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replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo

South Korea, Vietnam, and China.
Those are the three Asian countries I have visited, so I know them best.
All the Asian nations have a rich history, and each has its good points and its flaws.
I choose South Korea as my favorite, because after the devastation of both the Japanese occupation and the Korean Conflict from 1950-1953, the South Korean leadership built that very small nation into one of the leading nations in the world economically and politically. Even under constant threat (however hollow) from other Koreans under the dictatorial leadership to the north, South Korea has thrived and has sought to bring a good standard of living to their people. They are also a generous country. President Kim Dae Jung received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at opening North Korea up to more positive interaction with the rest of the world and at reuniting the two nations into one people.
When I visited Seoul, I was amazed at both the modern development of the city and also the high value the Korean people place on their heritage. I visited a "folk village," in which actors in traditional hanbok clothing both entertained and educated us in a variety of ways, from a demonstration of tight-rope walking and acrobatic horse riding to a narration and demonstration of a traditional Korean wedding ceremony and face-reading. (The "face-reader" admitted to me that he was really an actor, but he said some very complimentary things about me, so I didn't mind at all! :-) ) The Korean National Museum in Seoul features everything from a history of the geography and geology of the Korean Peninsula to artistic adaptations of Christian stories in traditional Asian style and other artistic and historical items, often labeled in both Korean and English, which I found helpful. There are also palaces around Seoul that have been restored or recreated according to the original plans from the great Joseon Dynasty that help bring Korean history to life.
The ways in which South Korea helps visitors grieve with them the split in the nation represented by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and hope with them for the reunification of the nation is moving and awe-inspiring. Even under continual threat of annihilation according to the rhetoric that flows from the north, they remain hopeful and always seeking to bring about reconciliation not only among their fellow Koreans but also between even the great powers of the world.
In addition, while I was visiting the country and trying to find my way around Seoul, on a couple of occasions people came to me, asking in English if they could help me. The friends who were hosting me during my visit were extremely courteous and thoughtful, and I could not have wished for a better visit. I found the public transportation system to be excellent, and there was no lack of modern conveniences. I recognize that things could be different outside of the Seoul metropolitan area,
So, it is both the beautiful country of Korea and the admirable nature of the Korean people that motivate me to choose South Korea as my favorite Asian country. Thanks for asking!

1643 days ago
replied the topic What is the best way to make your Early Morning 30mins exerciser fun-full? created by Aravi

The very best way to make exercise more fun is to do it with someone else. On days when you don't feel like doing it, the other person can lift your spirits and get you engaged in ways you can't generate from inside yourself. And when they don't feel like doing it, you can be the encourager. Both of you will feel much better and more engaged as a result.
What the other responders have said about getting enough rest and getting a little nourishment (and coffee!) before the exercise is also good advice. Having goals is important - not only the positive goals that you want to achieve (the "carrot") but also the negative effects of not exercising that you want to avoid (the "stick"). Exercising to music that stimulates you can also help.
But the partnership between you and another person is going to provide you with a wider variety of stimulation and encouragement than just about anything you would do alone, on your own. With all the social media outlets, it shouldn't be hard to find someone with whom to partner, but don't neglect the simpler, more local things, such as a note on a bulletin board at the library, or talking with others who are involved in the same community organizations as yourself (book club, PTA, service groups, religious institutions, etc.). You never know who else that you already know and like might be looking for exactly the same thing as you unless you ask.
Good luck!

1643 days ago
replied the topic i want to travel any suggestions for best place created by azzromyo

As beatrix said above, it would be helpful to know where you are and where you've been.
Lacking that kind of guidance, I'll just share with you some places I've been to which I'd love to return, both in the US and elsewhere.
Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area is filled with history; and its various museums will fascinate and engage you for days, if not weeks. The Vietnam War Memorial is a must-see, as is the Holocaust Museum.
I live in the Chicago area, and if you've never been there, go. The art in public spaces (think Picasso, The Bean, the Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountains, the Miro, Claes Oldenburg's Batcolumn, and countless others) as well as the Art Institute, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Willis Tower Skydeck, Chicago architecture, countless wonderful restaurants, Lyric Opera, theater district, and many other things will fascinate and entertain you.
NYC or LA - need I say more? Well, try to arrange to be in the audience of a live TV show - you'll need to plan months ahead for this (Chicago has some, too)
Shanghai, China, and Seoul, South Korea are fascinating, and are increasingly English-language friendly. In Korea, be sure to arrange to visit the DMZ prior to getting there, and see if you can tour the Gyeongbokgung Palace at night (but the daytime tour is great, too!)
London - wild mixture of history and modern culture; and Stonehenge, Stratford-on-Avon and other fascinating places are not too far out of town
Rome is a magical city!
I lived in Vienna for 9 months; great for history - Hapsburg Empire, German occupation, Cold War, etc. - culture (Beethoven, Mozart, opera, concerts, recitals) - cuisine (not only dining and pastry but do a beer or wine tour)
Berlin, too, is a vibrant, fascinating city, where you can still see signs of the differences between West and East prior to the fall of the Wall
If you're into the history of religion, Jerusalem and Israel are important places to visit; and some tour agencies will help you come to understand more fully the various perspectives behind the tensions that have plagued the area for the past century or more (e.g., visits to the West Bank and Gaza, to Israeli settlements, conversations with Palestinian Christians, etc.)
I hope some of these ideas engage your curiosity and, if you follow them, prove to be good choices for what you are seeking in a time apart from your routine.

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replied the topic How to fight loneliness and boredom? created by beatrix

A primary way to fight boredom and loneliness is to help someone who needs what you have to offer and to do it without expecting anything in return. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter or other program for the needy and marginalized in your area. Such programs typically benefit from as few or as many hours as you wish to offer. You not only develop relationships with the other volunteers and with the people you serve; you also develop a growing sense of your own worth and strengths, thereby increasing you appreciation for what you have to offer. This can be a real boost to your general sense of well-being and to your confidence in reaching out even more. It can also help you discover things you didn't know about yourself that might lead you into a more satisfying type of career than the one you had previously chosen for yourself for whatever reason. In short, doing things for others is one of the best things you can do for yourself; and you're worthy of the best you can do for yourself. Good luck.

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