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Riddle of life :)!!!!!!!!!!REWARD $1
1709 days ago, last commented by Thraciana

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replied the topic Best game you ever played? created by peiresimon

Duke Nukem 3D kick ass game !!!!!!

1696 days ago
replied the topic How to keep Windows File Explorer from freezing. created by dazzlenet

refresh your operating system or re-install it failing that then its a ram problem

1697 days ago
replied the topic Should i upgrade to windows 10 ? created by V

yes do and it has bugs but they are getting sorted out daily if it breaks all you have to do is refresh win 10 and you sorted it keeps drivers and all that updated also it,s worth up grading but you have to sign in to everything

1698 days ago
replied the topic How to transfer Data from old SD card to a new card in Android device? created by walcott

once your computer has and sd card slot its simpley just copy and paste

1709 days ago
replied the topic After I unintall Android APP, are there junk files left in my memory card? created by walcott

just format it simple :)

1709 days ago
replied the topic What is your best way to make yourself wake up early in the morning? created by nancy

early to bed = early to rise...... so get a second alarm clock and just put it out of your reach so you have to get out of the bed to turn it off and have it go off 1 min after the first 1 and make sure the second one has the most annoying tone or ring

1709 days ago
replied the topic The icon of software was lost. how to fix? created by pastaway

refresh your operating system then reinstall

1709 days ago
replied the topic Does every computer need system cleaner? created by landing

yes!!!!! after time no matter how much or little you use your computer the operating system craetes a thing called junk files which build up up from every key stroke to every mouse click

1710 days ago
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