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lazycreeks Wise Care 365 1st instance took all my printers offline and more 5

How can I set Wise Care 365 to leave in place (leave online) my default printers, and leave untouched my CromeCast auto-fill features?

asked by lazycreeks last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Elle_Snow Manually cleaning 5

How do I fix items manually?

asked by Elle_Snow last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Murry How to clean memory Reward $4

How to clean memory

asked by Murry last answered by Joaquin2001
amrfc1999 Registry restore Reward $2

I need to perform a registry restore on this app and it is not working.

asked by amrfc1999 last answered by jbushaw14
Pipsqueak Deactivate auto renew 5

asked by Pipsqueak last answered by chakramed
jeline The Weather data that shows in Bootup Booster is wrong Reward $5

Hello, I'm a user of WiseCare 365 and when the computer starts the "Bootup Booster" appears. The weather data that is displayed there is wrong. The area that's listed there is "Bethlehem USA". The listing should be "Bethlehem, PA USA"! How can I change this listing to "Bethlehem PA USA" Thanks for your tima and help! Sincerely, John Eline

asked by jeline last answered by ZzMrXzZ
CAHewitt Technical support Reward $2

I want to talk with technical support by telephone. I have minor questions about some items I see among the options on my Wise Care 365 Pro menu. If there is not a number to which I can efficiently make telephone contact with Wise Care technical support, I will cancel my subscription. Please provide a number. Thank you.

asked by CAHewitt last answered by marketsgolabl
rwharold Wise Care 365 Professional v 3.9.8 answered Reward $2

I just installed the newly released version # 3.9.8 of Wise Care 365 Professional. The floating system tray is set to show CPU tempertature in degrees F, yet it just shows, first the memory usage % and a CPU window with no degrees F showing but instad just a small rectangularal box with what looks like a blue colored bar graph. See attached screenshot. I had tyried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. How can this annoying problem be fixed?

asked by rwharold last answered by rwharold
rwharold WiseCare 365 - 3.9.7 answered 5

With this latest update, your desktop icon that shows memoru usage and CPU temperature has changed. The CPU temperature has changed from showing degrees F to some strang looking bar graph which I can't understand. Will you PLEAESE bring back the degrees F format?

asked by rwharold last answered by FetishKitten
kriskris Wet-dry Vacuums. Any Suggestions? answered Reward $2

Hello, guys, I'm on a hunt on a wet-dry vacuum. To be honest, I've never used them before. So, have some questions to you. Can vac be used to suck up water? What is the noise level? Can we use this for carpet and hardwood cleaning? Does it also work as a blower? Any model you would recommend? Can somebody share with experience of using them? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

asked by kriskris
wendy80 HELP!!! Privacy issues Reward $2

How do I manually remove privacy issues (the first step from the first screen)?

asked by wendy80 last answered by ha14
Ahoj Wise Care Anzeige der Start-Geschwindigkeit Reward $2

Seit einiger Zeit werden nur noch Symbole (Flugzeug, Auto...) angezeigt - die Angabe der Zeit in Zahlen fehlt. Was ist zu tun?

asked by Ahoj last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
twoapple What is the difference between Wise Folder Hider Pro and Wise Folder Hider Free ? Reward $3

What is the difference between Wise Folder Hider Pro and Wise Folder Hider Free ?

asked by twoapple last answered by chakramed
firesafe2 Ho to cancel a EUASK account answered 5

How can a EUASK account be closed or deleted by the user?

asked by firesafe2 last answered by firesafe2
bre Pretty shitty help 5

This is terrible support. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm on another web site trying to ask a question about Wise Care 365. I tried using the form by all it does is say sending and then nothing. How the eff did I wind up and this site from Wise Care 365? Aggravating.

asked by bre last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
bradazb2 My web browser has been hijacked 5

I bought the Wise Care program to clean up my computer and specifially to get rid of "home page" wed browser. It worked great until I upgraded to Windows 10. Now has hijacked my computer and has taken over as my web browser again and Wise Care is not getting rid of it. suggestions?

asked by bradazb2 last answered by andrewscott924
adamsj3 Bad, evil software Reward $2

When I ran Wise Cleaner it wiped out all the stored programming information that I had for Replay AV. That is NOT a good thing. I had ~ 10 shows scheduled to record, where to store the recordings, etc. How do I recover that programming information?

asked by adamsj3 last answered by PhoenixCoyote
attilasandorhazi I pay this problem no afect 5

