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Which is better to use for gaming? Windows7 or Windows10?√ answeredREWARD $1
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replied the topic Blue Screen problem created by deenamin

@deenamin try to clean your memory.. the teeth of it rub with eraser.. if its not resolve blue screen occur reformat computer may be the best way to do it

284 days ago
replied the topic Can you share the best companies in USA that are providing huge data entry services? created by dsandy

Regarding to your question..
Try this Site
its a platform with lots of data entry Services

284 days ago
replied the topic Pc it's too slow created by hutopobd

hello buddy.. before anything else i would suggest do this first.. press Window+R and type %temp%
and then delete all the folders in there... after wards if you said your pc restart.. and check the Heat of your video card try to log in to the game and check the temperature if its getting hot and hotter if yes then video card is the problem.

284 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me! created by Cuongbosse

all .exe file could possibly detect your system as virus.. but i can only that its not a virus nothing to worry about.. but if your still curious about it.. just go to folder and delete it..or go to uninstall programs and delete it manually

284 days ago
replied the topic Download Microsoft office created by pacino77

download it here click the link below

284 days ago
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