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Jazzman How is it better Reward $2

I would like to know how is this wise product better than system mechanics thinking about getting the full version can anyone respond to my question...thanks

asked by Jazzman last answered by MAKEROFMONY2
jlittle Deleting History of Viewed Pictures Reward $2

After scanning PC checkup, the History of viewed pictures does not clean. I need to do that manually. How do I do that

asked by jlittle last answered by Togekiss_4011
WiseCleaner_admin Wise Care 365 Pro Giveaway Event

Hi guys! Thanks very much for your support of Euask and Wisecleaner. Today we will give away a Wise care 365 Pro License Key to an Euask user. Here is the rules: 1. The user who get the 50th reply (reply to this topic) will win the license key. 2. Every user can reply 5 times at most. Otherwise, the winner will be postponed to the 51th. Now let's get it started!

asked by WiseCleaner_admin last answered by braz68
Aravi Is any one else experienced such problem? answered Reward $2

Hi All, When I paste this link it also takes hyperlink structure? It looks like some bug. Is any one else had experienced similar problem.

asked by Aravi last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
abdelrahman Guys,are you excited for the wise care 365 pro giveway ??!! answered Reward $2


asked by abdelrahman last answered by wendra
elwismay How to gain my trialpay Reward $2

How to gain my trialpay

asked by elwismay last answered by Aravi
ken16 Wiseboost booster Reward $2

Pops in right hand bottom corner can this be stopped

asked by ken16 last answered by xilolee
Rory Disable Reminders Reward $2

Hello! Every few minutes I receive a reminder to clear out memory. The reminder appears in the lower left corner of my monitor and is accompanied by a tone. Please disable the reminders--or explain to me how I can do so. Thanks, Rory

asked by Rory last answered by Aravi
narrymarry Wise Care 365 Wise Memory Optimizer Floating Window Reward $2

I want the Floating Window to show on Start Up but it should remain hidden under all other Windows on display. Even if I un tick the box, it remains On Top of all Windows which is irritating.

asked by narrymarry last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Pasquale Lost licence key Reward $2

Good morning, after a computer crash i've lost my licence key, how can i get my licence back? Thanks a lot

asked by Pasquale last answered by SetupComputer
heaven How to gain points on Euask? answered Reward $2

Hello I am new here. I want to know to how to get points.

asked by heaven last answered by Aravi
djlevy Issue with Wise Registry Cleaner 9 5

Each time it runs it finds the same issues and says they are not a threat but clicking Clean does not remove them. Why is this product not removing the issues?

asked by djlevy last answered by djlevy
Aravi Wise 365 freezes and not even able to end task too answered Reward $2

Hi I have updated the latest version of wise 365 version 4.1.7. It freezes too much extremely some time. When it freezes, I can't end task from task manager. Even end process's don't works. My pc is win 7 32 bit have .NET framework 3 , 3.5 & 4. Direct x 9 c. My anti virus is not troubling wise 365. Is this requires any update / change in system like .Net / any other.

asked by Aravi last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
theHPmaniac What if there was automatic clean when the computer is slow? Reward $2 5

Please add this everytime wise care 365 detects your computer being slow or 100+ problems

asked by theHPmaniac last answered by azzromyo
ValG SSD optimization: Disable superfetch parameters doesn't work in Windows 10 Reward $2

SSD optimization: Disable superfetch parameters doesn't work in Windows 10. I have tried to optimzed it many times. SSD optimization: Disable superfetch parameters doesn't work in Windows 10. After restart it is unoptimized all the time.

asked by ValG last answered by Aravi
Aravi What you like the most about Euask? answered Reward $2

Last time when I write a letter to Euask, the support replied to me in few mins. Felt really awesome! Like this what you like about Euask.

asked by Aravi last answered by azzromyo
wippernm Locked out of program will not allow to install Reward $2

When a program is installed and it requires to access a system change, it gives a screen to allow or forbide. I accidentally did this to a program that should have had all rights. The program is Smart Switch by Samsung. How would I correct this problem. I uninstalled that program and tried to reinstall and it will not allow the install of this program with a fresh download.

asked by wippernm last answered by Aravi
FalconMan Can't Get Wise Registry Cleaner Update... Reward $4

A window keeps popping up showing there is an update for Wise Registry Cleaner, and it shows the download runs, but then nothing else happens. The download has a Cancel button, but no matter how long I let that show on the screen, it doesn't go away or show that it completed. Your help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your prompt reply!!!

asked by FalconMan last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Angie1402 Errors after clean up answered Reward $1

Why do l have a message saying 45 errors 43 cleaned 3 not cleaned and can l do anything to clean it myself

asked by Angie1402 last answered by ckoch
Lippiwzb New Update 4.1.7 Reward $2

Das neueste Update (4.1.7) läßt sich micht installieren. Was ist zu tun?

asked by Lippiwzb last answered by Aravi
Meyerswalt Turn off Registry Cleaner Reward $2

How do I turn off the registry cleaner in WiseCare 365?

asked by Meyerswalt last answered by xilolee
stormwitch License key to register Reward $2

My license key I got when I bought the pro 363 wont work now that I had to do a computer reset I no longer have the email with the code so I cant re paste it what can I do I already sent a email to customer service

asked by stormwitch last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
jarlie My audio device cannot be found by your program. Reward $2

