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replied the topic Do you want to go back to childhood? created by nollore

Yes, I want to return to the days of childhood

1676 days ago
replied the topic What kind of songs do you like to listen? created by au52

Rapture love songs and romance

1676 days ago
replied the topic Where do you download Android apps? created by finefin

Download Android apps directly to your phone
Do you still download Android apps on your computer and then transfer them to your Android phone? Now, you do not need to waste your precious time to do any more. Instead, you are able to download and install your favorite apps to your Android phone directly and immediately.
Download free applications for the robot, you need to use the Android phone management, is Wondershare MobileGo for Android. Google has built-in play that you are able to download free apps quickly and easily. In addition, if you connect your Android phone to the Director of this robot, applications will be automatically loaded into the corresponding folder on your Android phone, as well as with respect to your computer.
Download Win Version
How to download Android apps

In the next part, we'll give you a way to download applications directly to your Android phone. Load management of this robot, and follow us.
Step 1: Install the management of this robot and connect your phone as a

MobileGo for Android installed on your computer. Connect your Android phone with them either by USB cable or wireless. After connecting it, this program will reveal soon on your phone. Then you can see all the files in the right-hand column of the main window.
download android apps
Note: MobileGo for Android and is compatible with more than 2000 models of the phone. With the release of the new phone, phones will support more and more.
Step 2: Download Android Apps

It is clear that there are "online resources" part in the right column. There, you can add your favorite your application sites, such as AppBrain. Or you are able to download apps from Google's built-play, as well. Now let's take a play Google as an example.
Click "Run Google Apps". Home and then will appear in the right pane. Find your wanted application and click "Install." After that, click "Download", the functions located at the bottom of the left column bar. Then, you can notice that the download applications.
download apps on android
During the download process, you should be sure that your Android phone is connected to this program all the time. Once loaded, you can check the applications on your Android phone.
It takes you about 1 or 2 minutes to delete unwanted pictures in your photo library. Then you will find that you manage to delete images iPhone library. This solution is really very easy and useful, is not it? Apart from the deletion of the picture library of the iPhone, I was able to import your favorite photos to the photo library, as well as export images to your computer.

1676 days ago
replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki

الشكر بلغتي هو يحفضك الله

1708 days ago
replied the topic What's the best Italian dish? created by moonlight

Italian favorite dish pizza

1708 days ago
replied the topic How to Restart my firefox ? created by Sandratezz

Firefox updated
At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Add-ons, then slide the cursor on the help, and press on the face of the faults information.
Troubleshooting info - win
Click on preparing the default settings in the upper right corner in the face of faults information page.
Reset Firefox - Win - 1
To continue, press on preparing the default settings in the ratification of the window that opens.
Firefox will close and restores the default settings. At the end of the process, a window containing the imported data record will appear. Click Finish to open Firefox again.
What are Firefox Update feature?
All your Firefox settings to store your personal information in your profile folder. The update feature works by creating a new definition to provide you with your important data file folder.
Additions which are usually stored within the Firefox profile folder, such as extensions and themes, will be removed. Additions stored in other locations, such as additions, will not be removed but any modified preferences (such as add-ons that do not) will be returned to the default settings.
Firefox will save the following data:
Browsing History
Windows and tabs
Sites for automatic registration of data
Personal dictionary
Deleted or recovered settings and the following items:
Tabs open, windows and groups of tabs, extensions and themes, permissions for the site, the modified preferences, search started engines, download history, store DOM, security certificate and a timer, loading procedures, settings plugin, toolbar customizations, user settings and social features will be removed.
Extensions and themes, site permissions, and modify preferences, add search engines, download history, DOM storage, security certificate and a timer, loading procedures, settings plugin, toolbar customizations, user and social features will be removed and methods

1753 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your time on bus or tube? created by Tadakii

I spend my time on the bus Gazette and phone games

1753 days ago
replied the topic Can't get facebook to come up on google chrome. created by rdn0219

A.imkn to get on Facebook from Mozilla and Opera

1754 days ago
replied the topic How to get back my deleted photos? created by wency

You have to download software Wondershare Photo Recovery

1754 days ago
replied the topic Why are Apple products so expensive? created by seven

Apple ranked list of the most valuable companies in history, with $ 632 billion, due to the high price of its shares, including 64%, breaking the record for Microsoft, estimated at 618.9 billion dollars.

