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Can it be that WiFi is bad for your health?REWARD $2
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replied the topic What makes you feel afraid? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494


1682 days ago
replied the topic I need to sleep ! How I can ? created by MickelMalik

The best way for me to fall asleep is:

Wear a sleepmask!

1) Switch off the WiFi (WiFi causes insomnia, among other health problems)

2) Take a mixture of natural herbs, such as:

Goudpapaver, Valeriaan, Haverstro, Hop, Citroenmelisse, Slaapmutsje (NB. THESE ARE THE DUTCH TERMS) and Melatonin, Dragon Herbs Lights Out (see picture), 5-HTP, L-Theanine.

3) Download some soothing meditations on your MP3-player. Relax and listen, keep listening until you get sleepy.

4) Do self-hypnosis: count back from 100 to 0, imagine yourself slowly descending a staircase, each step is one count. If you lose count, start anew. If you keep your eyes facing a little upward, this will induce relaxation more easily. Don't give up, keep counting. Tell yourself: "I don't have to do anything, I'm totally relaxed now."

5) You can also try a bodyscan: relax your body parts one by one, starting with your head and moving slowly down, until you get to your feet.

If necessary, repeat steps 3 to 5.

Sleep well!

1692 days ago
replied the topic How do i get the money? created by glrodieck2

I have a plan.

You and I start asking questions here and then we agree to choose each other as best answer. 7 Queries a week is good for 14 dollars. Do you think we can pull this off? Who's with me?

Ha ha ha!

Just kidding, of course.

1692 days ago
replied the topic Why is it harder to make friend as an adult? created by au52

There are several reasons for this, but I think the main reason is that children are still curious, open-minded, okay with being vulnerable and learning new things. As adults we have formed our opinions, our minds are more closed, we are afraid to be vulnerable, afraid of getting hurt and no longer so trusting as children. And to form friendships we need those child qualities. But unfortunately, we lose them as we get older.

As children we are expanding our world.
As adults, we are settled and we tend to close our world, thus leaving less room for new friendships.

Ofcourse, it doesn't have to be this way. We can remain open-minded and vulnerable if we are brave enough! It just takes some awareness of how we close our world.

1692 days ago
replied the topic How to know which person is donig right for others ? created by NOWSHAD

Trust your instinct, your intuition. Feel it in your gut. If you practice this and take the time to listen to your own intuition, there you will find the answer. For instance, if you don't trust someone, don't you get a hunch? don't you feel some slight ache in your gut? And if you didn't listen to your gut feeling, don't you say afterwards "I could've known, because it didn't feel right"? Always listen to what your own intuition tells you. In time, you will learn to trust your own feeling more and more. Everyone has intuition, it can be underdeveloped or get snowed under by your rational mind, but it is there! Don't rely on what others may say, learn to trust your own inner judgment! It will guide you.

Intuition is defined as: a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.

1695 days ago
replied the topic What goes up and never comes down? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494

Your age, of course. We're not getting any younger.....

1695 days ago
replied the topic What is the best way to wake up? created by icecream

Waking up and then realizing it's the Weekend...!

1696 days ago
replied the topic What makes you feel afraid? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494

I'm afraid of dying. Do you realize how scary it is to breath your last breath? To have to leave your body behind? What will happen? Where will you go? The process of dying is a very scary and possibly painful process. Of course, everyone fears death, unless you are an enlightened one. To us humans, the fear of death underlies all other fears....

1696 days ago
replied the topic Decide for even thou its hard created by arjay

One life is not more precious than the other. Let them both go, so you won't have to choose. They will find each other on the other side and they can both start a new reincarnation. Other option: let the newborn go, he is still very much in touch with the other world and will come back very soon as another newborn.

1696 days ago
replied the topic How to take Revenge ? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494

Remember, dear @ZeeshanAhmad3494 that everything you do comes back to you. It does! If someone has done you wrong, that will come back to him too. Guaranteed. It's a small consolation, but you don't need to take revenge. The law of Karma will do this for you. If you are angy, do some sports, go running or boxing. Best regards, Yas.

1696 days ago
replied the topic Which place do you never want to go to? created by speed

Anywhere where people kill, murder, rape, hate, discriminate against minorities, make war, violate basic human & animal rights, pollute the sky, the earth & oceans....... oops, that's everywhere on this planet!

