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replied the topic How to Get Start Button in Windows 8? created by amish

The start menu as we knew it since Windows 95, is dead. The start button was removed with the launch of Windows 8 and then brought back with the Windows 8.1 update. But this button was but a shell of the start menu of the past. Clicking the start button in Windows 8.1 merely takes you to the Windows 8 start screen - the one with all those tiles. Microsoft might decide to bring the start menu back in a future update, but why wait when you can restore it right now? Here are our three favourite ways to get the start menu back in Windows 8.

Classic Shell
The simplest method available is to download Classic Shell and install the app. By default, this app will hide the Windows 8.1 start button and boot to desktop without opening the Windows 8 Start screen. So all you have to do is install it and enjoy your classic Windows start menu, with no further steps involved.

However, if you wish to customise the look-and-feel your start menu, Classic Shell has enough options for power users. You can replace the start button icon with any image of your choice, choose how the start menu looks (Windows classic or Windows 7 style), choose which shortcuts open the Modern UI screen, choose icon sizes and even disable or enable active corners (which let you switch to Modern UI). You can see more options for yourself. Just right-click the start button > settings.

If that isn't enough, you can even change how Windows Explorer menus look. If you would rather have Windows show you classic Windows 7 toolbar at the top of every Explorer window you open, head to Start > All Programs > Classic Shell > Classic Explorer Settings. Here check Show all settings and click the Toolbar buttons tab. Now you can add all the buttons you were missing. There are several other appearance tweaks here that let you TWEAK WINDOWS 8's explorer. If you are hell-bent on getting that Windows classic look, you can take a look at all the options and see what suits your needs.

If you don't want Classic Shell's advanced tweaking options and want a different-looking start menu, try Pokki. This app doesn't replace the Windows 8.1 start button, but adds a Pokki icon next to it. To remove the start button, right-click the Pokki icon > deselect the "Show Windows logo" option.

The Pokki menu is also not the classic start menu you would be used to but rather, a modified version that's bigger and better than what you remember. There's a large panel of grey boxes to the right of your usual start menu, and each box can house an app while the left hand side has quick navigation links to favourites, all apps, Control Panel, along with a customisable list of locations such as Libraries, Documents, etc.

To tweak this menu, right-click the Pokki icon > Settings. Make sure you uncheck "Show popular PC apps" to remove the ads at the bottom.

That aside, you can choose the theme, show or hide the left sidebar, choose which quick-links show up in the sidebar, change the Pokki icon to a walnut, home or the Windows logo, etc. There are more than enough customisation options and the layout isn't as intimidating as Classic Shell if you are not used to tweaking.

Start Menu Reviver 2
In case you want the start menu, but liked the modern Windows 8 style and would prefer a mix of the two styles, then this is the best choice. To use Start Menu Reviver 2, just go to the website, and download and install this free software. Unlike Classic Shell, Start Menu Reviver doesn't completely hide the Windows 8.1 start button. If you take your mouse pointer to the bottom-left corner of the screen, you will be able to access that button. Start Menu Reviver 2 has a two column layout, with the left column having commonly accessed programmes and addresses such as Computer, Libraries, Control Panel, Run, Task Manager, Settings (for Start Menu Reviver) etc. All of these options are marked by icons. In case you forget which is which, just hover your mouse pointer over any of the icons and the name will pop up.

Next to this column is the list of programmes. To change the look and feel of the start menu, go to Start Menu Reviver settings > Start Menu. You can choose between a classic layout that lists all apps in alphabetical order or go for a better-looking tile-based layout. The tiles look and function just like a Windows Phone start screen. Just drag-and-drop tiles to rearrange the layout and to make a tile smaller, simply drag another tile and drop it on top of the larger tile. For further changes, right-click on any tile > Edit Tile.

We noticed that Start Menu Reviver 2 lagged a bit on our laptops, so we wouldn't recommend this programme if you're using an older computer.

Start_Menu_Reviver.jpgWe hope you found these three apps useful. As always, head to our How to section for more tutorials.

1072 days ago
replied the topic How to Stop Google and Other Services From Tracking Your Location? created by rfe4585


When you're using a map app to find your way around, or if you want to check in to a location on Facebook to tell your friends where you have been; then location tracking is useful and seems benign. But apps and services can keep tracking your every move, and this can be a serious privacy issue. And aside from everything else, this also uses up your battery a lot faster than is ideal. If you don't want companies to track you, read this guide and disable location tracking on your devices when you don't need it.

You may not know it but Google tracks your location history unless you disable it yourself. It gathers this data from your usage of Google Maps. You can disable this, and even manually delete certain places from your location history. Here's how.

1. Go to this Google settings page.

2. Click the Pause button in the "Places you've been" tile on the right. To delete individual entries from location history, click Manage history.

3. You can pick any date from the calendar on the left > click Delete all history from this day. If you don't want any of your location history tracked, just click Delete all history.

(Also see: How to Stop Google From Tracking You on the Web)

Turning off location settings on your Android phone is pretty easy, but it can affect the functioning of some useful services. Google Now for example relies on location data to provide you information you need without you even searching for it. If you still feel that you'd rather not report your location to Google, follow these steps.