1761 days ago
replied the topic How to change user name in Windows 10? created by fancylili

Ask the user to enter very little except maybe one or two small things. One of those little things is the name of your computer, you'll learn in today's lesson on how to change the name of the device in Windows 10.


1. Log in to the application settings (you can see on the way here).

2. go to the System.

3. go down to the bottom and choose your About tab and you'll find the image.

4. PC Name in front of you will find your name.

5. Click on Rename PC to change the name.

6. then type the new name and then press Next.

7. Windows will be asked to restart the machine, you can approve or delay, in any case will change the name of the device when you record the next entry.

1761 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite foreign food? created by 1633

Favorite food is hamburgers foreign

1767 days ago
replied the topic How to improve communication skill? created by Amy

Do you feel the problem in delivering what you want to explain it to others or feel that there is a missing point in talking with others, in which case there is a need for the development of communication skills with others and that comes from several ways tells us first of all to build our character and distinguish them many skills and then tells us in communicate with others, and have collected for yourselves in this article group of the best ways for the development of communication skills among the people to help us deal in all aspects of our daily lives.

The development of better methods of communication skills:

Knowledge :
And that may be the most important skills required to become a good communicator. You need to know many of the topics so you know what communicate with others and when. And to be aware of the surrounding environment around you this, not only to improve yourself in the communication process, but also will help you to control any general conversation, when talking with your colleague on the subject of what you should be familiar with the subject until you know how you relate with him, and always remember that a person with knowledge better make a phone more effectively.

Self-confidence and get rid of shyness:
If you want to be a good communicator, you must be sure of yourself. And go out into the real world, Valtoasl is the expression of your ideas to people, and if you are shy will not have absolutely no way to communicate no matter how you want to communicate. They must get rid of the feel embarrassed in front even if it is not at all easy in the beginning, but only the first step is always the hardest. And learn from the people who communicate very well in today's world, you will notice one thing at each of them, which they are not ashamed and deal freely with the world.

 Read on to learn speaks of:
We look around at all the amazing communication between people in the world and continuously updated here and there. You will notice something in common in all of them. It is the result of reading in all languages ​​They learn and they talk constantly. This is the way that improves their communications. In order to be a good axes should make reading usually true for you. Reading expands your vocabulary without a doubt, thus giving you a wider opportunity to use during the connection. And reading in a given language also helps to develop your understanding about this language that would certainly help in communicating and reading more will help you communicate more.

Learn good language skills:
Communication is done in many languages ​​these days. Including English, German, Italian, Indian and Arabic, Vallgat necessary for two people to communicate using the same language. If you want to talk to someone in English, you should start in the proper handling of the English language. No one likes to communicate with someone who does not know the language correctly.

Use your body language and your feelings well:
Learning to adjust your voice from time to time there is talk tone one, as well as with facial expressions and body smiles sometimes, breathe a sigh of relief, narrow eyes, language of the body is an important part during the communication, as it adds much more on what you're trying to convey.

Make sure you're the concept:
All one needs to do when communicating with others is to make sure that he understood, and the best way to get ideas for their communications are to remain simple. You do not need to use big words and complex, and to be very direct and to the specific point. Thus making it easy for people to understand what you are trying to connect and what you want to get it, good communication is the process of two-way process. Send and receive through your thoughts Rdaalaha. If you do not understand in the first place, and you do not get the required response will be unable to complete the connection.

 Use good eye contact:
If you touch someone, you'll need to make eye on good communication Also, this is the side of contact and that most people either avoided or are not aware of it, and it gives you a sense of how to get your message, and studies suggest that women are much better at making eye contact from the men during the talks.

