and cpu temperature. actually, i think the temperature is not important for me (my pc is a desktop), i think cpu usage is more useful then temperature. can i change it? how? thanks.

asked by SUK27 last answered by SUK27
mikegem1 wise starts on its own answered 5

wise check up starts by itself

asked by mikegem1 last answered by alvindgreat
flying Euask Guidelines, A Reminder 5

Below are some of the protocols in the Community Guidelines The community depends on each member to help keep Euask a safe, fun, and positive place for everyone. Anyone can report abuse, but members who earn good reputations can help us detect and remove abuse more quickly. Everyone is encouraged to report violations of the following: 1. Venting, ranting or using hate speech 2. Being mean or obscene. 3.Exploiting the community by asking irrelevant questions and the like. 4. Cheating. Our points ... [MORE]

asked by flying last answered by flying
flying Facebook Page of Wise Cleaner 5

I encourage everyone to like and visit the Facebook Page of Wise Cleaner. As of date, there were only 21,000 people who likes and follow the page. Let's do something. Let's spread the good word. Let's share the page to our friends and advertise Wise Cleaner in the best way we can, and encourage them to support our good deeds here. Let's make this community a safe, fun and positive place for everyone.

asked by flying last answered by Neutrino
flying How does Wise Care 365 helped you? answered Reward $3

To you, what is Wise Care 365? How does Wise Care 365 helped you? Explain further.

asked by flying last answered by Ruberoid78
crimendelsiglo free version of w.RegistryCleaner answered Reward $2

moments ago i uninstalled free version WRC because it was not working properly so -- reinstall unlike many apps Wise DID uninstall all obvious wrc files. Kudos. that is very appreciated and honorable i downloaded the current free installer( WRCFree-67568196 ) from∂=dl- well ... terms of service wants me to install other software, e.g., cbsi, yahoo, and that's where i balked. decline and decline. and was told to... [MORE]

asked by crimendelsiglo last answered by crimendelsiglo
richkid Why cheaters, spammers and copy-paste masters present still in forum here? Reward $2

Why cheaters, spammers and copy-paste masters present still in forum here? How can make us forum to be positive and better for all us if there is favoritism and no proper punishment given to repeated violation of Guidelines like copy-pasting and multiple accounts. Yeah I'm rich but I hate favoritism. I tired of this in the family and even in here it is present. Is it follow me?

asked by richkid last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
richkid Last Minute Birthday Ideas 5

My girl will be having a celebration birthday her 18 turning actually. she is my first love. we shared some intimate and romantic times altogether. now it will be a special day for her. I no idea what do to. Money and budget is never being a problem here, infinite money amount is manageable in my pocket. What am I to do. Suggest me please

asked by richkid last answered by webby
flying The topic does not exist answered Reward $2

I viewed a certain topic where a suspected clone account was rewarded 5USD for being the best answer. Below is the window I used to see every time I tried to open the topic. What does it mean? Kindly explain it to me. Thanks. The answer of @WiseCleaner_admin will be very much appreciated.

asked by flying last answered by Warwick
rbyers4141 download on my laptop Reward $2

hi you helped me once before when I forgot my password so I hope you can help me now my hp touchsmart is down now and I have to fix it much later so I'm using my hp laptop and I was wondering if I download the software on this laptop can I access my secret files using my username and password from my hp touchsmart?

asked by rbyers4141
malik11 How long will it take to receive my license key after I pay for it? 5

How long will it take to receive my license key after I pay for it?

asked by malik11 last answered by manu_pro
ZzMrXzZ Clone and fake account with stupid questions everywhere answered Reward $2

Please get rid of them, I have no mood in answering anything since they spam the forum with those stupid questions Dear @WiseCleaner_admin @azzromyo @moratakamo @nino2018 @Robot @expert102 @learner are all clone account from one person, I have checked all of those people history they replied to each other and transferred fund from one to another to distract everyone. They created very stupid question like what's wrong with my fridge and with no information, nino still can solve it. If he is that... [MORE]

asked by ZzMrXzZ last answered by azzromyo
kinzy2004 redeemed gift to a paypal account not yet recieved answered 5

i redeemed 150 for a 5$ but haven't received till now why? where to contact Euask admin

asked by kinzy2004 last answered by alvindgreat
metab I’m trying to delete a folder? 5

What should I do if this warning message pops up when I’m trying to delete a folder? “The folder or a file in it is open in another program.”

asked by metab last answered by abcman
shahab How do I change my license key? Reward $2

My old license key will be expired, and I have bought a new one. How do I change my license key?

asked by shahab last answered by abcman
totan1 Affiliated programe with wisecleaner answered 5

how i becomes Affiliated with wisecleaner society and programs?

asked by totan1 last answered by totan1
flying Account Users who have found to have violated the Community Guidelines 5

