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replied the topic Too Many Cleaners ?! created by WaggieBoi

No such thing as too many cleaners. Why? Because they all tend to clean different areas of the system. As long as you will not run them on your startup, you will be fine. Just make sure you run everything automatically. I always have between 10 and 20 maintenance software on my system. They all perofrm slightly different functions and they achieve wonders tigether. It's like a very complex and beautiful symphony that requires strong team work.

I hope that I have cleared your concerns and answered your questions.


136 days ago
replied the topic Is torn VPN connection on Android 5 created by ChessKing


Try the following articles and see if anything changes:


156 days ago
replied the topic Registry and perfomance Issues created by tmataruse104

A.) Short answer: Yes.
B.) Slightly longer answer: yes, in combination with much more other tools. Since Microsoft Windows is an operating system that is designed for a maximum of compatibility on the widest possible array of devices, it is very generic and it will offer many different features. So the best way to improve or optimize your computer performance would be to disable, deactivate or cut all or most of the features that you are not using.

There are many ways in which you can achieve this: by manually editing your services, by editing your startup configuration so that your system will be less "bloated" when it is starting up, and / or by using 3rd party software that is specifically designed to achieve just that.

Although I have a quite powerful machine myself ( an Alienware 17 laptop ), I personally use all of the above methods.

I will describe them one by one:

Stage 1:

Regardless of which Windows version you are using, do the following:

1.) On your keyboard, hold down the Windows Key and then press the letter R. This will allow you to run various commands or programs on your computer.
2.) In the newly opened dialog box, type in the command: msconfig

3.) Look for the tab called Services, and click on it. Then click on the box that says "Hide all Microsoft Services".

This will ensure that you will only see 3rd party programs and software listed on your screen. From this newly displayed screen you will be able to selectively enable and disable the software that you do not need.

Once finished, click on the OK button. If it asks you to restart, please do so, and enjoy the benefits of the Stage 1 of the optimization process.

Stage 2:

1.) Go to this following link and download Autoruns for Windows:
2.) Unzip / Unrar / Extract the contents of this archive into a preferred location. I personally recommend your Personal folder inside of your Documents on the C drive, however you can put it wherever you want.

3.) Please run each version, Autoruns.exe, and then after you are done with it you can run the 64 bit version: Autorun64.exe. While you are inside this program you can intelligently select and deselect any software that you consider useless.

Word of caution!
Only disable software that you are SURE that you will not use. NEVER DISABLE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE DOUBTFUL ABOUT!

4.) Always make sure that your computer is running clean. There are a log of giveaways out there on the Internet, so it is only a matter of googling and hunting.
I personally use sharewareonsale, very good website with tons of tweaking software available daily.
These are 100% full software programs, and it is 100% legal. You will receive everything in your inbox. You can use the software, once you are done with it you can uninstall it and then installl it later on by following the instructions in your email inbox. Great way to save money and have your computer in top shape.

5.) Performance boosting software that I personally use:
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10
Ashampoo Winoptimizer 14
Auslogics Boostspped 8
Black Bird Cleaner
Driver Booster 4
IObit Uninstaller
Kerish Doctor 2017
Process Lasso
Reg Organizer
Smart Defrag 5
System Mechanic
Wise Care 365

All of these programs offer great functionality and features that are designed to boost your computer performance. They are each different and they work great together / in conjuntion with each other.
The secret to a fast computer is cleanliness. You will clean your registry, temporary files, etc daily. Also, by using these computers,you will be able to customize your computer to suit your personal needs best.

Stage 3:

Windows is offering many intelligent and efficient built-in tools that can make your computer run healthier and smoother

Again, type Win + R, and then in the Run box, type CMD, press Enter. You are now in command prompt.
From here, you can run the following commands:
sfc / scannow


dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

I know that it is a lot of information to swallow, but if you do all ( or even part of what I have shared with you here ), you will have a much faster, healthier, and smoother running machine in a matter of a few hours to a few days! The more you do these things, and the more regularly you do them, the faster your computer will go. Other computers get slower in time, my beast of laptop is only getting faster.

And also: do not forget once in while to open the case and clean any dust inside. Dust and dirt are only making your machine get hotter, and heat is the enemy of performance.

Your hardware needs to be clean, and your software needs to be clean.

Good luck!

156 days ago
replied the topic When i plug in charger automaticly on and black screen created by RoyFXHackers

Have you tried turnng it on with the battery out of it?

1.) Remove the battery
2.) Plug the power cable and try now to switch it on.

If it is still not working, then yes, take it to a service repair.


187 days ago
replied the topic Shutdown of windows 10 won't complete on Dell laptop created by egsnyder

There are several potential fixes / solutions to your problem:

1.) Check your power settings
(While in Windows, right click on the taskbar batery icon - click Power Options > On the left side of the newly opened window, click "Choose what the power buttons do"

This window below will appear:

Mine is a laptop, but it does not matter. The same settings will aplly for a desktop computer, less the "close lid" section.