Contact well:
This skill comes when communicating with a stranger for the first time. Van be able to good communication is very important to continue being an active part, Kalhadit common interests between the two countries in case of a different country. Is he loves and restaurants in the city, for example, and talk about it. do you love football? And the person who intends to communicate with loved football too? So you have a common base can be used for a series of talks.

Learn how to built good relations:
Communication is at its best when it is a two-way process. In your relationships with your friends or your colleagues know how to built good relationships with them and their estimated praising their actions, to feel the value of communicating with you.

Be a good listener:
Listening is a very important part of the communication process, and the best way to become a good communicator is to enhance your listening skills, making you a good reception prepares you to respond in any communication process. Unfortunately most people do not realize the importance of listening during the connection. Communication is always the best of the best listeners, Vkonh a good listener helps you to respond well during the call, listen carefully to what he was talking with someone helps you and gives you ideas to complete communicate effectively.

1768 days ago
replied the topic What movies are you most excited about in 2016? created by twoapple

Movies excitement and Action

1768 days ago
replied the topic Internet speed was slow until I reboot the computer. Why? created by amili

How to increase the speed of the Internet without having to pay anything
Internet has now become the fastest and easiest means of communication in the world and many of us spend so much time it with the versatility and possibilities offered by the online world to us, and therefore we always love to have internet with high speed so they will offer in this article how to work on increasing the speed online without the need for hardware acceleration or strengthening of the Internet.
                 How to increase the speed of the Internet

1. Make sure that the speed Internet connection available in the region inhabited by high and is it faster than the Internet connection through the phone or not.
Educate yourself speed internet-1

2. Make the maintenance of the computer you're using: that is, for example, install anti-virus program and delete important third-party files that you do not empty the Trash computer basket recycle bin, where that of the main causes of the Internet slow is the presence of viruses harmful files on your computer, and you should try to make the space available on the operator C of not less than 10% of the memory space device The device, which is the work of a regular maintenance helps to increase the speed of the Internet even more.

Educate yourself speed internet-2

3. Be sure to restart the Internet by separating cable from the power and reconnect it, or separation and run your router device.
Educate yourself speed internet-3

4. Make sure you connect all the devices connected to your existing operation of the Internet, especially if you have a group of devices connected to the Internet one.
Educate yourself speed internet-4

5. Try to improve the cache files cache: because it improves the performance of the Internet by not downloading the same file more than once during browsing.
Educate yourself speed internet-5

- Warning: If you delete the temporary files will be loaded at all to browse Web sites.
6. If you use a wireless Internet device, make sure that there is no overlap between him and the cordless phone or wireless camera because that would weaken the internet.
Educate yourself speed internet-6

7. Contact your Internet service Sometimes the service is not up to you in an integrated art comes to you to solve the problem.
Educate yourself speed internet-7

8. If the performance of your computer is slow Vqtaa online will also be slow and remember that the Internet speed can not exceed the degree of the speed limit on your PC.
Educate yourself speed internet-8

9. always developed from the computer and run the potential of the Internet and make sure the selection of a moderate specification devices in terms of speed as most running Internet can not move more than 10 Mbps in spite of the presence of other devices capable of transmitting 100 Mbps .

Educate yourself speed internet-9

10. Choose the best software installed on Internet device (router), and constantly updated by.
Educate yourself speed internet-10

11. Non-old cable modem with a new one: because it destroys with time because of the accumulated heat, causing it not to connect to the Internet well but change from time to time helps you maintain rapid Internet connection.
Educate yourself speed internet-11

12. often less than the speed of the Internet connection when other programs you are using at the same time as an update, for example, viruses Anti program or download the program because they connect to the Internet automatically and get rid of it. Go to the Start menu and choose Run command and type "cmd" and then type netstat -b 5> activity. txt and wait a minute and I'll show you a list of programs that you want to stop it from connecting to the Internet automatically.
Educate yourself speed internet-12

13. Hold down the following buttons Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the same time to open the Task Manager because it will help to close the programs and processes that can be done to steal contact you through it.
Educate yourself speed internet-13

