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replied the topic Is Wise Cleaner Best? created by Masum

Of course not. Best for you is the best. You can try CCleaner

1709 days ago
replied the topic How to grow hair thicker? created by akhil_raj001

Many people's hair is fine and soft, so hair is often present problems. Is something that many people want to know. End, we introduce the following methods. First of all, under normal conditions, our hair is to have a certain degree of hardness and toughness, of course, different people, possibly because of individual genetic differences, has some differences in the hardness and shape of the hair, but similar, healthy hair is a very high degree of hardness. However, some human hair due to genetics, nutrition, even for physical reasons, hair is fine, thin, this time should be how to make the hair hard? This problem we can from hair growth of angle to for everyone for analysis: hair main ingredients is angle protein, contains variety amine base acid and the dozens of species trace elements, if deficiency iron and protein hair on will variable yellow, and variable fine variable soft and the points fork; deficiency vegetable oil, and vitamin a,, and protein and iodine Shi, hair will sent dry, and no gloss, and hair variable fine and the easy broken; deficiency vitamin b group Shi will appeared fat leak sex dermatitis and the hair off phenomenon. We can find nutritional intake and hair with hair form are closely linked, so how do we make the hair hard questions need to be addressed from a nutritional point of. Specifically, is the need to replenish the hair sufficient nutrition! Adequate and balanced diet is the most important, usual intake should contain a lot of protein nutrition food for hair growth. Such as meat, eggs, milk, soybeans, and undaria algae and sea food. In addition to the protein beyond this essential nutrient, hair needs vitamins and nutrients such as carbohydrates. Vitamin foods from milk, eggs, liver, spinach and food intake. Also available from sweet potatoes, okra and other moisturizing polysaccharides food such as nutrition, these are all good ways to solve! Also, usually in wash hair of when, appropriate of for hair for massage, also can makes hair on nutrition of absorption effect double, once scalp blood cycle good, cell activity of, hair draw nutrition sufficient, hair growth of speed natural speed up, sent quality on will became more health, hair on can variable rough variable hard, such of problem also on get has effective of solution! Above is the solution, natural hair that is soft and fine friends also do not lose heart, follow the above method can alter the hair's texture, perseverance will be a tough good hair.

1709 days ago
replied the topic Do you close windows when using air conditioners? created by bootup

Air conditioning influence the air conditioning cooling effect when you open the window, without opening the window does in terms of oxygen supply has a problem. A more appropriate approach is: after blowing the liangdaosangezhongtou refrigeration air conditioning replaced air mode or shut down the air conditioning window, letting air conditioning can take breaks and long-term air conditioning blowing also have disadvantages, such as the indoor air is very dry.

Air conditioning and refrigeration is transported to an outdoor indoor heat, and if you open the window, the place back to the low temperature heat.


(1) air conditioner power, the refrigerant in the refrigeration systems of low pressure steam back to the compressor suction and compression for high pressure steam condensers.

(2) the axial-flow fan draws outside air flows through the condenser, remove refrigerant release of heat, high-pressure refrigerant vapor condenses as a high-pressure liquid.

(3) a high-pressure liquid after filter, throttle body injected into the evaporator, and the corresponding evaporation under low pressure, draw around the heat.

(4) cross flow fan to make the air entering the evaporator fins of the heat exchange, and then radiates cold air to the Interior.

(5) such a constant circulation of indoor air, achieve the objective of lowering the temperature.

1710 days ago
replied the topic Why does the UK want to leave the European Union? created by faire32

1710 days ago
replied the topic Why do people want to be famous ( in the internet or irl ) ? created by Yuulinshi

1. Hall of good money

2. for satisfying your glory

3. relationship with the authority

4. a celebrity says it's better than obscure the words carry more weight

5. obscurity or being ignored

1710 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best season for losing weight? created by walcott

Winter-fat best weight loss began with winter weight control

Winter is a dormant of season, this season often people of activities volume will greatly of reduced, people fear cold, always wear have is thick, this often can cover live not is satisfaction of figure, so this season on compared easy ignored has himself of figure, many people in this season relax has alert, no longer like summer as fear fat is on immediately effect to figure, so eat of also more has, and winter also does is a enjoy food of season, so many people control not himself of weight, fat has up, We should not forget about losing weight in the winter time the burden of need diet, control your weight, so as not to come in the spring when you try so hard to get angry.