It's up to us to make this place, or any place, ugly or beautiful.
So let's make this earth a beautiful place.

Best regards, Yas

1698 days ago
replied the topic What makes you feel better when you're in a bad mood ? created by braz68

I analyze my bad mood until I have found the root cause. After that, the bad mood just dissolves.

1698 days ago
replied the topic Why keep mobile phone half inch away from ear or body? created by yas

You are right. But people are always wanting scientific proof of this. Until it is too late for many.... Thank you for your contribution.

1698 days ago
replied the topic What is best method to learn FRENCH?????? created by tracy

Learn French in 8 hours with the Michael Thomas method.

Learn French - Instantly. Fastest way to learn.

No books. No writing. No memorizing. You will learn while enjoying yourself.


Easy does it!

Good luck,

1698 days ago
replied the topic How to be stronger? created by larry2

Do you mean physically stronger or mentally stronger? You can look like a Hulk and still feel weak inside.... But if it's enough for you to LOOK strong and fool everyone, indeed do your daily workouts and build muscles, sit up straight, look the part and impress people! If you mean mentally stronger, it will require a more difficult road...

NB. Only fools fear nothing. Fear is a very useful emotion. It lets you know when to run or fight for your life. Only when fear is based on some old child conviction, it no longer serves us.

1698 days ago
replied the topic How to be an optimistic person? created by claire

If you want an easy solution, and I think most people here do: At the end of each day think of all the good things that happened today, however small, or think of the good things you have in your life. And practice being thankful for every good thing. This will set your focus towards OPTIMISM.
Being grateful is a very helpful mindset. It won't take more than a minute a day.

1698 days ago
replied the topic How to forgive others? created by scipio

If you want a "quick fix" from hurt, just forget about the hurt and go on with your life...

1698 days ago
replied the topic How to forgive others? created by scipio

Fact of the matter is, you do not forgive until you are ready to do so. Don't force yourself to do anything that doesn't feel right, only because it is expected or the right thing to do. This would be just a fake. And fake doesn't count. Having said this, the path to forgiveness is totally healing and you want to free yourself from your hurt! Not for the other person who has hurt you, but for yourself. Forgiving is something we do for ourselves. It doesn't mean we approve of what the other has done.

I would suggest you just sit and feel your pain and anger as best you can. Cry, shout, anything. If you need help with this, seek help. Feel it over and over again. If anything comes up from your past that is associated with this hurt, go with that feeling, feel it as best you can. Write letters to the other person how he has hurt you (don't send them though, this is just meant as a therapeutic device). One day, when you're good and ready, you will feel you are ready to let go of the hurt and anger. Say out loud: "I forgive you. I now understand you are lost and didn't know what you were doing. My soul forgives your soul."

This process needs time. Take as much time as you need. If you forgive too soon, the forgiveness is not real. You have to feel it in your heart that you are able to forgive (this is very crucial).

(If you are dealing with a person who is still part of your life and keeps hurting you over and over again. Think again, don't you deserve to be with a more loving persons? If not, why not? What are the -unconscious- assumptions and convictions about your selfworth?)

I don't know the situation, but it could also be that the person who hurt you wasn't the real cause, just the trigger. The real hurt lies, as it usually does, in your childhood....

Don't be hard on yourself. Forgiveness is really difficult.

Good luck!

1700 days ago
replied the topic How to be a generous person? created by MyWay

If you really want to learn how to be more generous and less selfish...

Being generous towards others means thinking of others, their feelings, their needs, being considerate and thoughtful. It also means being aware of the fact that YOU are NOT the center point of the universe. A selfish person thinks solely of his/her own needs ("My needs are fulfilled, to H... with the rest").

Just a simple example to make my point. It could mean that when you ask a question and others have taken the trouble to provide you with their answers, you take the trouble to thank them or let them know that you have read their contributions, or whatever. Not being selfish means taking into account the other person on the other end of the line.

I hope this will give you come clues. We are all learning to be the best we can be.

Good luck!

1703 days ago
replied the topic How to be a generous person? created by MyWay

If you want to become a more generous person, you may want to start by choosing a best answer and grant someone the 2 dollar reward. Taking into account others' happiness before your own... It's just a suggestion.

1703 days ago
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