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How I can use system restore feature in my pc√ answered5
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replied the topic What is the most precious things you have lost? created by kathy

My Grandmother

1854 days ago
replied the topic Will you wear wig in your daily life? created by TGfeed

In my opinion, It's looks nice when you try something different getup from daily routine image and wait for friends comment

1857 days ago
replied the topic Can I view search history in Google account? created by findgood

Yes, you can view history whenever you go. You only need to sign in to your google account

1857 days ago
replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox

Follow av-test results type
The AV-TEST institute is a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research
I Hope this will help you a lot to find out right anti-virus

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replied the topic Who should pay for dates? The man or the woman? created by Donna

man should pay for the dates that he made for women and
women should pay for the dates that she made for man

1865 days ago
replied the topic How to customize Chrome? created by larry2

Customizing Chrome
Chrome's popularity is the customization it offers to its users. In this lesson, we'll talk about the many great features of Chrome that you can modify, including Chrome's startup options and the Chrome Web Store, which allows you to add applications, extensions, and themes to Chrome.
Choosing your startup options
1. To choose a homepage
By default, Chrome will show the New Tab page whenever you start the browser. If you'd like to see a specific website every time you open your browser, like a news site or weather forecast, you can set that site as your homepage.
Click the Chrome menu in the top-right corner of the browser, then select Settings.
2. The Settings tab will appear. Locate and click the check box next to Show Home button.
3. By default, Chrome will open the new tab page whenever you click the home button. To choose a new homepage, click Change.
4. A dialog box will appear. Select Open this page: and then type a web address. In our example, we'll type
5. Click OK to continue.
6. The homepage will appear whenever you start Chrome. Click the Home button Home button icon in the navigation bar to visit your homepage at any time.
If there are certain sites you open every time you start your browser, like your email or calendar, you can pin each page as a tab. Pinned tabs will open automatically whenever you open Chrome. Review our lesson on Browsing in Chrome to learn more about pinning tabs.
To set Chrome as the default browser:

If you would like to use Chrome as your only web browser, you can set it as the default browser on your computer. If you click a link in another program on your computer, like an email client, it will open in Chrome.

Click the Chrome menu in the top-right corner of the browser, then select Settings.
The Settings tab will appear. Locate and select Make Google Chrome my default browser. Any link you open on your computer will now open in Google Chrome.

1865 days ago
replied the topic Which browser is best? created by ellie

Chrome is the best broswer, but it takes more cache memory to load and some features like microsoft silverlight could not work in chrome
So i opt for mozilla firefox

1865 days ago
replied the topic What is your ideal screen size for a mobile phone? created by listen

Well its depends on your choice which would you like. Different peoples like different screen size, In my opinion ideal screen size is that mobile which perfectly fit in your pocket and makes you feel carefree

1869 days ago
replied the topic starting my computer is very slow created by farmaco

Use any system optimizer to speedup your PC from official website
Upgrade your ram

1869 days ago
replied the topic Best site for downloading games created by Danny

Here are some legal sites:

I hope this will help you

1874 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to create more space on my C drive? created by AF

It is very easy to create more space in your c drive just follow this steps
Step 1 -Use disk cleanup which is build feature in your pc that helps to clean unwanted files
Step 2 -Defragment your drive
Step 3- Compress your drive
If you want more & more space then use this 2nd method
Step 1-Right click computer that display on your desktop
Step 2-Select properties
Step 3-Select Disk management
Step 4- Click on C-drive and increase your space, please note 10000mb means 10gb

1874 days ago
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