Winter weight loss more effectively

Winter is a good season to lose weight, many weight loss methods are suitable for winter use, such as reducing diet, such as sports, such as liposuction slimming is more suitable for winter use. Reducing diets because it is shorter in the winter, so don't feel hungry, when they feel hungry often in his sleep, exercise could make him sweat, it also helps to keep warm for the cold winter, can be said to be two birds with one stone. Also needs to get in shape after liposuction surgery, require wearing a corset, winter wear together will not make you feel like the summer heat, and keep warm.

To sum up, winter-weight control is very easy and does not cause fat accumulation, compared to winter weight loss method is preferable, so winter is the best time to lose weight.

1710 days ago
replied the topic Is a registry cleaner necessary? created by kathy

Reason # 1: protect your registry expansion
Clean up the registry on a regular basis can help you to prevent accumulation of unwanted junk data in the registry. This will help you prevent registry expansion and maintain a streamlined registry. Streamlined and stable registry can significantly improve the performance of your PC and help you enjoy error-free computing for a long time.
Reason 2: to delete the corrupted registry entries
Because the registry is your Windows system to access and the most frequently used components, registry errors is very high. Registry will be damaged and incorrect registry entries and the registry file fragmentation and error. You can use a registry cleaning tools to easily fix registry errors and organize the registry fragmented, more consistent and easier to access the registry files, so as to prevent and fix many registry errors. Registry cleanup tool also allows you to create a backup of the registry. So, if you modify the registry after the measures do not work, you can restore the original registry backup, your computer immediately back up and running.
Reason # 3: improve system boot speed
Cleaning the registry in order to maintain the registry free of unwanted, obsolete and corrupt registry entries can help you improve your computer's startup performance. Regular registry cleaning, maintenance and picking up the pieces to make your PC more stable and better speed.
Reason 4: fix Windows errors
Errors with your computer often caused by registry problems. DLL errors, ActiveX errors, driver error and many Windows error code error can clean and repair the registry to repair. When you use a registry cleaner tool to scan the registry, all with a shared DLL, registration of driver-related errors can be detected. Therefore, when you clean and repair the registry when you by addressing many of the Windows error repair your computer. Therefore, regular cleaning of the registry is a system error-a very important activity.
Reason # 5: improve the efficiency and stability of the system
Registry errors can cause Windows frequently publish error information, slow system performance, reduce speed and frequent system errors and system crashes. In addition, registry error seriously slow system boot and shutdown process, sometimes so that your system will not start.
Therefore, in order to prevent these problems, speed up your computer, improve operational efficiency and stability of the system, is very important to keep a registry without errors. You can use a reliable registry cleaner tool to periodically scan and clean up registry.
Reason 6: removal of malicious software
Cleaning the registry helps you clear the hide malicious software embedded and registration data. Your computer's antivirus and anti-spyware tools can sometimes be left out this malicious software. Advanced registry cleaner tool can scan the registry in more depth after programmatically. Remove all malicious software from the registry and corrupt data.
Cleaning the registry computer maintenance is a very important step in the activity. Cleaning the registry on a regular basis can not only help you maintain a healthy and without error the registry and also allows you to maintain optimum performance of your PC.

Recommends that users regularly use cclearner or wise care365 for cleaning the system registry, to ensure the stability of the system registry.

1715 days ago
replied the topic Is marijuana legal or illegal in your place? created by singforyou

Cannabis is the strict control of the United Nations drug conventions, the abuse of marijuana can lead to hallucinations and even life-threatening. United Nations drug conventions to include strict controls on Narcotic cannabis. A few States allow medical use of marijuana. Most countries cannabis is illegal, but some States allow marijuana use.

