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craigwp Clean memory pop up answered Reward $2

Quite often throughout the day I get a pop-up saying clean the memory. I cannot find the setting to disable it. Can you help? Craig Powers

asked by craigwp last answered by craigwp
gsol3 Hidden files appwise Reward $3

I had to reconfire & reboot my laptop after it failed to start. how do i get your hidden files app that has snce been reloaded to open a folder on a usb thumb drive that had previously used your hidden apps program to re-opn this folder?

asked by gsol3 last answered by vickyph84
mashasyif Not fast program Reward $2


asked by mashasyif last answered by Nithin
Aravi Need help about this portal answered Reward $2

1) If a user doesn't like to continue, is their is any way to deactivate his account? 2) If any another member is annoying, is their is a way to block that member from sending the message/ block to post answer your question.

asked by Aravi last answered by Aravi
shelly Reg cleaner is bossy Reward $2

I get a demanding notice if I haven't defragged for a while... very bossy and not acceptable! Stop it. I'll tip when it stops being annoying

asked by shelly last answered by Gerson
Taras1982 Referral link ? ? answered Reward $2

Where on the website to get the referral link

asked by Taras1982 last answered by ckoch
mariovalerio Wise jetsearch starts always with error answered Reward $5

When I start wise jetsearch it's always an error. Then it's possible to open the main window, but there is no possibility to choose a drive, so practically cannot be used.

asked by mariovalerio last answered by mariovalerio
aniawa Error code with latest Windows 10 upgrade Reward $2

When Microsoft upgraded my Windows 10 I received an error message for Wise Care 365. The error message reads " Access Violation at address 0040642F in module "WiseTray.exe" Read of address 033A6DE5" Anyone have a fix for this error?

asked by aniawa last answered by XNZ
123_434 How to speed up the Internet with ease? answered Reward $2 20

How to speed up the internet?

asked by 123_434 last answered by Aravi
azflcowboy Windows 10 problem after wise care clean up Reward $2

Hello, ?Does wise care cleaners cause a problem for windows 10, sometimes i must recover windows 10 after an extensive wise care clean up? Thank you Hello Sept 2, 2016....hmmm one reply to my question said do not clean everyda, only once a month (don't think so) another reply said clean does anyone know > i have stopped doing registry cleaner everyday but still use normal cleaner everyday to keep cookies etc from slowing computer? i have windows explorer but prefer to use goog... [MORE]

asked by azflcowboy last answered by koroleva
pustoi11 Why disappear questions? answered Reward $2

I have a question to admin, on several occasions, I was answering a question, I try to edit it, but after editing, I was thrown on the page "questions do not exist" I go out to the "all." it is not, but I'm on that it gave the answer? where they disappear? it was already several times.

asked by pustoi11 last answered by pustoi11
Aravi Where to send e-mail for complaints regarding Wise 365 cracks? answered Reward $2

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin I am not convenient emailing you all the time. I will request you to add a option in this website through which member could send private message directly to you.

asked by Aravi last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
zammer How to stop getting answers. answered Reward $3

My question was answered long ago, but I keep receiving answers. How do I close out a question?

asked by zammer last answered by Aravi
taguajo Anti virus eficaz Reward $2

Queria instalar um anti vírus eficiente no meu pc gratuitamente pois estou cheio de problemas no mesmo, como o fazer....podem me enviar as respostas por esta via ou para

asked by taguajo last answered by pustoi11

My computer gets restarted everytime it is been used after half an hour and problem comes is BLUESCREEN how can i solve this problem?

asked by Anmol03 last answered by Pamela0525
ChillBill Unclear about encrytion instructions Reward $3

Purchased Folder Hider Pro Unclear as to what "Encrypt the hidden file (except dragging)" means. 1) Does it mean it will only be encrypted if, rather than dragging, I due a file/folder search from above tab? 2) Even when I select via tab the folder is not hidden and can be opened. How do I hide AND encrypt a folder or file? Thanks

asked by ChillBill last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
JLMullins Residtry Cleaner Reward $2

