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In real life you have everything, if you not happy why√ answeredREWARD $25
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replied the topic What is your favorite card game? created by linburger

My favorite card game is hearts

1571 days ago
replied the topic Why is HTC Vive more expensive than Playstation VR? created by linburger

is here

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replied the topic How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow? created by Pravy

Each one of us has his own way in life, "differences" as they call it. But the reality is that no matter how different we were we live, there are facts, and the values ​​and principles of our control. These facts simple and general, if you try and trying to get to know them and apply them in your life, you'll find a big change can happen.

This fact gives some people a chance to find their place in this world to live their lives to the fullest. While others who do not look for acquiring knowledge, their lives become very boring, difficult and miserable.

How do you live your life to the fullest?

Know the answer to make your life happier as they should be.

To begin with knowledge and learning and the realities of living the good life is life to the fullest.

1) Live today:

The past can not return and the future is always uncertain and only God knows. Today is you you're experienced, so I do everything in your power to adopt lectured happy.

2) Keep the balance:

Your life affected by the four ingredients; mind (brain), passion (heart) and Spirit (faith) and the body (the body). Learn how to maintain the balance between the four sides, as it is known. "A lot of bad thing."

3) Sameh and forget:

The only person who suffers when they do not tolerate is you. The other person who offended Thee probably does not know or care what it feels like. Be compassionate with yourself and forget. Forget what he has done from the mother and enjoy what you have positives in the present.

4) accept the change as part of life:

As often as possible to adapt to change, it becomes your life easier; because the change could open more possibilities and opportunities better for you, if you will accept it.

5) Visit the places not visited before:

To see a new place enables you to discover and learn more from the things that you Ottaghlha in your life. Knowledge help to expand your horizons and your outlook on life.

6) reading:

The best way to live is by learning constantly. Try to be better than you are now. Keep expanding your consciousness and growth through reading.

7) continue to learn:

Remember that you are whatever you're too old, you can learn and discover new things in life be helpful to know how you can be happy.

8) Create memories and recorded in his pamphlet:

Do not wait for that memories occur, make you. Find time to create memories with others. Record every moment do not want to forget, happy or sad, good or evil. Read what noted in Kracetk from time to time to see how far you go or take advantage of. Sure, you will also find these memories of what makes you smile.

9) stuck moments:

The ability to retrieve the memory weaken significantly with the passage of time that were not backed up with pictures, and video clips. Begin in the compilation of those images that would like to remind you of the beautiful moments in the past.

10) He smiled:

Nothing beats the heart and the mind-Saeed, who filled with joy. Be happy no matter what was done to Alayam.anzer always positive. Make the world a better place to live. Sharing your smile with those around you. Smile on your face reflected inside and on the face of all who see it.

11) Learn tender:

The adage is always true, "The more Attaik, many what you receive." Human value in what you can give and not in its ability to taking. Begin the deployment of goodness by what give it and give it to others.

13) Open your ears for adults:

Listening to the older age makes you wiser. Remember, the best way to learn and avoid failure is by listening to the experiences of others.

14) Accept failure and management:

Do not be afraid to Takto or fail. Most successful people have passed through multiple failures. Failure inside there is a great treasure of experience and wisdom and lessons learned.

15) take the risks:

Life is full of opportunities and you do not live if you do not take them. As they say, the higher the risk the greater the size and the possibility of success.

17) If you want to weep:

Who said that the big boys and girls do not cry? Every man needs to cry, because it reduces the burden of psychological, plus it will protect us from diseases caused emotional pain. Crying is not a weakness but relieve pressure that may be experienced by humans.

18) Respect for the opinion of the other:

Who wins the debate? No one. Beyond yourself about the controversy. Does not solve any issue by discussing hot. Learn how to listen to what others may say, without objection or support them or even believe them. Be neutral and shut up if you do not like to talk. Everyone has the freedom to express his opinion without being attacked by one.

19) Take a Break:

Reward yourself for working days. Take a break, you deserve it, but you need it to regain your preparing for another day of work.

20) work intelligently, not as strong:

People most pressure are those who do not know how to work intelligently. Do not take yourself to the whole task. Remember, you are not alone in this world. Learn how to estimates and trust in the abilities of others. It's not a weakness to ask for help points.

