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replied the topic How to become millionare? created by raza49712

get a cardboard.. a pencil. write " I am a millionaire" on the cardboard... hang the cardboard to your neck.. get a camera, capture yourself with the cardboard.. post in social media.. boom! you are a millionaire!

1402 days ago
replied the topic The Americans chose Trump. Why? created by savram

because there are no other options. that's why

1402 days ago
replied the topic How Often Should You Color Your Hair? created by 1633

Don't color your hair, chemical contents will probably give you cancer

1402 days ago
replied the topic How was your September? created by bluemoon

My September has 30 days in it! Awesome!..

1443 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

People.. other animals pose way lesser risk than destruction people can do to humanity. People can wipe entire species of all living things in a known world. People are animals. nuff said.

1443 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

1443 days ago
replied the topic How can an individual find real love created by reuben

Look into your inner self. true love can't be found anywhere or from anyone. It is only YOU that can give true love- to yourself!. How you define true love in your own terms, apply it and give it to yourself... only then that you can find true love... In this way, there is always a person or more who will see your inner self flowing with true love, and therefore would like to love you like you do. then you can share the same true love in your lives. Only then that you will realize you have found your true love.. Don't look for it anywhere, it will come to you when you really love yourself.. Happy day!

1443 days ago
replied the topic What do you like to do when you're bored? created by yanka457

when you are really bored, masturbate!.. masturbation relaxes you the ultimate way.

1469 days ago
replied the topic How can we stop being jealous? created by zone

Being jealous is a state of mind and heart. To control jealousy, you must control these two.
But how? you ask.. Nothing really concrete formula ca do wonder in each one of us , because, each one of us is very unique... and with this uniqueness comes the reality that each one of us is the sole driver of our fate, the sole controller of everything we can in life.,, Taking first our minds, to control this thing, a meditation is required, or invited by into a spiritual domain, or whatever you belive in religious or other terms. This meditation can take you to ask and listen to yourself, and sometimes with unconscious interventions. And in this dimension, you can command your mental self that it is you, and you alone can say and do what you think. So in this special moment of being "alone", you can tell your psychological self that, Jealousy is not good for your development, both mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physically..Tell yourself that comparing yourself to others will never be beneficial foer you. Because there are people that are always above us and below us... comparing yourself to people above you will always lead to bitterness and unsatisfactory feeling, whilst comparing yourself to people below us will sometimes make us boastful or might disturb our conscience by feeling guilty... In either way, jealousy from comparing yourself to others can be detrimental to your overall humanity... So in this time of solemn meditation, you can also control and tell your emotions, or the one giving you emotions , your heart.. The mind controls your all body functions, so direct your mind to cleansing your heart from this negativity that is created from jealousy. In a broader context,Purify your heart and soul... And just do your calling. without bitterness.. and may your God bless you

1487 days ago
replied the topic What is the best way to make your Early Morning 30mins exerciser fun-full? created by Aravi

To make your morning exercise fun-filled:
Sleep early the night before so that you have enough rest (around 7-8 hours) and energy,so you will not feel groggy during exercise.
Then eat a little food at least 15 minutes before exercising, example i slice of bread, and drink coffee to boost your energy.
During exercise, you can add a background hip or danceable or disco music.
optional- you can invite other exercise enthusiasts to join you in your exercise for more fun.

1487 days ago
replied the topic Euask Social Media created by Yaseko

There are so many benefits of EuAsk
First, it gives us valuable knowledge on different kind of new stuffs, foreign cultures and tradition or new Science discoveries and more.
Then we can explore areas in a fun and enjoyable way possible.
Mingle and chat fellow members.
Won't charge us for using the website, instead pays us rewards and small amount for participating in informative discussions and problem solving forums.
We feel free to ask and share personal, cultural , spiritual and/or other types of problems , and expect prompt and excellent answers from the community.
In conclusion, Euask benefits us to be a better person than we are.

1488 days ago
replied the topic Why are some people always curious about other's life/business? created by au52


they focused on their lives, that's why they are curious with others' lives. For your own, you can stay away from meddling from other peoples' business affairs, so your conscience will be free and peaceful.. and then, when other people look at you and found out that you're not curious with other people and the good consequences you have reaped, then they will start to investigate their own. They will look at you as inspiration or model to be emulated.
You will soon become a light to others, so that others won't have to annoy or irritate others like you have experienced.
In any case, anyone must just concentrate his own life to be free of trouble.

1488 days ago
replied the topic Which food is the most important that we should eat every day? created by AF

anything edible, all kinds of foods should be consumed

1488 days ago
replied the topic Why are some people always curious about other's life/business? created by au52

Because it is not his own life, that's why he is curious... blaaagggg!

1488 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo

Japan, so many beautiful and weird things =)

1488 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

Don't be influenced by others

1488 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

it would be my MIND. without my mind i am nothing, .. none. nada... with my mind , i can think all i wanna think and do what i wanna do.
i think therefore I am...

1488 days ago
replied the topic If you could change your first name what would it be? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494


1529 days ago
replied the topic I need to sleep ! How I can ? created by MickelMalik

Masturbate twice, then drink milk...

1529 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite movie? created by martinlemmy


1529 days ago
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