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replied the topic Which translator translates better created by maybemaybe

google translate is going worse than going better, this for italian-english and vice versa, probably because italian language is far difficult also for what concerca grammatical and verbs rules. There are a lot of irregular verbs that are to learn only by memory, because urles are impossible to understand if not mother tongue. I think if we have some skills the best solution is word reference, a very good dictionary

333 days ago
replied the topic Problen with Wifi connection created by lybwrsh

sometimes can be several means that render connection useless.
You can see from the answers of other answerers some of the possible things that block wifi connection.
Other possibility can be changing the channels of the router (router can have more than one channels and sometimes exterior interference can stop one or more channels). So you can change the number of the channel and try.
this is one possibility, other can be:
-stop and reactivate router
-restart the computer
-verify if wifi radio is on and /or if radio wifi is going normally
-verify the signal is not too far from the computer (or if there are walls too great)
there are also other possibility but these are the most frequent, in my opinion at my home i prefer to connect my computers with cable, with cable we don't need to hope in the ideal conditions that not ever we can have.

excuse-me for little anglish, I'm not mother tongue

367 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

In my personal computer I have several browsers, sincerely the best I think would be Opera, there are also many other browsers that I think are very good, i have windows 7 pro and I think until if possible to remain with windows 7, so for me there are some other browser that are good:
cliqz (the best in security but perhaps a bit slow)
I used also Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge but I think they are so heavy and full of unnecessary complemet of promotion and marketing functions that are very bulky and full of dangers for my privacy. The majority of people cannot configure that to became in security situation when navigate.
So, seen what happens thanks all the american governance agency, we cannot be sure when we use specially chrome.
We are in a new era, an orwellian era where all what we are doing is controlled and censorship is overwhelming in western caountries. MORE THAN IN CINA and where despite mainstream media tell us of our freedom......... we must know that all things are filtered, controlled, hide and we can see only what that agencies decides to render public.
our freedom is very limited and we are also obliged to see only what they decides. this is for the truth, for the history truth, the fake news that they are the most involved and all is rendered orwellian.
we must be very present and think our mind, trying to find indipendent informations, nor for what concern world geopolitic situations and nor for what concern what we want to buy (and what they want we must buy....).
we live in one of the worst situation of the last two centuries.

367 days ago
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