What to do about items that the registry cleaner will not clean? Thanks

asked by JLMullins last answered by jeetkml
Elderwand8 Is it worth upgrading to Wise Care Pro? 5

I'm considering upgrading to Wise Care Pro. However, it's expensive, considering my low income. Also, I occasionally use Wise Care just to do a cleanup of my computer to make it run faster. I've never had a virus, and I am careful about downloading things from the Internet. Considering my current usage, do you think that the pro features are really worth it?

asked by Elderwand8 last answered by abdelrahman
pst58 Defragment the registry, the operating system has crashed Reward $2

While Wyse Registry Clean effected the restart of the pc to defragment the registry, the operating system has crashed, now does not start, not even in safe mode. The system protection is disabled, can not restore a restore point. What can I do?

asked by pst58 last answered by ymn30
karenann Sd card reader not reading 5

Just installed wisecare and now my sd card reader is not working, any ideas on how to fix?

asked by karenann last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Rebecca How to do avatar creation answered Reward $2

How to upload an avatar

asked by Rebecca last answered by Aravi
vbn950 Utilities don't work. Reward $2

The utilities highlighted in red, as new utilities don't do anything and when i click on them they just say wait till they down load?

asked by vbn950 last answered by hieuthanuyen
avast1210 Wise Folder Hider Reward $2

I got a problem about your product, everytime I update Wise folder hider my files goes missing can you fix this ASAP?

asked by avast1210 last answered by sifeddine22
zch098 Euask Admin or anyone, Help!!! answered Reward $2

I just payout my 11$ from here to paypal more than 2 weeks ago but still no transfer happened on my paypal. What's wrong? Help please. Thanks

asked by zch098 last answered by sifeddine22
Tankkiller I made a question and it says I have to answered Reward $3

I made a question and it says I have to "Pay the tip in advance", but I had the money and the points when I created the question. The question was for $8 and 100 points I had the $8 to create the question, and I had the 100 points, but when I created the question, it said I have to pay the tip in advance, can a wise-cleaner admin help me out? Thanks! Here's the link for the question:

asked by Tankkiller last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
pustoi11 Why does not the feedback? answered Reward $2 5

I transferred the money in a purse PayPal on July 2nd. the money did not come. I do not know what it is, because the feedback button does not work.

asked by pustoi11 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
thelivewire I cannot log-in to my account answered Reward $2

I cannot log-in to my account, so I signed-up a new one. I signed-in before using facebook, now I can't log-in using FB too. Why?

asked by thelivewire last answered by Aravi
nashnosh Спасибо огромное! answered Reward $2

Wise care works only on pc or there are some apps for smartphones?

asked by nashnosh last answered by Aravi
Delud52 How to stop wise from creating restore points. Reward $2

Wondering which setting to execute this option?

asked by Delud52 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
glrodieck2 How do i get the money? Reward $2

How do I get the money?

asked by glrodieck2 last answered by Elderwand8
TominJacob Why there is a difference in Wise Care 365 version number in Control Panel? answered Reward $2

I use Wise Care 365 for years. I use its latest version now. In the application the version number is given as 4.2.2 and in Control Panel the version number is 4.22. I noted this issue a while ago. This version number difference is not with the latest version, it is also present in the earlier versions. Anyone can check this. Why different version number is appearing?

asked by TominJacob last answered by braz68
Aravi Which Redeem Gift you like to obtain and why? answered Reward $2

Which Redeem Gift you like to obtain and why?

asked by Aravi last answered by pustoi11
deenamin Desktop PC Restart several time Reward $2

When I use my PC its restart several time with this massage PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

asked by deenamin last answered by ZeeshanAhmad3494
jsherwood WiseCare365 on Windows 10 5

Using Windows 10, I have WiseCare running. I can see the window if I Alt-Tab and I can see if in the taskbar. If I select the window either way nothing happens. I cannot get it to show up on the screen.