In the window that had just opened, you will select "When I press the power button" and make sure that you will choose "Shut Down" from the drop down menu. Sometimes Microsoft Windows will default to stand by or hibernate, and this way you will make sure that you will choose the sttings that you want.

2.) Well known Dell issue, please update Microsoft Windows to the latest version:

3.) Uninstall Intel Rapid Technology from Control Panel.

If anythhing is not clear, please let me know.

Best regards,

187 days ago
replied the topic Freeze ups and slow downs created by mcmc1012

I am giving you the best solution, not the easiest:

1.) Save your important data: photos, savegames, etc. Put it on a USB stick for later on
2.) Using your Windows installation kit, delete all of the data from your hard drive. The best option would be to delete all of the partitions and create new partitions from scratch. Create 1 partition for the Operating System, and another one for storing other data. It is always a good idea to have a separate partition for sotring your personal data. This way, if anything wrong happens you will only lose your OS installation, not your data as well.
3.) Delete partitions, create fresh partitions, as instructed above. The best option would be to have 2 partitions: 1 for the OS and 1 for storing personal data. Install Windows from scratch.
4.) Install Windows
5.) COnfigure Windows. Look for every possible setting in the Control Panel, Desktop, taskbar and anything in between and make sure you will disable anything you are not using.
6.) Use this guide to give your computer a sligh boost in performance:

7.) Download Driver Booster, and make sure to update all of your drivers

8.) Download Ccleaner and select all of the boxes there, clean up your computer thoroughly

9.) Download Privazer and do the same as the above ( Very useful in combination with CCleaner ! )

10.) Make sure you defragment / optimize your system on a regular basis. Use the tools that Windows gives you.
(In the start menu search box, type "Optimize" or "Defrag" - and the right porogram will show up for you.

11.) Run the following commands in an elevated Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell:

sfc / scannow
(Let it finish)
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
(let it finish)
chkdsk /f
(Please make sure to run chkdsk / f on all of your system partitions. To change system partition inside Command Prompt or PowerShell simply type c: and Enter, or D: and Enter)

10.) Other useful software for speeding up / optimizing your computer:

Advandced SystemCare
Asampoo WinOptimizer
Black Bird Cleaner

Best regards,

187 days ago
replied the topic Cant format Removable Disk created by ab1936


1.) Right click the icon for your Computer - then click Manage
2.) Go to Storage - Device Management
3.) Identify your USB stick in that list over there ( Note : your USB drive or USB stick must be plugged in during all of this time ). Right click it, and then simply choose Delete Volume. This command right here will delete the existing partition and file system from your USB stick.
4.) You will create a new partition by doing the following: Right click the empty space, which no longer has a partition attached to it. It will have a black color attached to it. After you have right clicked the empty space, you will look for a command called "New Simple Volume".
5.) From this point on, any settings will no: NTFS, Fat, etc. Simply click Next - Next - Finish, you are done. You have a 100% fully functional USB stick right now.

Best regards,

187 days ago
replied the topic Svchost.exe high data Internet usage in windows 10. what should I do? created by AAA1992


You need to disable the following services:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service ( BITS )
Open the drop down menu and select "Disabled"

run the following command in an elevated command prompt:
sfc / scannow


Get yourself a great antivirus or even a few different antiviruses.
Free stofware can be legally downloaded from the following website:
(They change it once in a while, so you have to keep your eye on it.)

A great antivirus in BitDefender.

If all else fails, format your C drive, install Windows, and start a new life.

That Internet usage might be normal, so no reason to worry. For example, Microsoft Windows will download and install updates, patches, etc. It is doing so through BIT ( Background Intelligent Transfer Service ).

187 days ago
replied the topic Need password for rar files that was posted by only god created by shubhamjoshi

IF it is piracy, then sorry, I cannot help you.

And you should not post questions here that relate to piracy or illegal copying of software.

What do you understand by "I have downloaded window 10 rar files from a link"? \

Is that the Windows 10 installation kit?

If you are trying to install Windows 10, then you can LEGALLY download it from this link here:

187 days ago
replied the topic Renewing product created by rodell

What product are you trying to renew?

187 days ago
replied the topic Which is better GTA or other created by marketsgolabl

I personally have found Watch Dogs to be a pretty awesome game:

- long story ( I own the Digital Deluxe edition, and it rocks )
- top notch graphics, that seems to be pretty well optimized ( good FPS on mid-range harware, no hicups, fluid gameplay at high settings )
- great gameplay
- great atmosphere
- great sound

Overall, a pretty awesome game.

I am not very familiar with GTA V, but many people say the two games are very comparable in terms of quality of the end product. However, in terms of the actual gameplay and mechanics of the game they are totally different games.

So why not give both a try? You know that both on Steam and Origin you can ask for a refund if you don't like the product. On Steam is 2 hours of usage, on Origin refunds can be requested within 24 hours of purchase.