I buy licence for the computer , not afect nothing on my computer . The problem wat i wana fix with this program still ther , plus the program dont afect nothing in my computer performance , i waste my money , my computer its not faster not bether. The incial problem still there not start computer , i have to turn of electricity after start , when i pay the deal was , program repair my computer . Its a lie in my opinion this program , cuz not afect at all computer performance . Where disapointed... [MORE]

asked by attilasandorhazi last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Birdie WiseCare 365 v 3.6.3 "Invalid floating point operation" during defragmentation of registry Reward $1

Dear member of the WiseCare support team, Everytime WiseCare 365 version 3.6.3. (Dutch version) defragments the registry (under :System Tune-up", the program stucks at 2/3 while continuing to say "Waiting... Can take some minutes". After some 10 minutes later, the program returns the error message "Invalid floating point operation". Questions: 1. What damage there is now to the registry? 2. What can I do to repair the registry? 3. What can I do to defragment the registry correctly? By the wa... [MORE]

asked by Birdie last answered by Joaquin2001
etraba Not able to update Wise 365 answered Reward $2

I'm not able to update Wise 365. Attached the message I get

asked by etraba last answered by Ruberoid78
leokim Wise folder hider - after upgrading windows10 from windows7 Reward $1

Recently, I upgraded my O/S to windows 10 from windows7. After that, I couldn't use 'wise folder hider' and I still can't find my hidden files by 'wise folder hider' Do you have any solution? Please~

asked by leokim last answered by stormysarge
LukaK Euask refferal link answered 5

Where can I find presonal linkk to invite my friendst to euask?

asked by LukaK last answered by yanka457
RFCI99 How do I fix problems manually? Reward $2

Wise care 365 came up with a number of "Privacy Risks" that it says have to be fixed manually. How do I find these items and "fix:them.

asked by RFCI99 last answered by Ruberoid78
paulboon1951 Wise 365 scheduler Reward $2

Just instaled the free version of wise 365 i am unable to set a scheduele is this feature only available in the pro version best wishes paul

asked by paulboon1951 last answered by Logicz1hunid
jimc07 Start up seconds box with weather of city Reward $2

The box that shows how long it took to start up the computer, and the city weather. How do I change the city to my city?

asked by jimc07 last answered by ZzMrXzZ
ida01ro Language change (how to) answered 5

How Wise365 language change may be done ?

asked by ida01ro last answered by Ruberoid78
ProEd Changing Wise365 Avatar answered 5

Can't change my Wise avatar... program crashes

asked by ProEd last answered by ProEd
kurt Erasing password and username data Reward $2

When I use WiseCleaner, I unchecked the box pertaining to erasure of saved passwords, It erases them anyway, in Internet Explorer 11. Chrome was unaffected.

asked by kurt last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
mishagan Stop deleting passwords Reward $2

How can I adjust Wise Care 365 settings so I don't lose my web browser passwords after running clean-up?

asked by mishagan last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
gianfrs Wise registry cleaner - windows defender, issues after last update 5

after last update i'm tryin to install wise registry cleaner on my windows10 computer. but Windows Defender stops the installation sayin that's a troyan in the exe file. how to fix this?

asked by gianfrs last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
joaocirilo Life time license transfer Reward $5

Hello i have a life time license that was installed in a computer i no long have. how can i move it to this machine joaocirilo1951@gmail regards

asked by joaocirilo last answered by rockydj
Player28 tema ..... nice to wise care Reward $2

asked by Player28 last answered by Logicz1hunid
LBLLake2010 Won't fix problems Please help Reward $2

I got the product WiseCleaner to fix any problems and every time I try to fix the problems it don't work. What do I need to do to fix it if your product won't fix it. This is what problems that wont clean or fix: Activex/com component has 3 problems, Software Paths has 21 problems, and User MRU lists has 3 problems.

asked by LBLLake2010 last answered by chakramed
bafolsom WiseCare365 Pro - keeps erasing my recent documents Reward $2

Hi, I have Pro 3.8.6. When I run it, all of my recent documents in Excel, Word etc. disappear. How to do I stop this?

asked by bafolsom last answered by chakramed
Kalli71 There is a problem with Windows 10 Reward $2

No Problems of cooperation wise folder hider with Windows 10, but Windows reveals traces: When you open the Windows explorer, under "Recently used files" you will find the name of the hidden file with the place, where it is saved. Ok you can't open it, but revealing the place is the first step to ruin the camouflage.

asked by Kalli71 last answered by SetupComputer
WiseCleaner_admin Feedback about Windows 10 & WiseCleaner Products incompatible.