21) Be yourself:

Do not try to act like someone else just to please everyone. You do not have, in addition to that you will do so. I stand firmly for those who are. stuck to the end, you will discover that deserves to remain in your life as you are unchanged or imitate anyone, from those who are not.

22) Start of attention:

People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. Interest and let people know you're interested. Remember, that human relationships more durable than the achievements and prestige.

23) hopes:

Had cut the time to be with yourself and be silent. This stillness and meditation can be commonly relax the fast-paced life that prevailed, and help you discover more about yourself and how you can become.

24) discovered a specific purpose have:

life is a journey. When you walk along your trip, place your way through the map to direct you. If you discovered on health and health at the place and time the way health. To help you discover this, ask yourself, "If there is no praise or criticism in the world, I'd be?" Once you know the answer, you will know where you are correct or wrong.

25) live with the community:

Do not live for yourself alone; remember that there are people and other creatures surrounding this world. Even if we do not realize it, every step or action we take creates an impact on the others. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. Contributed to the knowledge and experience you have for the benefit of the whole world.

Remember: Life is not easy nor too difficult. Having a good life we ​​live properly is just an option. So make sure that your choice is to live a virtuous life to the fullest.
What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow
Is the future, if a person does not have, does not have Hdv Hdv and no future

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replied the topic Good apps for making money? created by Elderwand8

Good apps for making money

9 mobile apps that can earn you real money

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replied the topic الكمبيوتر والانترنت created by mansour

النصائح الاساسية التي يحتاجها الجميع عند القيام بشراء افضل لاب توب او جهاز حاسب او محمول جديد حتى تستطيع ان تختار جهاز قوي ومميز يناسب الاعمال التي تنجزها عليه. تختلف الامكانيات التي يقدمها كل حاسوب محمول حسب متطلبات المشتري. فهناك بعض الاشخاص الذين يحتاجون الى امكانيات قوية جدا من اجل قيامهم باعمال تحتاج امكانيات عالية مثل اعمال البرمجة والجرافيكس وغيرها من الاعمال الاخرى وهناك من يحتاجونه لاعمال خفيفة او للدراسة و بالتالي الامكانيات التي يحتاجونها تكون اقل . لكن السؤال الذي يطرح نفسه هوكيف تستطيع ان نختار جهاز محمول او لاب توب جديد يناسب احتياجتك ويكون ادائه عالي وقوي وكيف تقوم بشراء افضل لاب توب جديد او كمبيوتر محمول يناسب ما تريده

هناك بعض اماكن البيع التي غالباً ما تقدم اجهزتها بأسعار كبيرة جدا لدرجة اننا بعد ان نشتري الجهاز نجد اماكن اخرى تبيع نفس الجهاز بنفس الامكانيات لكن باسعر اقل، ويرجع هذا الامر لعدم امتلاكك الخبرة المناسبة في الشراء. فكل قطعة بداخل اجهزة اللاب توب لها سعر محدد وبتغيرها يتغير سعر الجهاز. فيجب عليك عند الشراء الذهاب الى الاماكن المعتمدة والمتخصصة في بيع اجهزة الحاسب حتى تضمن الحصول على افضل الاسعار، كما يجب عليك قراءة الامكانيات الداخلية للجهاز بتمعن قبل الشراء

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replied the topic Error code 0x800706D9 in Win 10 Store created by bh_international

Try using a Fix It tool to correct errors

1587 days ago
replied the topic Error code 0x800706D9 in Win 10 Store created by bh_international

You need to run Windows Firewall system

1587 days ago
replied the topic Error code 0x800706D9 in Win 10 Store created by bh_international

Try retrieval system on Old

1587 days ago
replied the topic Who is your idol? created by seven

I will ask you a question what the meaning of role models? Where the human personality and when he takes his role model

1589 days ago
replied the topic What is a Mary Sue? created by philip

1592 days ago
replied the topic How to write rap lyrics? created by seven

Shi best writing Maths or what you live as this will convey your words to a large number of people

