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Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017REWARD $2
29 days ago, last commented by AAA1992
FACEBOOK Question - Album Photo's not displaying when posting? most albums do some will not, why ?REWARD $25
75 days ago, last commented by zrodfects
What's a good program (free) for frame by frame animation sketches (surface Pro 3)REWARD $25
146 days ago, last commented by imspecialwinner
Will EUASK get an iOS Appstore release ? Answer from staff preferably??REWARD $2
230 days ago, last commented by Pravy
What is the best way to learn pixel art and animation√ answeredREWARD $25
284 days ago, last commented by Aravi

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replied the topic What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player? created by gcletis

Stick with the basics if your not fussed, that would be avi, wmv or mpg, you can't go wrong, I found as a basic mpg would be best over avi, just avi files sizes are sometimes smaller, I mostly use MP4 or MKV as readable files not burnt to disc though, just placing onto HDD.

16 hours 45 minutes ago
replied the topic Which version of the Call of duty you like? created by AAA1992

I love the Black Ops series best, I enjoy all don't get me wrong, but Black Ops for sure, the latest COD game I will most likely buy one day but they ruined it when they went all spacey, what was their fix because millions complained? they gave you a remake of an older game, they could give you all the remakes in the world, still won't give you a new version minus the space crap, it's heading towards Halo, keep it on the ground...

16 hours 49 minutes ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


All good, it is never too late or early :)

Thanks, have a great year...

11 days ago
replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992


<---- I am from the land down under, Australia, where we greet everyone with g'day (good day) be it friend or foe, we also drive in to trees a lot from swerving around koalas who sit in the middle of the road or punch the odd kangaroo in the face if they put our dogs in a head lock hahaha kidding.

12 days ago
replied the topic Need to end relationship to an alcholic created by myplanet


Thank you kindly for choosing my answer...

I wish you all the besy and hope things work out for you both.

Take care

15 days ago
replied the topic How to start download again ? created by Dipto

Just check to see if you are actually in download mode no paused etc.... Also sometimes you will find it can take extra longer to download especially near the end, sometimes the original file gets removed or corrupted at the other end or the person(s) computer is turned off, without people sharing these files you won't get seeds for them, more people who share the same file the more seeds are available for speedy constant download.

It is also best to sometimes clear the peer list, and update trackers as well as reset bans as this searches for newly shared files that your after that maybe has been previously missed or recently added because others have had their file recently finish downloading too so it becomes more available to you. also makes sure your not seeding to others or at least have your bandwidth set as low as possible so the upload is super slow as it will share your internet speed.

I have never used bit spirit before as I am only familiar with Bit-Torrent. when the file starts you should also set everything to high priority as I noticed this makes speeds a lot faster as it searches for seeds through the pipeline faster and doesn't ignore even the smallest of chunks needed to download a file.

Hope this helps

16 days ago
replied the topic Need to end relationship to an alcholic created by myplanet

Firstly, asking if your a fool to love this person is already wrong on your part, your obviously with her because you liked/loved her so the bond is already there.

So if you do love this person ignoring her flaws as a lot of people do because no one is perfect, but some worse than other so you should be there for her, some addictions are hard to get away from and the addiction creates a happy place for them whether it is a bad place or good place, they only see it as a good place, but others see it as a bad place.

You need to speak to her and ask if she would be willing to get help or seek a help group that you too could come along to show your support, people seek the lowest in their life for a reason, everything has a reason and you need to find out that reason, some drink because they hate seeing or hearing people fight so you keep them away from that environment, maybe she drinks because she sees others do it and they are crazy and having fun but she misses the bad points to that because she thinks like most people even for a good person some days are better than others etc so they don't look at that, because tomorrow would be a different day.

First thing first you would need to find out the reason she does this if possible, something always triggers a reaction, talk to her and say you would like to see her get some help because you see it as a strain on the relationship and you want to do anything possible to help her and be the one she can trust or have someone she can come to.

Most break ups in this situation always goes from bad to worse which would be on her part, obviously with break ups you couldn't careless what happens because your making the move to move on but your letting another person get to their lowest where this person if helped could still be the perfect person for you, but this is a long term thing and this will show what type of person you are yourself to her and to others..

Hope this helps and good luck

20 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Thanks Yuri... Hope you have a great New Year...

24 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Thanks :)

All the best for the New Year for you and your family..

Have a good one and be safe :)

25 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Thank you kindly, same to you :)

28 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Many thanks Pamela, wish you all the best :)

28 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Thanks, you too :)

28 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects


Thanks Aravi

28 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects



28 days ago
replied the topic Who built pyramid human or Alien i created by selcinor

"Pharaoh Khufu"

This was a human built project that even with precise angles that suggested Aliens could only do this is a myth, just something to put out there to add to peoples beliefs, this was a human only built project built by a very clever team of experts who undoubtedly planned what they needed to get done over however long before starting the build which I believe took some 80 years to complete, quote me if I am wrong but, was the Pyramid hard to build with what tools they had back then, hell yes, harder than you might think considering several tonnes of wait per stone block, but not impossible, as for today then it could be simple as constructing a lego house with today's technology, there are thousands of markings on these individual stone blocks that suggest these were pushed in to place with some sort of object in order to keep things align and in place.

