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replied the topic Computer format problem created by Moonchulhwan

You connect the hard disk drive to another computer and format the formatting usually erases everything you have on the disk ...
if instead you want to save something you must first make the hidden folders appear, save from another place and then delete everything

386 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 Advanced Options doesn't have Startup settings created by joexy

Hai pasticciato di sicuro tutto รจ possibile

386 days ago
replied the topic Non funziona il riavvio created by open1965_

Joexy su cosa hai combinato ? che lo risolviamo impossibile quello che dici

386 days ago
replied the topic Delay corrupted file in Program Files (x86) created by davislml84

You just use a simple program like unlocker and you're done, bypass the properties of the file you want and then you can safely delete everything

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