1. Open Settings > scroll down to Location > Google Location Settings.

2. Now tap Location reporting > Off.

3. Go back, tap Location history > Off. You may also want to tap the "Delete location history" button below.

Several apps and system services use your location on iOS to provide features such as apps popular in your locality and even to serve advertisements based on the place you are in. Here's how to disable all of that.

1. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

2. The first option is to turn Location Services on or off. You can turn it off to disable tracking entirely, but that will mean that you will have to do several things, such as search for weather data, manually.

3. Scroll down to see which apps have access to location data. You can decide which apps don't need it and turn it off for that app. If you have Find My iPhone/ iPad enabled, we suggest you don't disable location tracking for that because it may help you locate your device if you lose it.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap System Services. Here you can disable all options except Cell Network Search to stop tracking. Tap Frequent Locations and turn that off too.


Windows 8
Disabling location tracking on Windows 8 is quite simple. This is how you do it.

1. Hit Windows key+C > click Search > type PC Settings in the search bar > click PC Settings.

2. Go to Privacy > Location > Let Windows and apps use my location > Off.

BlackBerry 10
The BB10 operating system makes it easy to prevent tracking. Just follow these steps.

1. Open Settings > scroll down to Location Services > turn off Traffic Data Collection and Location-based adverts. You may turn off Location Services entirely in the same place.

2. If you just want to disable location access by specific apps, go to Settings > App Manager > tap "Go to the Application Permissions screen to change permissions for individual apps".

3. Now tap Permissions > select Location > tap any app that you want to cut off from using your location > Off.

That should have helped you disable location tracking on any device. If there's any other way to disable location tracking that you prefer, let us know with a comment. As always, our How to section ( will help you find more useful articles.

Web Browsers
If you use a desktop or laptop to browse the Internet, you can disable location sharing in your Web browsers. Note that websites may still be able to identify your location using your IP address, but they will find it much harder to zero in on the place you're browsing from. Here's how you can disable it.

Google Chrome
1. Click the Google Chrome Menu icon (three horizontal lines) > Settings.

2. Now scroll down and then click on Show advanced settings >

Content Settings 3. In the pop-up, scroll down to the Location section > Do not allow any site to track your physical location.

Mozilla Firefox
1. Type about:config in the address bar > hit Enter > click I'll be careful, I promise.

2. Search for geo.enabled and double-click it to change its value from 'true' to 'false'. This will disable location sharing.

1. Click the Opera button on the top-left > Settings. Alternatively, you may use the Alt+P keyboard shortcut.

2. Click Websites on the left sidebar > scroll down to Location > select Do not allow any site to track my physical location.

1. Open Safari > Preferences > Privacy.

2. Click Deny without prompting.

Internet Explorer
1. Go to Tools > Internet Options, or use Alt+X.

2. Click Privacy > check Never allow websites to use your physical location.

Windows Phone
There isn't one place where you can easily disable specific background tracking without disabling location services entirely in Windows Phone. Here's what you can do if you don't want to turn off location services.

1. Head to Settings > swipe right to Applications.

2. Manually open each app here and disable location wherever it is an option.

3. Swipe left (back to System) > WiFi > Advanced > uncheck Send information about WiFi connections to help discover nearby WiFi.

4. Head back to System > Feedback > Off. You can also go to Settings > Find My Phone > Off but that is a useful anti-theft feature that you may not want to turn off.

For a more thorough option, open Settings > Location > Off.

That should have helped you disable location tracking on any device

1073 days ago
replied the topic How can I tell if my modem has a built-in wireless router? created by rfe4585

In the early days of the Internet, most homes had a single computer with Internet access. It wasn't long, however, until home users began connecting multiple computers to their Internet access point using a router. Today, since most homes include multiple wireless devices, many people now have wireless routers that provide Internet access to all connected devices.

Many home users still use a separate wireless router (which broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal) and connect the router to their DSL or cable modems. However, several ISPs now provide their customers with modems that include a wireless router, eliminating the need for a second device. So how do you know if your modem includes wireless capabilities?

There are a few easy ways to check if your modem has a built-in router.

Ethernet ports – If your modem includes Ethernet ports on the back, it also doubles as a router, though this does not guarantee it supports Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi logo – Look for the Wi-Fi logo somewhere on the router. All Wi-Fi routers should include the "Wi-Fi" logo or at least the word "Wi-Fi" somewhere on the device.
Wi-Fi light – Most wireless devices include an LED that indicates Wi-Fi is turned on and functioning. This may or may not be next to the Wi-Fi logo.
Wireless password – Many modem/wireless router devices provided by ISPs include a default wireless password that is printed on the back or bottom of the router. The password might be labeled "WPA Key," "WPA2," "wireless," or something similar.
Below is a photo that shows the back of a standard Comcast Xfinity cable modem with a built-in wireless router.

Comcast Cable Modem with Built-in Wireless Router

If your modem includes any of the wireless features in the list above, it has a built-in wireless router. However, in some cases, you may need to manually configure or activate the wireless feature. If this is the case, the manual provided with the device or your ISP's support website are good places to start.