The following accounts were now being investigated for suspected cheating and violation of the forum's Community Guidelines. 1. @Bigestacc 2. @Triunchung 3. @azzromyo 4. @nino2018 5. @Jellyfish 6. @Cracker007 7. @janu007 8. @TikTak 9. @Ilyass 10. @empobob 11. @wilsonthegreat17 12. @Arain 13. @Euasktiger Other users who may have multiple accounts were found to be inactive as of the moment but will be monitored as soon as they signed in from the site. The above accounts will be investiga... [MORE]

asked by flying
TikTak i want to leave, what to do ? answered Reward $6 30

i want to leave, what to do ?

asked by TikTak last answered by TikTak
flying Any recommendation to improve this forum answered 5

Do you have any suggestions on how can we possibly make this community a safe, better and positive place for everyone.

asked by flying last answered by flying
alvindgreat Proper Use of Unlike Button 5

I suggest that @WiseCleaner_admin display who hits the unlike button. I remember that @SetupComputer had already raised this concern. I see that this feature is being abused. Look below. I believe there is nothing wrong with my answer. Why hit the unlike button if it helps a certain person? If it would not be proper to display the users who hit the unlike on someone's reply to a question, I suggest that this unlike feature be removed. I believe it creates a divide and demoralize those users w... [MORE]

asked by alvindgreat last answered by nino2018
SetupComputer Proposal to Include "Get Point" in Euask Android App answered 5

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin, I would like to propose including the "Get Point" button in the Euask Android App. On the Desktop App of Euask (embedded in Wise Registry Cleaner), it has "Get Point" button. On the Android App of Euask, it doesn't have the "Get Point" button. All community members who happen to have mobile data access would certainly benefit should this feature be also included. Cheers!

asked by SetupComputer
cavcol Wise Care 365 & Wise Folder Hider Reward $2

I upgraded Wise Care 365 version 3.88.347 yesterday at 1036 hrs Central Daylight Time (1536 hrs UTM). WiseCare365.exe properties are - File Version:; Product Versioh: 3.8; Date Modified: 10/15/2015 10:36 AM. Now my password for Wise Folder Hider Pro will not work. When I enter the password and then click on unhide the folder that I want unhidden I receive the following dialog box - "The following folder/file can't be unhidden:" . What happened when I updated Wise Folder Hider Pro? ... [MORE]

asked by cavcol last answered by alvindgreat
richkid Too much useless question and multiple account users here answered 5

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin I registered here because of a friend of me. They told us this is a good site. Now, I see this as a nonsense site with lots of spammers and nonsense. Can we make it better? There are a lot of spammers here posting non-sense questions and awarding to their other accounts. I do proof to show that they are exchanging points and rewards, asking questions then awarding to themselves. It is a violation of community guidelines am i right? Look at @Jellyfish and @Cracker007 q... [MORE]

asked by richkid last answered by alvindgreat
alvindgreat Multiple Account Users and clones. Where is nino2018 now? Reward $2

Where is @nino2018 now? Before almost everyday he is signed in and asking nonsense questions. The last time I saw his posts, he was complaining. Look below. It made me laugh. Soon it will happen to the clones of @Cracker007 and @Jellyfish. This forum has been a terrific nonsense for quite some time now, having here some nonsense questions and spammers. I really hope this such a good cause be great again. Hi @WiseCleaner_admin. Let's help hand and hand to make things better here. High five! [MORE]

asked by alvindgreat last answered by nino2018
mignonet no account aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 5

i want to remove ask from my computer

asked by mignonet last answered by Ilyass
alvindgreat Script ERROR on Wise Cleaner Page answered Reward $2

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin / @WiseCleaner_Admin I encountered a problem with regard to Wise Assistance (Wise Care 365). View image below: What do I have to do to solve the issue? Anyone? Thanks for your help.

asked by alvindgreat last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
KETTY Can't find Task Managemen when I open Wisecleaner Reward $2

I can't find Task Management i my wiseCleaner product where can I find it???? but I can't pay for it Ketty Sørensen Denmark

asked by KETTY last answered by Rudefood20
rio1 wise system monitor application problem Reward $2

i installed wise system monitor application in my pc when i open this it open in full display how i control this and its show only on menu bar?

asked by rio1 last answered by Tankkiller
mrpj2u Abuse by Non Technical Use of Forum / Service 5

Why is Wise allowing this forum / service to be abused by pornogrphers pill pushers and paedophiles I do not consent to recieving anything other than technical questions and answer for wisecare 365

asked by mrpj2u last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Razsaheel Problem in payment to purchase WiseCleaner Product Reward $2

Those who wants to buy WIseCleaner product by using Netbanking facility form their native countries; as India in my case. How should they proceed ?

asked by Razsaheel last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
cavcol password will not make hidden file visible answered Reward $5

First - How do I respond to an answer if it does not solve the problem. Second - Why do eask not accept my password. I have to reset it each time I log into eask. Not good. I have tried the process outlined in the answer I received from WiseCleaner_admin and it does not work at all. I do not want to go through and rescue all 5000 files one at a time based on other instructions that I have received. These are the instructions I received. I have tried six time and it is a laborious task. A... [MORE]

asked by cavcol last answered by alvindgreat
shahab WiseCleaner products for pc 5

write the name of WiseCleaner products for pc ?