1593 days ago
replied the topic Worldwide Terror by the IS created by TechnoParadoxum

Even changing human behavior and learn that the man has no right to kill one person to the right and the law of the State

1593 days ago
replied the topic From later Bsahpty created by khaledeldbaa

I hope never to knead

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replied the topic БЛАГОДАРЮ РАЗРАБОТЧИКОВ ПРОГРАММ!!! created by serzh7777777

Я фанат компьютерных продуктов, а также любят Новые продукты радуются при испытании

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replied the topic What is your roommate nightmare story? created by icecream

It happened back when I was in high school and living with my parents. I used to sleep keeping me bedroom door open ( I was always scared of something, still am!). One night I suddenly woke up from deep sleep hearing some creaking sound coming just outside from my bedroom. I went over the door where the light switches were, when my hand was on the switch, suddenly I felt someone’s hand on mine. After that there was total pandemonium. I shrieked and jumped back to my bed, the other person also hollered like hell and I heard someone running away. I cried ‘dad!’ with all my might from my bed and at the same time I could hear my dad shouting my mom’s and my name. Here I should tell that all kinds of phobia that I got probably came from my dad, he’s the one with lots of phobias (One time seeing an earthworm on the floor, he jumped straight into bed and called my mom to get rid of it). So, my mom came to my room and I told her what happened. Then the strangest thing happened, she just started laughing like crazy! Next thing she took me to my dad’s room where I found him like this-
As you can guess what happened, he came to my room, went on to turn on the light and my hand was already there. My mom had a good laugh telling this story to her friends over the next week.

1597 days ago
replied the topic Slow respond on AMD A6-6310 created by adityapratama

clean pc from virus ..
Reinstall adobe flach player
and vlc player
Reinstall fire foxe

Try Coogle Chrome browser

If the problem remains prepared to change the system

1597 days ago
replied the topic Where to download Pokemon Go? created by braz68

1597 days ago
replied the topic ماهو الفرق بين نظام الويندوز 8.1/8 / وأيهم أحسن للجهاز created by kamal1

الكثير يقرأ حول انواع كثيره لـ windows 8.1 وقد تكون المسميات غريبه بعض الشئ ولا يعرف ايهما افضل له في موضوع سوف نتطرق للتفرقه بين انواع windows 8.1 من Windows 8.1 – Windows 8.1 Pro – Windows 8.1 Enterprise – Windows 8.1 RT , اولا يجب التعريف بكل نسخه علي حدا ومن ثم ستجد مقارنه شامله بين جميع النسخ.

Windows 8.1
هي نسخه التي يطلق عليها windows 8 home premium او windows 8.1 core وهذه النسخه وفرت للمستخدم العادي واكثر استقرار فهي للاستخدام الشخصي مثل العاب التصفح برامج الاشياء الاكثر اعتياديه.

Windows 8.1 Pro
هذه النسخه مخصصه لمستخدمي الاكثر احترافيه للحاسوب وايضا تحتوي علي مميزات اكثر ومفيده لرجال الاعمال ايضا.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise
الكثير يظن انها نسخه فقط للتجربه ولكن هذه النسخه تحتوي علي جميع مميزات Windows 8.1 Pro اي تحتوي علي جميع مميزات نظام تشغيل Windows 8.1 عدا ميزه واحده فقط لـ Windows 8.1 RT وقد شملت هذه النسخه ايضا تنظيم تكنولوجيا المعلومات IT ومخصصه ايضا للشركات وعملاء مراقبه البرامج والتعديل عليها Software Assurance.

Windows 8.1 RT
هذه النسخه هي للاجهزه اللوحيه Tablet قد يظن البعض انها لاستخدام الكمبيوتر ولكنها لاجهزه Tablet مثل Samsung Galaxy Tab و Ipad.

والان مع مقارنه بشكل كامل ربما طويله بعض الشئ ولكنها شامله للتفرقه بين تلك النسخ وعامه ما افضلها في الاستخدام هي Windows 8.1 Pro

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replied the topic Where to download Pokemon Go? created by braz68

is here download

1598 days ago
replied the topic Can't open exe files created by gmj59

Refund of your system on Old

1598 days ago
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