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53 days ago, last commented by yulia_yer
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46 days ago, last commented by Mattmyname
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87 days ago, last commented by Pravy
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Answers recently replied by termezo

replied the topic Where do you read football results and statistics? created by Lostmine

I prefer to watch matches and check results, lineups and many other. Also each player of every team has statistics on his goals, assists, yellow and red cards updated after every match. And all these available 24/7! Cool!

3 days ago
replied the topic Blogs about hunting created by Lostmine

It is quite interesting question. I want to buy thermal scope now so such information is useful for me. I read many articles about ATN thermal scopes and my choice is ATN ThOR 4 384 2-8x, this device provide great characteristics, here is the review How do you think it is good variant, or you can recommend something another?

12 days ago
replied the topic What celebrity blogs do you know? created by Cezario

Recently I found website where you can compare different celebrities one to each other and read interesting facts about their life, it is Compareceleb. Quite funny:) For example here is Kevin Hart profile he is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer.

20 days ago
replied the topic Online English courses? created by Wuveth

I passed several online courses but the best result I got when I studied on Malta. I found great course here on and had a smart holiday by the sea. I had so much practice, so my skills grown significantly! I recommend to pay attention to this variant ifyou want to improve your English.

25 days ago
replied the topic Online games for kids? created by Wuveth

It depends on the age of the child and on the type of the game. I think that co-op games are good variant for kids. Also there are many developing games, for example my daughter likes cooking games quite interesting variant.

46 days ago
replied the topic Font advice please? created by Wuveth

You can use some default options. But if you want to find something interesting I can recommend search here there are many fonts from professional designers. I often use such design essentials in my work.

69 days ago
replied the topic Website monitoring service? created by Lostmine

I'm a web developer, and I use Host Tracker service for my websites monitoring. it helps to monitor your site in real time, checks on many parameters (server load, work of DB, presence of errors, content update). It works 24/7 and if there will be some problems you will get report.

78 days ago
replied the topic What online games do you prefer? created by Wuveth

I'm now playing in Frostpunk, very cool gameplay! I like it very much! If you will start playing I can recommend to use these tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes and play with pleasure.

94 days ago
replied the topic News about celebrities created by Wuveth

I usually read articles in google.

111 days ago
replied the topic House movers reviews created by Lostmine

I usually look for such things according to the reviews

123 days ago
replied the topic Travel apps for planning vacation created by Lostmine

Good question. I will use some of these apps in my travel. We planning to go to the Seychelles, I booked hotel Savoy 5*. It has great reviews, and I chose it. I want to see Beau Vallon beach it is one of the longest beaches in Seychelles that is ideally positioned for exploring the rest of the archipelago. Nature is great here!

132 days ago
replied the topic Presentation templates created by Lostmine

There are many examples. What topic do you interesting in?

159 days ago
replied the topic Tiny house examples created by Wuveth

There are so much variants of tiny houses designs and models. You also can create your own project and build it. This is the best idea as for me. But you need to find good company or builders that will have experience in this direction. In such case you will be able to customize the floor plan and layout of the home and will be able to make changes throughout the build process. And of course it will be inexpensive variant. Look these models from BuildTinyHouse company, they offer low factory prices.

167 days ago
replied the topic Car seat reviews created by Wuveth

That's a good question, as the price of car seats varies from model to model. But except for the price, the car seat is an essential piece of child safety equipment. You'd better read more reviews, all you can find.

176 days ago
replied the topic Where can I find European car parts for a 2018 Mustang? created by Wuveth

I understand that you need spare parts for Mustang in Europe? If yes, you need to find online-shop with delivery in Europe. For example look this catalog I ordered here original parts to several cars few times.

182 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about invest Crypto currency? created by AAA1992

Yes, if you have money to invest. Why not?

200 days ago
replied the topic Writing service recommendation created by Wuveth

Try to search reviews in google. As I can see there are many such services.

206 days ago
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