14. After you have filled some of these attempts online again If you find speed has increased prepared a device driver. If I said I found speed again if you need to make these steps when every time you use the Internet.
Educate yourself speed internet-14

15. If there is another person who uses the Internet at home with you at the same machine running the Internet you can learn whether it is running a video or carry anything because that definitely affects Internet connection speed in the rest of the common devices in the same device running online.
Educate yourself speed internet-15

16. If you are using Internet satellite If your Internet connection is affected by different weather conditions of snow and clouds and lightning and rain or any other electrical interference.
Educate yourself speed internet-16

- Sometimes causing some malware in the Internet completely disconnected check that possess strong protection program.
- Download software that speeds up browsing: such as Internet Cyclone program, and if you are using Firefox or Internet Aksplolr Try them Google Web Axliritur program.
- Reduce the programs installed on the device and that does not even increase the space used by the operator C
- Do not press any strange links or cookies to protect yourself from spyware.
- Called the service provider so that it processes and correction of your Internet connection.
- Always proven software on your computer against spyware program against viruses and told them constantly.
- There has been always developed computer parts, especially the temporary RAM memory, this would improve the performance of the device and also the speed of the Internet connection.
- Press the stop button as soon as the shows you what you want on the Web page you want to browse.
- Be sure to always protect your computer from viruses because some powerful viruses may destroy the machine and connect to the Internet entirely.
- Do not you download files only from the famous such as free- / share-ware sites and programs and avoid sites that may harm the device.
- Do not be tempted beyond the sites that claim they will notify you at a rate of speed of the Internet on your computer for free, it does not do so, but in fact it is doing a check only to find out the problems that exist on the device will not be telling you fast only if you subscribe to them.

1768 days ago
replied the topic What is the saddest movie you have seen? created by nancy

The most miserable film to me is the tears of roses

1768 days ago
replied the topic I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read. created by bike

1770 days ago
replied the topic Problems with my motherboard created by tamara12

Many problems in my mother including: unemployment, housing the living-health -Do not achieve self-sufficiency ... etc.

1774 days ago
replied the topic Which book changed your life or brain? created by echozeki

Neuroscientists believed that reading the book "To kill a Mocking bird" can make the brain is believed to be living in the reality of events experienced by the literary characters between the pages of this book.

Researchers have found biological changes in the brains of people who were asked in one of the experiments read books. The aim of this experiment prove that some accounts could have a significant impact in the brain. What was the result?

These scientists found that successful moving story can be attached in the memory of the reader strongly as if the events of the story that he lived by himself.

Said Professor in Neuroscience Gregory Burns, of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia: "stories make up our lives, and in some cases help to identify the person. We wanted to understand how stories affect the brain, and what to do with it."

"The neurological changes that we found associated with sensation and movement of physical systems indicate that reading a novel can make the reader is embodied in the protagonist. We already know that good stories can make you feel like you're the last person figuratively, but now we see that none of this can also that happens biologically. "

Some stories are so powerful that they may permanently change the way the brain reader, and that the findings of the study. We can see the effects of nerve for several days after the volunteers stopped reading books.

The researchers recruited 21 students to read the best-selling novel "Pompeii" the British writer Robert Harris, over 19 consecutive days at a time in which the one who had been watching their brains.

Students underwent after the completion of the reading of the exam to make sure they actually Aqraaa book which tells the love story of a fictional spin in the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed the Roman city conditions.

The results of monitoring the work of the brain have shown that changes in brain function while reading remained constant readers at least five days after the completion of reading the story.

The most affected areas of the brain were those that dominate the left temporal cortex that affect "the ability to understand the language."

Reading also increased as the activity and function of the brain that connects thoughts acts. It's part of the brain that makes you, for example, want to go out for jogging when you consider that the running.

Professor Burns added: "The question remains, how long it lasts this neurological changes? Our selection of some novels randomly certainly suggests that the impact of the novel that he loves the reader can be greater and longer-lasting on the biology of the brain."

1774 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your free time? created by bike

Spend my spare time at home with my family or in sports

1775 days ago
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