If your modem does not include the features listed above, you will most likely need to buy a separate wireless router and connect it to your modem. However, it may be worth contacting your ISP to ask them if they can provide you will a new modem/router free of charge. Many ISPs now offer the combo devices as standard equipment, so it's worth checking before you buy a second device.
Since we’ve already established you should buy an 802.11n router it’s a good idea to now talk about what kind of 802.11n router you want.

Yes, there are different kinds of 802.11n routers. They are separated by their maximum data rate. If you walk into a store and start looking at boxes you’ll notice that most list 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps while some expensive models offer up to 900 Mbps.

The maximum data rate of a single 802.11n data stream is 150 Mbps. However, the standard supports technology known as Multi-In Multi-Out (aka MIMO). This allows the use of simultaneous data streams to create one big, fat stream of data.

Sounds great, right? But there is a catch. Both a device’s adapter and the router must support multiple data streams. If one supports less than the other you will be restricted to the data rate of the slower device regardless of your routers capabilities. And guess what? A lot of laptops, tablets and phones can only use one or two data streams. Also, these are theoretical maximums, not promises. Real-world performance typically falls far short of the rated max.

The best way to find out the data stream support for a device is to look up its wireless adapter on Google and read the manufacturer information. You can find out the adapter used by a Windows 7 computer if you open the Network Connections folder. The model of your adapter will be listed under Wireless Network Connection.

I think that 300 Mbps routers are the ones to aim for. They are not expensive and there are some common laptop and desktop adapters that will support the increased data rate. I don’t recommend buying anything with a higher data rate unless you are absolutely, positively sure you have or are going to buy devices that can use it.

Don’t forget the speed of the wired ports, either! If you have any wired devices (and chances are you do) they’re going to be needed. Some cheap wireless routers skimp on wired ports by only including 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, which can handicap network performance. Make sure the router you buy has GigaBit Ethernet (1000

1075 days ago
replied the topic What was the full name of Brutus, one of Caesar's murderers? created by abidderl2

Marcus Junius Brutus

1098 days ago
replied the topic What does one call ornamental work in silver or gold thread? created by yasir21

Filigree called

1098 days ago
replied the topic Who fought the Queen of the Fairies for Tamlane, her love..and won?? created by xperia

Fair Janet

1098 days ago
replied the topic What was it that Princess Margaret was changed into by her wicked stepmother, the Witch-Queen of Bamborough Castle? created by xperia

The Laidly Worm

1098 days ago
replied the topic Which 1975 Dickens drama was planned as a musical but screened without any songs ? created by naeem

Great Expectations

1099 days ago
replied the topic What name is given to the Pope's pontificial ring? created by Zaaib

The Fisherman's Ring

1099 days ago
replied the topic Which island is 50 times larger tha its mother country, Denmark? created by xperia


1099 days ago
replied the topic Who is the patron saint of children ? created by xperia

St Nicholas.
He is the greatest and the most powerful legend of all time.How things have changed, because this guy would definitely be on the sexual predator list, and considered a very dangerous individual who stalks children by night & lures them in with gifts, etc.
Hence, the reason why we keep the fire burning at night in the fireplace at night. I find it rather strange that Ol' Nick is a name also linked to Lucifer in WordWeb dictionary. Could this be the reason for the wrong season that sleeping Christians celebrate a holiday devouted towards a fat old pedophiler; which is associated with craziness, blowing money in the name of depression and still believe its about The Savior's birth? If your a True Christain and you are not fooled into worshipping these so-called "saints" or a virgin Mary (who by the way is by no means a virgin 1+1=2) and if you confess with your mouth & beleive that Jesus YAHUSHUA The Christ; was born as Elohim's (GOD) Son, who came to Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD, He IS GOD, and HE died sinless on the cross, but three days later; rose back to life and now sits at the right hand of Elohim (GOD). He bare the sins of the world. Something that no simple man could do unless he were GOD, and you are a SAINT, when you believe this. The TEN Commandments were never nailed to the cross. That's foolish talk, but when it comes to kneeling to any statue or giving praise to a patron saint; that's a sin equal to Lying, Killing, Steeling, etc. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Satan is alive and well, and he is here as the ruler of this world. Come Lord Jesus, Come!

1100 days ago
replied the topic Under what circumstances have you found it acceptable to break confidence? created by aneserl

When the person doing the confiding has shared the fact that she was doing something unethical — and if I felt that I might be able to stop her behavior by telling someone else about it.

1105 days ago
replied the topic How to run andriod apps on my laptop? created by naeem

You can use following apps:


1105 days ago
replied the topic Have you ever dance with girls? created by naeem

Yuppy, i did it daily, amazing...............

1144 days ago
replied the topic Birds penis created by walker

I am a student of & i have choose the best answer according to my criteria. ok, you may be right but i have never hear about that what are you saying...............

1149 days ago
replied the topic Cookie can make me fat, right? created by claire


1152 days ago
replied the topic Web pages load slow, more so in Google then Internet Explore created by suite210

Install a new copy of window................

1152 days ago
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