Hi All, Recently, we got some feedback about Wise Care 365, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner can't be compatible with Windows 10. Have you also encountered the same issue? If yes, please help us to know it clearly with your screenshots and detailed steps. In return, we will free send you a license key of any our paid product (Wise Care 365 Pro, Wise Folder Hider Pro, Wise Video Converter). And the type of the key is from 3 months to 1 year according to your feedback. If you are the... [MORE]

asked by WiseCleaner_admin last answered by harpo01
DrGhost Uninstall Alcohol 120% Reward $2

Hello i need to uninstall alcohol 120% but wise program uninstaller can not find it i got it installed in my pc but not in program files so what do i have to do? thanks

asked by DrGhost last answered by Tankkiller
g1000A How to get rid of a dead body answered Reward $2

This year is about to end and i'm a new user -in the site and in the program- and i was thinking is there a way to thank this site for the time he gave us this year. because this site is free and easy to sign in it and gives you money . and you get your troubles solved very fast. very organizer from both sides the Questions and accounts of members

asked by g1000A last answered by Tankkiller
henkvandooren Lost registration info Reward $2

I've upgraded to Wndows 10. Now I've lost my registration of Wise. Can you pls help me? with best regards, Henk van Dooren

asked by henkvandooren last answered by Tankkiller
flying Any more Suggestion on How to Make this Forum Better? answered Reward $2

Any more Suggestion on How to Make this Forum Better? Please feel free to post any suggestion that you think will be helpful in the improvement of this forum. Any idea will be acceptable. Attention to @WiseCleaner_admin. Hope you consider the below suggestions from my co-users here. Thanks.

asked by flying last answered by alvindgreat
joaocirilo new computer activation Reward $4

Gentlemen i changed my computer and have a perpetual license. D75D-****-******-2860--BE8E what shoul i do to activate the new machine regards

asked by joaocirilo last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
sunnybone What are the difference between Wise Disk Cleaner and Windows Disk Cleanup? answered Reward $2

The Disk Cleanup is a Windows built in tool, it can clean up disk, free up more space. What are the difference between Wise Disk Cleaner and Disk Cleanup? Do I need to install wise disk cleaner?

asked by sunnybone last answered by sunnybone
Elayne Remove Clean Out Memory pop up answered Reward $2

At some point I clicked on something to get clean memory messages. How do i remove the clean memory message pop up

asked by Elayne last answered by azzromyo
richkid Why remove my topic. How about plagiarists and multiple users? Reward $2

@WiseCleaner_admin. I saw my topic removed. Why so? How about the users with many multiple accounts. Please take action too of users moratakamo, nino2018 and azzromyo. They are spammers. Why only me? Shuold you banned them.

asked by richkid last answered by alvindgreat
Danny Is that possible for transcation? Reward $2

For example, i am sitting in an other country and using euask and i get 10$ but i want to transact the money into my fathers paypal account and he is sitting in another coutry so is that possible.....?

asked by Danny last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
flying Suggestion to add Chat Room in this forum. answered Reward $2

Suggestion to add Chat Room in this forum. Also, online users can be seen so as one may know who is online or not. It will be very helpful for everyone since a user who has a question can know if his question will be answered immediately. I hope it will be considered by @WiseCleaner_admin What other suggestions do you have in mind to improve this community?

asked by flying last answered by alvindgreat
Manikanta Problem when Reinstalling a software Reward $2

Few months back I uninstalled(force) bluestacks software from my system using this wise program uninstaller. Now I want to reinstall that software. But I am unable to install that. Kindly help me with this.

asked by Manikanta last answered by ZzMrXzZ
Danny I cant upload my avatar and there is no button to upload my avatar Reward $2 5

I cant upload my avatar and there is no button to upload my avatar, can sombody help me for this?

asked by Danny last answered by alvindgreat
bbjmm Winse don't start when Windows start Reward $2

Why my Wies don't start in windows? (i have flag option)

asked by bbjmm last answered by Ruberoid78
Danny Sorry For making multiple accounts. 5

I still didn't get reply from the admin about making multiple accounts after all i have read all the guidelines.

asked by Danny last answered by Danny
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