United States

United States, 23 States and the District of Columbia allow the sale of medical marijuana, in which two States, Colorado and the State of Washington to be able to legally sell recreational marijuana.


Canada issued license from the Government, medical and industrial use of cannabis legalization. In 2001, Canada became the first to allow terminally ill patients on their own growing countries or smoking marijuana.


Netherlands allows a small amount of marijuana trafficking and allow purchase and possession of five grams of marijuana or hashish. Having excess weight is illegal.


Pakistan allows the use of marijuana, smoke in the hotel and on the traditional gathering to smoke marijuana.


India can use marijuana during certain ceremonies. India Government to monitor the use of marijuana and cannabis sold in the Holy City of Varanasi.

In addition, Austria, and Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Israel, and Spain and the United Kingdom and a few other States allow medical use of marijuana.

1715 days ago
replied the topic How to say "I love you" in your language? created by BTW

Simple but not dull

1715 days ago
replied the topic Help me ..Why can not I leave bad habits? created by only_god

United States writer Mark Twain once said: "habit is habit, and no one can throw it out the window, but you can cheat it steps down the stairs one at a time. ”

Starting today, whether it is smoking, not exercising, or eating too much, stop a bad habit at a time, and took note of the following: start small.

If you want to develop the habit of getting up early, then tried to get up early every day for 10 minutes instead of 1 hour.

For your bad habits to find "alternative habits".

When you are under a lot of pressure, and smoking can do? Can choose to exercise, meditation, deep breathing, room, etc.

1715 days ago
replied the topic What gift will you prepare for the Father's Day? created by July

With father for dinner, and they didn't need flowers and clothes, but from the children's company

1715 days ago
replied the topic Requests women in marriage of mens???? created by only_god

A car and house have a career, in the final analysis only to wealthy men. But it requires a net worth billions of dollars is not money, but do not have to worry about the economy can live. Such a requirement for today's terms, not too much, nobody liked scary day.
Two whole-hearted love. This is normal, if not love, the two men together would not make sense.
Three good-natured, there is quality. Most women do not like abusive, obscene man doing things right, not a few women will like sadism.

1715 days ago
replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki


Best wishes for you.

1715 days ago
replied the topic Rotational shift with non fixed week off created by Aravi

Thanks!Best wishes for you.@Aravi

1715 days ago
replied the topic Is there anyone who is engaged in surveying and mapping work created by yangjikai

what do you think of this work? could you tell me some thing detail about it from salary or work environment ?

1715 days ago
replied the topic How to deal with insomnia? created by Urban

If fatigue and difficult to sleep is a kind of insomnia, and this kind of insomnia can take some outside help to improve sleep, may wish to eat apples, bananas, oranges, oranges, pears and other fruits. Because the aromatic fragrance of this kind of fruit, have a calming effect on the nervous system, the sugar in the fruit, can make the cerebral cortex inhibition and easy to enter the sleep state.

Two, the appropriate position for the treatment of long-term sleep is also helpful, so people should pay more attention to this. Sleep posture of course to be comfortable is appropriate, and can vary from person to person. But sleep side is better, this kind of sleep posture to relax, sleep peacefully.

Three, to want to have a good sleep need to sleep has been induced, through music, listen to dull and rhythms of sound or music hypnosis tape, help sleep, can also establish the induced sleep reflex. Also, before going to bed drink a cup of hot milk with sugar, according to the study, increase the secretion of insulin in the body, increase the number of tryptophan into the brain cells, cause the human brain sleep secretion of serotonin, also in milk containing traces of morphine style material, with a calm soothing effect, thereby encouraging the body to sleep peacefully.

1716 days ago
replied the topic video nvidia or radeon created by ruvido

NVIDIA) graphics card referred to as the N card, and AMD (acquisition of ATI as early as the A) is the core of the graphics card is currently the two major core manufacturers. Each of them has a series of production lines and models from the low-end to high-end, there is no direct said which video card is good.

2, in general, with the grade of N card and A card are compared, N caillaux expensive, relatively high cost A card;

3, but the general N card is relatively low power consumption, low fever, drive high degree of maturity.