asked by jsherwood last answered by Aravi
robaldon License key lookup Reward $2

How do I find the License key, in step by step instructions. I tried watching the YouTube video referenced to and it was next to impossible figure out where to look for it and make sure that I did everything correctly. So far the program which I purchased on 2/24/2016 seems to be working very well. I am not a 3 year old who can pick up a new piece of electronics and have it figure out in just a few minutes. Now I must deal with all the joys of growing older and being able to figure something out... [MORE]

asked by robaldon last answered by lowtyde85
Salernitano Payed product not showing on pc answered Reward $2

I just purchased wisecare pro, got thrue the steps but when i click on the short cut I still get the free version which will not take care of my problems!!!

asked by Salernitano last answered by Aravi
tarinal Wise Care 365 Memory answered Reward $2

How do I stop chiming when WC365 optimizes memory in PC?

asked by tarinal last answered by Aravi
gdevss Wise Registry Cleaner 5

Im running a registry cleaner and for the first time ever 35 or so file-type errors won't clear. How do I get rid of them? Also, how do you get the pop up that shows the temperature of the CPU hardrive to return to staying in the background? thanks a bunch!!

asked by gdevss last answered by Aravi
shelly Clean button not working anymore Reward $2

I used the registry cleaner for years and its great. But after formatting my pc the other day and reloading the cleaner, it only worked for one day and now there is a problem. When the scan is done, clicking the green 'clean' button does nothing. Weird, it was working fine up until just today. I found a way around it; by clicking on each indiviual problem and clicking 'clean'. But I want to 'clean' the lot as usual... have you any idea why it is not working when it was fine just a few hour... [MORE]

asked by shelly last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
Masum Is Wise Cleaner Best? Reward $2

Is Wise Cleaner Best?

asked by Masum last answered by akhil_raj001
mvair07 Wise Care 365 Floating Window answered Reward $2

When I installed Wise Care 365 the Floating Window showed the CPU Temperature, but now the Floating Window shows CPU activity. How can I change the Floating Window display back to showing the CPU Temperature?

asked by mvair07 last answered by ha14
Jazzman Wise 365 and how does screenshot work Reward $2

I would like to know if Wise 365 products is compatable with my antivires Mcafee ?

asked by Jazzman last answered by healthsafe
susanlip Registration key number Reward $2

I lost my Registration key number to activate 2 more computers.

asked by susanlip last answered by benedict_cc
sbc707 - Update is not allowing AOL to launch Reward $2

WiseCare Update stopped my AOL Desktop 10 from launching. I did a System Restore to delete the WiseCare Update and then my AOL launched. Can you tell me what is causing this and how to fix it. If you can't fix it then I would request a refund for the program since it has a malfunction/defect. I do want to keep the program so your help would be greatly appreciated. Using current Windows 7

asked by sbc707 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
jeekay I have forgot the hide folder password Reward $4

I have forgot the hide folder after entering "wise folder hider " please help me to get it back

asked by jeekay last answered by MAARIFA2000
WiseCleaner_admin Wise Folder Hider Pro Giveaway Event

Hello everyone, Have you ever used Wise Care 365? Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one system tune up tool. Clean registry and junk files from your PC. Protect your privacy and make your PC more secure. Leave your review on the following website. Send the screenshot & url (your review) and your name to You will receive free license key for Wise Folder Hider Pro. Leave your review on these websites: [MORE]

asked by WiseCleaner_admin last answered by hollis
Epleknut Update to PRO version Reward $2

Hello, I have the free version of Wise 365 and I got an offer to get the PRO version if I use one of the offer shop/casino. I have now registered me on Simbagames Casino and also deposit money there. How do I get the PRO version? Best regards Knut Johansen

asked by Epleknut last answered by pustoi11
jolijojo Wise Folder Pro missing one big folder Reward $2

Hello, during the last release, one big folder missing. why ?

asked by jolijojo last answered by pustoi11
Rory Disable Reminders answered 5

I would like to disable the reminders that appear every few minutes in the bottom right of my screen. Wise_Care Admin suggested I go to settings. Where is the settings tab?

asked by Rory last answered by silvanol
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