asked by shahab last answered by bhatti
abcman Android wisecleaner apps answered 5

can we get wisecleaner applications on our androids mobiles? if yes how we get it.?

asked by abcman last answered by metab
noor1391 wisecleaner applications answered Reward $2

how we get wisecleaner applications license?

asked by noor1391 last answered by shahab
k9drl Rebate from Wise 365 product? answered Reward $2

How do I request a Rebate from wise365

asked by k9drl last answered by SetupComputer
alvindgreat Forums of Wise Care Cleaner 5

For the information of everybody. I have explored a site that has separate forums for each concerns of Wise Cleaner Products. Click the link below: I provided a screen shot of the link. If you have some information or knowledge to share regarding the system, kindly share here. Thanks a lot.

asked by alvindgreat
alvindgreat Euask Community Guidelines Reward $2

Community Guidelines of Wise Assistance Includes the statement above. Why are there still copy-paste ninja (account users) here who does not even cite their sources properly. It is a form of plagiarism anyways and contribute to digital pollution. What can be done to them?

asked by alvindgreat last answered by ZzMrXzZ
SetupComputer Translator Tool Help File is EMPTY! answered Reward $2

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin, I am currently translating Wise Care 365 to another language, and am more than 50% finished. I would like to view the Help File included in the Translator Tool, but the .chm file is empty. Can you please re-upload the Help File to further facilitate the translation of your products to another language? Thanks!! Translator Tool webpage of Wise Cleaner: Help File is Empty: :)

asked by SetupComputer last answered by azzromyo
beatrix Google Play Wise Care App answered 5

Is there a Wise Care App from Google Play? Does it really work? Thanks.

asked by beatrix last answered by SetupComputer
alvindgreat Scheduled Task of Wise Care 365 answered 5

Anyone who tried this Schedule Task of Wise Care 365. Does it really work? Thanks.

asked by alvindgreat last answered by alvindgreat
SetupComputer Proposal to Display Members who Hit the Like/Unlike Button on Wise Assistance answered Reward $2

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin, Is it possible if the likers and unlikers be displayed? I do think it's a fair practice to display it, since it will allow democracy. 1. People with multiple accounts can abuse the like and unlike button for their ends. 2. Unreasonable people can also abuse the button. 3. Haters hate, don't they? :) :) :) I really don't mind haters, but It was my first time I was ired by one unlike (after all the many unlikes I received previously). I think my response was CORRECT AND... [MORE]

asked by SetupComputer last answered by kinzy2004
k9drl Since loading your product cannot get windows update Reward $1

Can no longer get windows updates once downloading your programs.

asked by k9drl last answered by Tankkiller
Tor22kos WRC hangs at one stage Reward $2

I asked for help yesterday, but none of the answers solved my problem, actually most people misunderstood my problem. I use Wise registry cleaner, which is gerat, fast and efficient. For some time, however it starts testing the ten items in the ten lines, it proceeds fast, but in the tenth line in item "Remover" it is extremely slow (Between MRU and Start menu), it hangs there for ten minutes. It has never done that before. I have reinstalled it, did not help. There is no defragmnentation pro... [MORE]

asked by Tor22kos last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
SetupComputer Spelling Bug Part Two and Grammar Error answered Reward $1 5

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin, I found another set of spelling errors on some Wise Cleaner products / sites, which might help you. Kindly take a look. It should be "Previous". It should be "Assistant". This error was also in the previous versions of Wise Registry Cleaner, which I also reported previously. Another "pervious" error. Also, I found some grammar errors. I'm not a grammarian, but at least I would like to propose the following: Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.28: "Professional File/Folder H... [MORE]

asked by SetupComputer last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
along12 Unable to clean completely 5

I have been using Wise care 365 for a number of years. Whenever I run System Cleaner I am always left with over 350 problems after using the Cleaner. They all relate to software paths and seem to be all from McAfee related products and are listed as 'invalid paths or paths from removed software'. Is there anything else that I should do? Many thanks

asked by along12 last answered by Tankkiller
KPHuddleston Key For Wise Program Hider Pro answered 5

I lost my registration code and wonder how to get in back

asked by KPHuddleston last answered by KPHuddleston
DavidBenjamin wisecare 365 download pro on 2nd and 3rd computers. answered Reward $2

This is the umpteenth time I am asking as to how do I get to download the pro version on my 2nd and 3rd computers, since I paid for three computers. my email address is I donot see any phone # or any contact info for any person.

asked by DavidBenjamin last answered by alvindgreat
mcommente Comment gagner de l'argent sur ce site ? answered Reward $2

comment fait on pour gagner des pourboire ?

asked by mcommente last answered by raziko123
beatrix How to be Selected as Best Answer answered 5

What do I need to do so that my answer will be selected as best answer?

asked by beatrix last answered by nino2018
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