Hope this helps......

49 days ago
replied the topic Windows vista automatic updates created by Jes


Just like @Aravi said, which I was about to write similar to this..

Check to make sure what service pack you have with your Windows disk or from re-install via your PC if you have an install/partitioned drive to re-install, I have a few different PC's with random Windows versions from XP to Windows 10, I have two PC's with Vista, one has Service Pack 1, the other with Service Pack 2, the Service Pack 1 won't allow me to update much like yourself including even installing Service Pack 2 as you can not. With my Service Pack 2 Vista, so far haven't had issues with updates, though this will be a problem in 12 months time or so, but I have no need to update anything beyond SP2 anyways, besides they are just my muck around PC's, I only use current Windows now.

Hope this helps.

49 days ago
replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11

It would have to be Stephen Hawking, what he has gone through in life to where he is today only living basically by one nerve in his face yet he still has more energy then teenagers these days, rarely negative thoughts like the younger generation, even through his illness he still powered through with his passion and determination..

A true role model that very little people could ever know what he has gone through or have the know how to look up to without being too self involved as most people do these days..

50 days ago
replied the topic How can I get payout here? created by zekman

Your not going to be able to answer every single question that get's asked.

You may also know the answer but someone else before or even after you may have provided more detail or even provided images or links etc, if no answer has been chosen as best answer this could also mean the person asking the question has not got the answer he/she was looking for, possibly similar but at times people have a set answer in mind they hope to get but in some ways can not put in to words 100% the way they have their question in mind, or perhaps they forgot to choose or do not have access to the internet 24/7 or find the time to check etc.

There could be a number of reasons...

Roam around and just search some answers you think you may know and see how you go, it is pretty much a waiting for when what ever question gets asked or whether it has been answered already etc..

Hope this helps..

51 days ago
replied the topic What if I have answer to my question can I earn created by selcinor

No as it will be classed as fraud, which in turn would get your account banned and all earnings returned, or further action if required.

53 days ago
replied the topic Xbox or Playstation created by marko1


I am a collector of over 50 gaming consoles form retro to current, so I love all consoles.

Though I am not a fan of Sony and this is not my reason I would go for Xbox, but Microsoft has been around computers a lot longer than Sony, Microsoft is way larger than Sony and in most cases deliver what they say, Microsoft also knows more about hardware than Sony hands down.

Take the new Xbox One Scorpion that is coming out next year that is to take on Sony's new PS4 Neo, The new Xbox One when released will have a some crazy 6 TFLOPs power compared to Sony's 4 TFLOPs, which is a decent amount difference, the new Xbox One 2017 will be 4k enabled and done with ease, where as the new PS4 Neo although will display 4K but will use some sort of upscaling hardware trick where for example a 2x2 pixel to be extrapolated into a 4x equivalent, though this would still be ok but it will show some slight but very minimal blur instead of in point crispness, where as the new Xbox One will not have this problem at all, movies or games..

Sony's only alternative to is to increase its TFLOPS when released to take on Microsoft but just like the original Xbox One and PS4 both companies did exactly that, by increasing it's power just before release, so I would only assume Microsoft wanted to go as high as possible in time for release and possible bought it down a notch incase Sony has something up it's sleeve which has been many months in development I would bet Sony is up to something when first hearing about the new Xbox One's specs, basically crapping themselves sales wise, meaning we can not rule out the new Xbox One Scorpion could even go as high as 8 TFLOPS, while Sony thinks they are smart and go for 6, because technically both will always be similar, only difference is exclusive content, but if you have a machine that is twice as powerful then exclusives ain't gonna do squat, when you could have games that are similar but form another company. People tend to go for one side when there are exclusives, but the programmers and artists for these games tend to jump companies alot, so this can mean they can do anything on any console, just different name and textures, so if people want to take on exclusives over power etc, then this decision would be just dumb.

Over time now this has happened I would say that Microsoft will have a group of special computer tech heads working on something now for after the new machines to prepare early for super advanced power and something a little higher on top of that closer to release day for Xbox 5 or what ever name they use.

With both consoles having VR (Virtual Reality Goggles ready) I would only assume the new Xbox One Scorpion's graphical power will be a more enjoyable experience, not ruling out both will still be great mind you, again I am not dissing Sony, just experience wise Xbox would be somewhat better.

I am not saying Sony is crap, again not a fan of Sony, but I will still buy both, but if I had to pick one without hesitation, Xbox One for me...

I am already excited to see what the new Xbox One Scorpion is capable of, which is also fully backwards compatible with all current Xbox One games and 200+ Xbox 360 games, possibly more over time.

Hope this helps

54 days ago
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