Please can someone call me i bought this product for cleaning the computer because my audio device not working. call me at 9548924526 or cancel this prescription

asked by jarlie last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
rockie Can't signin euask on my phone browser answered Reward $2

Are you guys same with me?

asked by rockie last answered by annu_dazz
richkid How can I know if a account here is a legit or not? Reward $2

How can I know if a account here is a legit or not? Many users here are spammers like the azzromyo accounts. How can we get rid of them? Thanks.

asked by richkid last answered by thelivewire
tenkros WiseCare Utilities answered Reward $2

When I open WiseCare I cannot activate any of the UTILITIES shown on the right side of the Window

asked by tenkros last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
perla2301 Utilities do not funcion, I have Pro, how do I fix? answered Reward $1

When I click on a utility button nothing happens

asked by perla2301 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
zammer "System Protection" answered Reward $2

What is Wise "System Protection"?

asked by zammer last answered by pustoi11
BarbaraInMemphis WiseCare Pro reverted to Free version answered Reward $5

I installed back in January as part of a GiveAwayOfTheDay offer. When I updated the software, it reverted to the free version. How do I get the Pro version back without paying? Thank you

asked by BarbaraInMemphis last answered by xilolee
denbik Windows update malfunction 5

Why did you program Wise Care 365 to "forbid" windows updates? Windows 10 is a HUGE PAIN as it is and i do not the time to babysit Wise care and click "Allow this program" for every update that Microsoft issues as it tries to fix their junk program.

asked by denbik last answered by xilolee
Meyerswalt Clean up hard disc Reward $3

Why is my Wise Care 365 no longer cleaning temporary internet files?

asked by Meyerswalt last answered by xilolee
Lifeguardpe How do I clear the history of viewed pictures manually? Reward $2

I am not sure where to look to clear my picture history in explorer using Windows 10?

asked by Lifeguardpe last answered by xilolee
eliott Windows will not load program Reward $2

When trying to load Wisecare 365 the Windows 10 system always pops-up a window that states that it is unable to either locate files or does not have the authority to load the program.

asked by eliott last answered by xilolee
adolfred Dframmentazione registro Reward $3

Risorse del sistema insufficienti per completare il servizio

asked by adolfred last answered by xilolee
vernonray Clean out my memory Reward $2

Wise care keeps telling me to CLEAN OUT MY MEMORY I have no idea how to do that could I get a little help please

asked by vernonray last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
philip How to block Wise Care 365 popups? answered Reward $5

I don't want to receive any new topics. how to block?

asked by philip last answered by rickw12
WiseCleaner_admin What is your favorite section of Euask? 5

Your opinions are important to us. Therefore, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite section at Euask. Thank you all !

asked by WiseCleaner_admin last answered by abdelrahman
sab2925 My location is wrong answered Reward $2

My location on here has the wrong city, How do i correct it?

asked by sab2925 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
jeffro Defrag has stopped working 5

The Disk Defrag on my wise Care 365 has stopped working it dosent show progress anymore

asked by jeffro last answered by maren
jwtaylor37 No problem per-se, just a question Reward $2

These people that have earned $1, $2, $4, do they receive it and cash in?

asked by jwtaylor37 last answered by maren
pubbys I am wondering how long it takes for questions to be posted? answered Reward $2

I uploaded a paid question a bit ago, and even though I have been charged for it, the question has not appeared. As a newbie, I want to know more about process, processing, and getting answers.

asked by pubbys last answered by pubbys
hopefloats Problem with product Reward $4

The wise product is sitting on my desk top making noises & is stuck more than a dozen times-Will you pleas uninstall it as I am having a problem getting my work done on my computer

asked by hopefloats last answered by OldCelticHippy
Sabre231 Is this for 64 bit? 5

Is this wise registry cleaner for 64 bit? thanks

asked by Sabre231 last answered by chakramed
JAYchaudhari1 Forgot the password of wise folder hider Reward $2

Please tell me how to solve it... I forgot login password

asked by JAYchaudhari1 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
syedmiad I forget my secondary password answered 5

I forget my secondary password. how i recover it?

asked by syedmiad last answered by chandlerdavid
Meyerswalt Blue Screen Error Reward $2

I recently ran Wise Care 365 and received the following message- Registry_Filter_Driver_Exception_Wise_Registry_Notify.sys when running Norton Power Eraser. Why would this occur?

asked by Meyerswalt last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
fantasticomid Why ? only payed to paypal.??Please Add other payment.system online. 5

I have not paypal Account. because paypal not available in my country. Add other payment system.look like Bitcoin -Payza-Perfect money & other.

asked by fantasticomid last answered by fantasticomid
cdb Defragment registry Reward $3

Always an error message: could not restore

asked by cdb last answered by xilolee
FrenchPatriot Wise Care 365-4.1.1 Reward $1

The System Optimizer function of the System Tuneup Section has stopped working. The operating system is Windws 7. What steps are necessry to restore this function?

asked by FrenchPatriot last answered by SOUTSAN
lazycreeks Wise Cleaner 365 deleted my Network printers & computers 5

Immediately after downloading, I ran the scan, after which I had NO connection to any of my local Network computers or peripherals (network printers). This is causing a collosal waste of time and productivity. Meh!

asked by lazycreeks last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
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