4, select the card can not be rigidly adhere to the N card or A card is good, to be based on the use of the budget, computer configuration, power size and other options.

1716 days ago
replied the topic Rotational shift with non fixed week off created by Aravi

1, planned to use the time. The person who does not plan the time is equal to the failure of the plan. 2, the goal is clear. Goals should be specific, achievable. 3, will be done according to the priority degree in order. 80% things only need 20% of the effort. While 20% of the things are worth doing, should enjoy priority. So be good at distinguishing between these 20% valuable things, and then according to the value of the size, distribution of time. 4, all day to do list. 5, everything has a specific end point. To control the time and the time to chat on the phone. 6, follow your biological clock. When is the best time for you to do your work? Give priority to the best time. 7, do a good job is more important than doing things. The good thing is to have an effect; to do things well is only to be effective. The effect is considered first, and then the efficiency is considered. 8, distinguish between emergency and important affairs. Emergencies are often short - term, and the important things are often long - term. You have to learn how to make important things very urgent. 9, every second to do the highest productive forces. The list of things that do not have any significance to delete. 10, do not want to be a perfect person. Do not pursue the perfect, but to pursue the effect. 11, skillfully delayed. If one thing, you don't want to do, can be divided into a small part of this thing, only to do one of the small part of it, or the most important part of the most spent 15 minutes to do. 12, learn to say "no"". Once you have determined which things are important, you should say "no" to those who are not important ".

1716 days ago
replied the topic How to get sweat stains out of a white shirt? created by byebye

1. the rice water stain method: with the rice water, you can remove, also has a bleaching effect. 2. the method of salt soaks: available concentration of 10%-30% salt water solution for 10 minutes, then wash with SOAP, you can remove it. 3. ginger stain method: cut the ginger into powder, on sweat-rub, then rinse with clean water. 4, vinegar soaks method: spray a little spray bottle in the sweat of vinegar, just a wash, is particularly good. 5. the ammonia stain method: using an ammonia with dipping a solution of 4 parts water into, you may go to sweat. If this is a new stain, such as washing method: 1. salt, ginger stain method: available after the brine concentration of 30%, water ginger rub, rinse well. 2. wax gourd stain method: put a piece of wax gourd mash, into bags, juice squeezed out and used to scrub sweat clothes, then rinse with clean water. 3. the method of ammonia salt soaks: available 10:1:100 of ammonia, salt, rubbed clean water into solution. Finally, rinse with clean water. 4. the borax solution to stain: a 3.5% solution of borax washing, or washed with acetic acid, 3%-5%. If your clothing is white fabric, as follows: 1. the method of sodium thiosulfate solution soaks: old sweat stains on the white fabric, available 5% sodium thiosulfate solution removed. 2. the alcohol stain method: using alcohol to clean sweat clothes, flush with water. 3. the method of hydrogen peroxide to the stain: 3% slightly heated hydrogen peroxide, used to wipe the perspiration of white fabric, act quickly and evenly, wipe with clean water after rinsing clean.

1716 days ago
replied the topic What's the effect of high oestrogen in the body created by omobolkem

A healthy adult female, itself has a function of estrogen, and maintains a delicate balance. But estrogen is too high is not a good thing, high levels of oestrogen in women often occurs in the brain can easily occur in a State of nervous symptoms. If high levels of oestrogen, estrogen and progesterone hormone imbalance symptoms, serious cause of breast cancer. The symptoms of high estrogen can be expressed as follows:

1, ovarian Hyperfunction, causing increased secretion of estrogen, such as ovarian cancer.

2, the function of hypothalamus-pituitary Hyperfunction, increased secretion of gonadotropins, thus promoting ovarian estrogen secretion increases, such as pituitary tumors, brain tissue, and so on.

3, nonspecific increase, such as hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis, increasing sex hormone binding protein, often caused by increased estrogen content. In recent years, often taking hormone supplements, drinks too much, also can cause increased serum estrogen advice: If you have similar symptoms, it is recommended that as soon as possible to hospital for recuperation

1716 days ago
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