Best regards,

187 days ago
replied the topic Computer upgrade 7 to 10 created by drbugman

Please check this article:

Download the tool mentioned inside the article, and from there you have two options:

1.) Create a bootable media
2.) In place upgrade.

Best regards,

187 days ago
replied the topic Can't answer posts here created by galaxor

If none of the above solutions work, please try logging in with another browser. Not guaranteed, but it might help.

Good day,

187 days ago
replied the topic ISUSPM.exe how do I uninstall created by lewisbrian

Try these following articles:

Good luck and best regards!

187 days ago
replied the topic Trying to run a batch file created by fonualp

Good luck!

187 days ago
replied the topic best web hosting company in India? created by fastwebhost

According to this website, your top choice should be LNBUY.BIZ

According to my personal experience, godaddy rocks! ( ) Top quality customer support, fair and honest prices, high quality services and competitive mindset. Again, this is my personal experience.

187 days ago
replied the topic Need to get my wise care pro created by bvierra

Hello, bvierra,

First of all:

1.) How did your purchase it? Did you buy it from their website?
If so, you should have been sent a license key in your inbox.

2.) Do you still have the license key?
Depending on your email provider, you can simply search inside of your email. Use the search phrase "WiseCare 265 Key", without the inverted commas, of course.

3.) Once you find your license key open up your software (you will be running a FREE version, not the PAID version).

Click on the button on the top side of the window, where I drew with blue color: CLOCK HERE ( apologies for the ugly hand drawing / writing )

4.) A sub-menu will appear, and you will click an option that will say "Change License Key"

5.) With the license key that you found in your inbox ( presuming that you did not delete it ), simply copy and paste the information into this box, and press the HUGE GREEN busston that says Register.


6.) *Optional: ( If you cannot find your license key in your inbox ):

Take Care!

Best regards,


216 days ago
replied the topic Problem with WINDOWS vista Update created by jolly_akpaa

Dear jolly_akpaa,

Let me try to help you, but first of all, quick question: are you running a valid, 100% legitimate and properly licensed Windows copy?

This is more relevant than you might think.

If yes, then follow the instructions being provided here and let us know how it went:

Please follow all of the steps carefully ( you can try these commands first ):


Run the following commands in an administrative Command Prompt:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

after that run the following command:

sfc /scannow

Restart your computer and try the updates again

2.) Download the Microsoft Fixit file from the link that I gave you above. Please make sure to only download the file for your corresponding version: x86 if you are on 32 bit, x64 if you run 64 bit.

x86-based (32-bit) versions of Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Vista SP1
x64-based (64-bit) versions of Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Vista SP1

You will find them listed on the page I gave you in the beginning of my answer to you.

3.) Microsoft FixIt - Totally automatic tool provided by Microsoft:

4.) More helpful solutions:

Try everything patiently and do not miss any steps. It can be a very tedious and time consuming process, but it's worth it(it might take you 2 to 3 hours, depending on your problem), if you want your Windows to be safe & secure. You will end up fixing your Windows Update problems.

All the best,

217 days ago
replied the topic Where restore points created by DancingAccountant

Hello, dear DancingAccountant,

You have several options for finding your restore points, but first you have to ensure that System Restore is functioning properly.

1.) Press the Windows Key + R ( Run command ) and type in : services.msc

2.) Make sure that the service called Volume Shadow Copy is switched to Automatic, and then press OK

3.) Right click "This PC", or "Computer", or "My computer", however it's named. Then click "Advanced System Settings", and look for a tab called System Protection

Then you should see your partitions listed there, and Protection can say Yes or No. I have disabled System Protection, so you will not see it. But if you look above, at the answer that has been provided by AAA1992 you will see that he has there all of his partitions being listed.

3.1.)If you want to backup your WINDOWS system ( System Restore, right? Crucial System Files, etc. ) then you will simply select the C: drive, click COnfigure, and see how much you want to allocate for your backup. The more you allocate, the larger the amount of files that Windows will save for later on, in case you are in trouble.

If there is no existing Restore Point you can simply use the Create button(In my case it is grayed out, I have totally disabled this feature on my computer - I don't use it ).

After you have chosen the size of the System Restore Point in step 3.1.) above, then you can just click Create, and Voila! You have a restore point that you can use later on when in trouble.

4.) How can you restore?

Many ways:

4.1.) You can either restore from this menu above, by clicking System Restore ( greyed out in my case, top of the window ), or if you have trouble booting up you can simply press shift F8 and the boot menu will appear.

Please check the article below.

Take care!

217 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

Try to use this software for driver updates:

And also, for missing system files you can look on this website:

It only found the .sys, not .sy_ version of your file though...

Try them in that order and see what happens. Worst case scenario: you don't fix your issue but you will get improved performance.

Needless to say: you did update your game to the latest version, right? And you are running an original software? Because trying to diagnose pirated software is pointless...

349 days ago
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