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replied the topic How to be stronger? created by larry2

Pray always and fear only God, trust in the Lord and he will fight your battles.

1740 days ago
replied the topic How to make hair shiny and silky? created by momoko

(Main And Tail) is a product for horses the works great.
I mean it it can make horse hair shiny and silky, just imagine what it does for human hair.

1740 days ago
replied the topic Which place do you never want to go to? created by speed


1740 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most important thing for you in a relationship?have Beautiful Face Or Pure & merciful heart. created by only_god

Outward beauty is only for a season, inward beauty comes from the heart.
Therefor, I would choose, a pure and merciful heart, the most important thing to me, looks come second every time.

1740 days ago
replied the topic Decide for even thou its hard created by arjay

This question is very complex, but my answer is simple.
I, in my heart know I would have to save grandma, but not because she is family, but because:
1) I would not want any child to have to grow up in the world as it is now.
2) The baby has never sinned and therefor, is granted a pass into heaven, (By Faith)
just my own thoughts but, I do think this is what I would have to do to live with the decision I made.
Thank You,
For such a compelling question!

1740 days ago
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