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Which program for is better Wise registry Cleaner or Advanced System care√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic Roswell Incident created by capybara

in my opinion in this event there is some truth,because it has been prooved according to Enstein theory that a spaceship could move faster than the speed of light when passing through wormhole.Another fact that may corroborate the existence of aliens is that we know for sure that government is hiding something from us. When we think about Area 51 it is one such example. It was only in 2002 when US government acknowledged that such area existed. And we don't know even now what they are hiding there.

725 days ago
replied the topic How to fall asleep fast? created by nanna

Count to 10 and then If you want think of some soothing thoughts.If you want you can eat a fruit such as banana or orange.

725 days ago
replied the topic How many people think UFO's are real? created by my_asylum

UFO's are real and there are many evidences for that . . You can read the books of Erih von Deniken like Chariots of the Gods and many other.

731 days ago
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