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replied the topic My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space created by baladox

I've heard this question before. A drive that becomes full is either done intentionally or otherwise. Assuming your pc has no other problems except this, just do the following. For the first minor remedy, Windows already has a tool for this - Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe). Just click the "Run" command and type "cleanmgr" and click the drive to cleanup. Check all sections that need cleaning. When done, go to the second step, get an external media disk to transfer your backup files to gain enough free space form your drive. For the third step, check, remove/delete and uninstall applications you don't need anymore. Finally, if you are already satisfied with your free space, do a "defrag" of your disk. Windows also has one builtin utility to do the job - the Disk Defragmenter. When done, restart your refreshed disk!
(If you don't like the Windows utility for some reason, go to and get the alternative free softwares for your purpose like CCleaner or Defraggler.)

382 days ago
replied the topic What is the best VPN to use in China? created by glassy

When you say you want to use the best VPN in China means you need a little privacy or probably access blocked sites - like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter....Meaning, there is censorship in China - The Great Firewall. Be informed and read about it here - That's why you need a VPN or an anti-censorship tool that works best for your needs. The site will tell you the do's and don'ts to make life easier for you while using the net in China.
For VPN, there's a lot to choose from like the ones mentioned by our peers above. Your question has already been answered many times in Google - pardon! So you'll get a pretty good idea when reading about them. Most commercial VPN (I mean the top commercial ones like Expressvpn, Nordvpn,, Vyprvpn....) do provide the best service. They are fast, reliable, stable, has a lot of servers/protocols to switch/choose from and a good after sales service. They all work, since the technologies they use don't differ much. Refer to the knowledge you earned while reading on the link I provided. There's no guarantee if you will be unblockable using a VPN in China - so keep this in mind. The only problem you have is if it conforms to your budget.
If you want to learn more about other anti-censorship tools, just google Psiphon, Ultrasurf, Lantern, Freegate, Shadowsocks, XX-Net and their other mods. Others, combine/mix them with VPN to get an added "cloaking" effect. But it's another story you need to explore.
Good Luck sir!

382 days ago
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