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replied the topic How to remove audio from video created by pleaseAnswerMe

You can use video editor. There are video and audio lines, so you can remove it. I am currently using which helped me to edit, crop and also do different manipulations with the video.

2 days ago
replied the topic Virtualization and cloud computing software created by marketsgolabl

It's special software that allows the customer to use all cloud infrastructure. If you need to develop such a system, you can refer to which helps to develop any kind of different software.

4 days ago
replied the topic Hi...reset factory phone created by farhadgh

It's easy to do. There is a special button in settings. But if you need a full consultation or an application for your device, you can use which is developing different software, websites etc on Python.

5 days ago
replied the topic Is mining Ethereum profitable? How much Ethereum could I realistically mine in one month? created by sony45

I prefer to play casino instead of mining. Recently, I started to use which has a lot of interesting earning opportunities. There are a lot of different games, poker, slots etc.

5 days ago
replied the topic What online job boards are the most popular? created by Cezario

People are loving coffee and it's possible to open a good franchise with it using where are a lot of options. I prefer to open the business and to work with it as much as I can.

13 days ago
replied the topic How to choose software development company? created by Natsume

You need to check everything and to use only reliable software developing firms. I was using which is really easy to cooperate with. They are making good software really fast and easy. It's possible to develop any business idea as well.

14 days ago
replied the topic How much have you invested in Bitcoin? created by poliq

Honestly, I don't like to invest in it. It's better to mine crypto and then to do exchange using which helps to earn additional money or just to get crypto that you want. BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH, ZEC, BAT etc. It gives the opportunity to get money that you need.

22 days ago
replied the topic Where can I order essay? Which online services did you use? created by termezo

You can try to use smart writing service which is top-rated writing service for your essay. It's really easy to use the service while you are working during studying. I also prefer to use such a service when I don't have too much time.

33 days ago
replied the topic Learning English with pc created by a454545

I am studying English as well but I prefer to read different books and try to speak with native speakers. We started to learn an additional language at college and there are a lot of different tasks, especially essay. I am working too much and sometimes use services like to write everything on time.

49 days ago
replied the topic Where can I order essay? Which online services did you use? created by termezo

I am studying and like to get to know some interesting things.

49 days ago
replied the topic What are the best corporate gifts ideas? created by TrevorKith

I advise purchasing cosmetics like which is quite good for women. I think that it's good for skin, hair and overall view. It can be simple and interesting gift.

54 days ago
replied the topic What is the best VPN to use in China? created by glassy

I suggest using for this purpose. It's very reliable and affordable VPN. I used free VPN one time but it's very bad when you are watching videos or even Netflix. Paid VPN is good for people who want high connection, good access to different countries and private network. There are so many different VPNs and it's really hard to choose one so, I advise to pay attention at
variety of countries
So, you can use free vpn if you want but it's only for web surfing and nothing more.

64 days ago
replied the topic Internet help you learn English? created by shahab

It can definitely help in learning English.
-English courses for example
-chatting with a foreign person like at site
-dating with someone from the USA
-working or traveling

111 days ago
replied the topic What's some good games for a young child can you recommend? created by termezo

Outdoor sport, some active thing. Maybe football or hockey, if you are living in Canada.
I watch different results on and want to say that if your kid would be good in sport he can easily make money on it.

121 days ago
replied the topic Where to find reviews about software developing companies? created by termezo

I saw a list at Quora. You can check it in a searching line there

140 days ago
replied the topic Which dating apps are your favorite? created by grems

I prefer dating sites as well. It's very important to find the right one. I am currently using to date with one guy, it's a good experience to find love there.

157 days ago
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