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replied the topic I don't understand whu 0's and 1's are all thats used in computer code created by nola420

because 0 mean 0 volte and 1 mean 5 volte and in programing the computer have just know just 0 and 1 for exemple 2=010

1655 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to control our dream? created by minice

no it's possible because if we can do that why we sleep , because our mind is divided into two halves conscious and unconscious the conscious controlle all what's need reflexion and we used it when we are weak up and the other one we used it when we are sleep to rest the conscious one.

1675 days ago
replied the topic What's wrong with it? created by luochao

look at this maybe it can help you its with frenche :
or this i dont know if its the same problem with you or not but try to see this :

1692 days ago
replied the topic Do you Love Counter Strike ? created by hak1wr

Absolutely love it specialement cs 1.6 it good ,I find CS 1.6 to be the most addictive in all conter strike, but the technical limitations are maddening by today's standards. For example, the detection of whether a player has been hit on 1.6 is just not accurate and it's frustrating. Yet that may be one of the reasons why 1.6 is so addictive. I love maps and colour correction, etc in cs 1.6

1694 days ago
replied the topic City car driving sérial key created by ayoub17

first the problem in the last version that when you play it you should be connected with internet and to play the version 1.5 you should dawnload olso the version 1.4.1 necessary and in video it will tell you why that what is bad in the last version if you dont have a problem for that do this but don't worry it's easy you should just do the same:
now watch this in youtube it's with arabic if you don't andersantd arabic just do some like him and if you don't anderstand some thing on it contact with me and i will telling you what you should do but to game work with you you should the same what he did okay now watch this video:

and to dawnload the 2 version :

this is the file for version 1.4.1:

1697 days ago
replied the topic How to block ads before videos? created by danica

How to stop autoplaying ads, videos and media in Chrome
Disabling autoplay videos and media in Chrome is simple. First of all you need to type "chrome://chrome/settings/content" into the URL bar. Then all you need to do is scroll down to the plug-in section, and select 'Let me choose when to run plugin content'.

1699 days ago
replied the topic What is a FOOD? It is a necessity or a pleasure? created by alikol

you say some like :it's necessary to put Fuel in car?

1706 days ago
replied the topic Are there any foods you dislike but most people like? created by outside

yes i dislike macdonalds because it's not healthy

1706 days ago
replied the topic If you feel stressful, what will you prefer to do? created by minice

play sport do you like and forget what causes you stress and enjoy with your freinds the right solution for this problem is to do things positive and leave the negative things and not taking things too seriously. and watch somthing funny

1706 days ago
replied the topic What are you a fan of? created by ross

i fun when i play a game in computer or when i suiming or when i work with my friend

1707 days ago
replied the topic What is the most intelligent animal created by zizou

the most intellegent animal
1Chimpanzees 2 Pigs
3 Bottlenose Dolphins
5 Whales
6 Cats
7Squirrels 8 Elephants
9 Octopus 10Dogs

1710 days ago
replied the topic Best site for downloading games created by Danny

i will give you this

you Find in this site with the latest gaming publications and downloaded for free with one mouse click. Examples include: 2015 PES and GTA V and the FIFA 2015 and CALL OF Duty and many other games ..

Site features:
1-quick search for any game and download directly
2-video for some games that you might find difficult installation (after entering the game page you will find the icon labeled "game installation video")
3-completely free site does not ask you anything

1710 days ago
replied the topic Work makes me want to kill myself? created by ChemoAngel

what we can say to you. you hava a large of Patience . but listen this time it's not all your life it's just a few in your life so don't give up ther is some people more than you blieve me some day you will weak up and you find your salf some thing in this world.

1710 days ago
replied the topic Will vitamin D save my life? created by bhatti

if you want vitamin d all what you should do is to stay or walk in sunlight if forest for exemple every day

1710 days ago
replied the topic life is so short...? what? created by beatrix

we know that life is so short but our mission in this life that we should pray to God and knead by prayer and charitable work and respect for the older person to me and to help others and do not waste time for nothing, and the only wish is that the Lord accept my work.

1710 days ago
replied the topic How to Get Your Children Away from TV? created by Chandkhan

you should give them fottball and Asked them to play with the neighbors kids and if you can go with them to walk and help them in night in they exercices

1710 days ago
replied the topic What is the most healthy time to sleep? created by timeis

you should sleep early we can say 9 PM to 4.30 or 5.00 AM

1710 days ago
replied the topic Best Download manger for windows? created by fantasticomid

internet dawnload manager

1710 days ago
replied the topic Does pure friendship exist between men and women? created by snoopy

just if they have some work together for exemple when they studie in group or if they working together.

1712 days ago
replied the topic How can I get rid of blackheads? created by claire

me to i have blackheads but i use ECLARAN 5 for 1 month and i get exellente result but you should consult a doctor :)

1712 days ago
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